Numbers and graphs are the best words to describe Actuarial Science. Actuarial Science is a discipline that uses statistical and mathematical methods to analyze and assess risk in finance, insurance, and other related areas.

A profession that one may pursue in the Actuarial Science discipline is being an actuary. The daily role of an actuary is to advise and discuss with entrepreneurs or government officials globally to manage complex and possible threats facing society. One must truly be excellent in examining the past and formulating the future. Given that we are living in a modernized 21st century, it is expected that information has evolved, too. With that, future actuaries should attain sufficient and appropriate education to handle current societal matters.

Based on their research performance and academic curriculum, here are the best actuarial science schools in Europe that will definitely help you excel in the field.

Which country is best for studying actuarial science?

When it comes to actuarial studies and sciences, there are a lot of potential countries that are considered popular or among the best, and when it comes to Europe, we can easily say that England and Ireland are the best choices to make. These countries have numerous universities that are ranked among the highest for this particular degree, and whichever one is on your list will be a great choice. For the moment, we do not possess high amounts of information about this particular field of study, but we have similar information on different fields that would make great careers, and you can check those details on all the available courses on our website.

Top Actuarial Science Schools in Europe

1. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam is an excellent school for actuarial science in Europe that is located in the Netherlands. The institution is on the front row of producing highly intellectual graduates in the Actuarial Science specialization. Its core purpose is to ensure utmost quality, integrate top research with top education, and highlight the economic focus on the present and future global issues.

It is a great avenue for students who wish to contribute to research and deepen their education. In 2021, the university was EduRank’s number 1 school in Europe and the Netherlands for Actuarial Science-related courses.

2. University of Oxford

Oxford is a prominent center for research, teaching, and learning and is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. The University of Oxford is a recognized actuarial science school in Europe that has 39 Oxford colleges; each is self-governing and financially independent but still operates in accordance with the central University.

Throughout the years, Oxford has become a household name for incoming college students as everyone wants to experience its distinct educational offerings. The university is very hands-on in developing up-to-date lectures, seminars, and lab works to prepare its students for the unstructured world after graduating.

Specifically, the institution’s Statistics department continuously contributes to professionals in the field. In recent years, 96% of Oxford’s Mathematics and Statistics graduates were in work or further study 6 months after graduation. This just shows that the majority of Oxford’s graduates have fully immersed themselves into adept professionals in their fields, either in Economics, Actuarial Science, Mathematics Education, and the like.

Currently, the University of Oxford is second in the Best Universities in the World according to QS World University Rankings 2022, following United States’ MIT.

3. London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the best actuarial science schools in Europe that is situated at the heart of Central London. The university carries the purpose of dedicating all acts for the betterment of society.

Being the world’s leading social science institution, LSE offers a handful of different programs to stretch students intellectually. LSE not only focuses on concepts and theories but also on practical solutions and research findings. This is the reason why during the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, it was ranked as a top university for research quality and impact.

For students who want to pursue a practical course, such as in Actuarial Science, LSE should be on your list. In the 2021 EduRank’s Best Universities for Actuarial Science, London School of Economics and Political Science was the 3rd Best School in the UK. As of the moment, the university already has 18 Nobel Prize winners among its staff and former students.

4. Maynooth University

Maynooth University s a top institution for actuarial science in Europe and is a globally recognized institution located in Ireland. The university offers a variety of programs ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate courses. One of their leading departments is Mathematics and Statistics.

This department has research groups in fundamental categories such as Mathematics Education, Geometric Analysis, Algebra and Number Theory, and Statistics. Its goal is to connect data with the ever-changing world and understand it based on thorough analysis. The school’s research-centered education is eye-catching for aspirants, especially those who want to stand out in the Actuarial Science field.

The abovementioned matters congregated to put Maynooth University into the nation’s fastest-growing university. With over 14,000 students from not less than 90 countries, the university has earned a spot in the Top 200 European Universities.

5. University of London

The University of London is another excellent school for actuarial science in Europe that opened up five specialist schools containing intensive learning, in-depth academic departments, and leading research centers. One of these is Bayes Business School, which offers expert education for business-related disciplines like Actuarial Science. The university holds true to its mission of nurturing a diverse community of inquisitive individuals that will be of service to the people soon.

The Bayes Principle is in line with teaching students how to think and not what to think. Its curriculum encourages rational thinkers always to be responsive to new information in society which is why it is a sought-after university for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

In 2021 EduRank rankings, the University of London was the 4th in the UK and 5th in Europe in the Actuarial Science Specialty.

6. University of Manchester

Manchester, UK’s hospitable and multicultural environment provides a good base for your studies in Europe. The University of Manchester is truly an ideal university in Europe to start your career in Actuarial Science.

It is the only university in the UK to bear social responsibility as the core goal. For the institution, exposing students to challenges, collaborating with a wide range of people, discussing domestic and global issues, contributing to communities, and obtaining new skills are as important as ensuring their academic excellence.

At Manchester, you’ll experience transformational academic and extracurricular activities to aid in creating your mark on the world. In 2021, the University of Manchester was 6th in Europe for EduRank’s Best Universities for Actuarial Science and 9th in Europe for the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

7. University of Kent

The Schools of Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science at the University of Kent are widely recognized for their outstanding high-quality reputation in Europe. Its intensive research programs and innovative teaching opened up countless possibilities for its graduates, making it one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom.

The institution fully integrates research in its degree offerings to produce industry experts in the future. The University of Kent’s commitment is to ensure that all its students have the skills, guidance, and support in order to excel both in academics and their chosen careers.

In 2021, the University of Kent joined the top 1% of Triple-Accredited Business Schools worldwide, following its European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). Kent was also ranked in the top 20 for research intensity in the Times Higher Education.


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