The systems and structures that exist at local, national, and international levels, are crucial in the maintenance and improvement of societies. In the study of political science, the students will be taught about the practices and theories that are related to governance and politics. They will be equipped with both humanistic and scientific knowledge and skills, which will help in the development of solutions regarding current global issues.

Below, we talk about some of Europe’s best political science schools.

What are the 3 major fields of political science?

Political Sciences are quite an intriguing degree that requires major attention to detail, and students have the ability to choose from different fields that fall under this category; three of the most popular ones are comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. Each one of these fields has its own area of specialization, and students need to be quite versatile to become successful after graduation. We currently do not have information about this particular course, but what many students choose before they continue their studies is a degree in the field of law, as it contributes a lot to their success. If you want to check out more courses that would be adaptable to this field, you can check out all the available courses on our website.

Top Political Science Schools in Europe

1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is distinguishable by its approach to teaching wherein students are taught individually or in small groups. This method of teaching is accompanied by bigger lectures and seminars, which give the students variation in their learning experience. The quality that the school offers, especially in the field of research, makes it one of the top schools in the World University Rankings. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is also in the highest ranking for social sciences.

With the University of Oxford being one of the best political science schools in Europe, its Department of Politics & International Relations offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Those looking for a bachelor’s degree can choose between the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program, and the History and Politics program, which are both taken for three years. There is also a list of programs to choose from for the master’s degrees, including Political Theory, International Relations, and Politics Research. Aside from this, the school also offers International Relations and Politics for those who want to attain a PhD. Through these courses, the students are expected to obtain a detailed understanding of the political institutions in society.

2. University of Cambridge

Being a multidisciplinary school, the students of this leading political science school in Europe will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects and research at the University of Cambridge. Through the programs, they will study the major issues in the world, such as climate change, gender equality, health, and the global economy. Graduates of the Department of Politics and International Studies are expected to be changemakers as they proceed to work for the government, NGOs, and more.

The University of Cambridge has Human, Social, and Political Sciences for its bachelor’s degree. This course of three years provides a choice for the students to specialize in social anthropology, sociology, politics, and international relations. For postgraduate degrees, there is the Public Policy for a master’s program, and Politics and International Studies which is offered as both a master’s and PhD program. The school’s postgraduate students will get to work with people from the other departments, such as Law, History, and Psychology, as their courses are truly interdisciplinary.

3. ETH Zurich

The ETH Zurich establishes its high standards for research and teaching by setting core areas to focus on by their departments. The Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences, focus on the following: Behavior, Governance, Knowledge, and Law & Economics. With this, the department has shown a prosperous track record in its academics.

The school’s only bachelor’s program is in Public Policy which involves subjects such as business administration, history, law, and psychology. In addition to this, the partnership between the ETH Zurich and Military Academy (MILAC) provides courses on military sciences, which gives the students a background for military leadership in case it is the path that they want to take. Aside from the undergraduate degree, there are four master’s programs that political science students can choose from. This includes History and Philosophy of Knowledge, Science Didactics, Comparative and International Studies, and Science, Technology, and Policy.

4. University College London

The University College London, or UCL, was among the top universities in the region for their research, and it has also ranked in the top 10 list for the QS World University Rankings. The school is said to be one of the best in London, and it is also known for having an innovative approach in both research and teaching.

UCL is also recognized as one of the best political science schools in Europe. With that, its Department of Political Science offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Students can choose between “Philosophy, Politics and Economics” and “Politics and International Relations” for their bachelor’s degree. Both programs ensure that the students will understand domestic and global issues, and they will be trained for research and skills to come up with inventive solutions. For postgraduates, the UCL has programs that include the following courses: Administration and Management, Global Governance and Ethics, Human Rights, and more.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science

The school is acknowledged for its specialization in social sciences, being ranked among the top universities in Europe and the world for the subject. The London School of Economics and Political Science, or LSE, assures that they provide education that is for further improvement of society. With this, they offer a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s programs in political science, making it a leading institution for political science throughout Europe and giving the students freedom to choose the areas they want to focus on.

The LSE offers a degree that is solely focused on Politics, while there is also a variety of joint degrees such as History and Politics, Politics and Data Science, and Philosophy, Politics and Economics. These programs can be completed either within three or four years, depending on the major of the student. Aside from these, there are also master’s programs in Global Politics, Politics and Communication, and more. The students have the option to take up the programs in the home school or overseas, whether it is full-time or part-time.

6. University of Edinburgh

With leading experts of different fields globally, the University of Edinburgh offers high-quality education wherein the students are encouraged and trained to influence positive change in society. In their School of Social and Political Science, the undergraduate and postgraduate programs being offered will allow the students to explore the various political, social, and technological systems worldwide.

The university has a single bachelor’s program in Social Work and joint programs that cover a wide range of subjects, such as Government, Policy and Society, and International Relations and Law. These programs, which are mostly completed within four years, allow the students to expand their knowledge and hone their skills for a flexible career path. This excellent political science school also has a list of interdisciplinary master’s programs including Global Environment, Politics and Society, International Development, and Social Work.

7. LMU Munich

As one of the leading universities in Europe, the LMU Munich proves its legacy as its Institute of Political Science remains to be one of the renowned institutes in the region. The school covers a broad range of areas for both education and research, including topics like international relations and political theory.

The LMU Munich has a bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD program for Political Science, all of which are said to be discipline and research-oriented. The bachelor’s program provides the foundational courses needed by the students to be able to establish themselves in their chosen specializations, which include political methods and theory, systems, and international relations. The master’s and PhD programs further the students’ education through the school’s qualitative and quantitative methods in teaching, which would help them in developing their own innovative solutions to current world problems.


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