Germany is seen as an ideal destination for international students to pursue their higher education, due to its affordable and quality education, with plenty of options for advancement. While Germany does offer a very affordable education, international students still have to cover various other expenses such as living and accommodation, travel expenses, utility costs, and more. Hence, part-time jobs are an important part of studying abroad in most cases.

In Germany, nearly two-thirds of students take up part-time jobs while studying to relieve their financial burdens as well as gain valuable work experience.

As a Saudi student, your ability to learn the ropes on these jobs greatly depends on your language expertise. While knowing German or English would significantly improve your situation, not knowing either of these languages may cause difficulties.

However, do remember it is always possible to find jobs that don’t necessarily require either of these languages. These jobs often require specific skills such as knowing the Arabic language or being familiar with the Arabic culture, or require little communication. Let us look at some of the top part-time jobs you can do in Germany as a Saudi international student.

Part-time Jobs for Saudi Students in Germany

Here, we have 5 part-time jobs available in Germany for Saudi students. Please note while some of these jobs are specific for Arabic-speaking individuals, others may not specifically require Arabic-speaking individuals depending on the business. Hence, Saudi students may consider some of these popular jobs taken up by international students in Germany.

1. Customer Service Agent (Arab speaking)

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €10 – €15
  • Required skills: Communication skills, Problem-solving, collaboration skills, Product or service knowledge, Active and intentional listening, negotiation skills, Patience, Resilience, Empathy, Language coherence (spoken and written)

One of the top part-time jobs for Saudi international students in Germany is being a Customer service agent. A customer service representative is required to see to queries or requests made by customers or anyone else. They typically provide this service over the phone, while some may interact with customers via other forms of communication such as emails, social media, face-to-face, etc. Part-time customer service agents work between 20-30 hours per week and earn around 10-15 euros per hour, however, international students are only allowed to work a minimum of 20 hours each week.

2. Academic Assistants

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 – 40 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €10 – €17
  • Required skills: Communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Time management skills, Strong organizational skills, Ability to multitask, Attention to detail, sound ICT knowledge

Academic assistance is a popular job among international students, due to obvious reasons. Students can work in their university, and generally in fields that are related to their studies, allowing them to combine their studies and work with ease.

These jobs allow students to reduce work hours during the examination period and work regular hours at other times. In addition, individuals taking up jobs in their universities are also allowed to exceed the minimum working hours allocated to international students, which is a great added perk. Hence, students may work more than 20 hours each week.

3. Retail and Hospitality Jobs

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €10 – €17
  • Required skills: Teamwork, Multi-tasking, Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Industry Awareness, Time Management, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Problem-Solving, Hazard Awareness

The retail and hospitality sector involves the enhancement of customers’ experience in hospitality, with the use of creative methods while adhering to the standards of the establishment.

While retail and hospitality jobs in establishments like restaurants, hotels, museums, and gift shops are common among international students, students from Saudi Arabia may gain a competitive advantage by targeting businesses in areas with rich Arab populations like Berlin (2%–3% Arab population), Arab-owned businesses, or those with a large middle eastern customer base like middle eastern restaurants, shops, cafes, or stores.

4. Tutoring and Language Teaching

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €30
  • Required skills: Patience, Positivity, Empathy, Confidentiality, Technical knowledge, Active listening, Communication, Leadership, Problem-solving, Time management

For anyone who is particularly interested in any area of study and possesses substantial knowledge in the area, you may find a rewarding part-time career in tutoring. It is another excellent part-time opportunity in Germany for students from Saudi. A tutor generally organizes courses that structure the study content in the form of exercises, prepared by the tutor or with the help of other professionals.

Aside from having an interest in the subject matter, a tutor must also be able to teach and speak coherently and interestingly. Saudi students may also consider teaching their native language or culture to anyone interested.

5. Courier

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €12
  • Required skills: Reliable, Trustworthy, Good time management and communication skills, Clean record for driving, Thorough understanding of road safety and driving laws, well organized, Swift in picking up and delivering goods

With the increasing demand for goods like food, medicine, groceries, clothes, and more to be delivered directly to doorsteps, there is a high demand for courier service individuals. As most courier services are entry-level jobs, they are popular among international students as a means to earn money.

Couriers generally pick up goods from point A and deliver them to point B, usually via a motor vehicle. Bicycles or bikes may be used in large cities to facilitate better delivery during rush hours. Couriers do not require much formal training, however, a driving license is a must.

FAQS About Getting a Part-time Job in Germany

Can I Get a Part-Time Job in Germany as a Saudi Student?

Yes, it is certainly possible to get a part-time job in Germany as a student from Saudi Arabia.

Students from non-EU/EEA countries like Saudi Arabia do face certain restrictions when finding part-time work, compared to students who come from EU/EEA countries, who generally follow similar rules and regulations as German students.

However, students of specific nationalities or origins will always be able to find jobs that specifically require individuals of the said background.

As an individual from Saudi, you would possess an abundance of knowledge of Middle Eastern culture and have a great command of the Arabic language. Hence you would be able to sign up for jobs that specifically require these skills like, Arabic-speaking customer service agents, Arabic tutors or translators, employees in Arab-owned businesses, and more.

Do I Need a Work Permit to Find Work Off-Campus in Germany as a Saudi Student?

As mentioned above, Saudi students will be able to work part-time in Germany, however, not all international students receive equal treatment, when it comes to rules and regulations related to part-time jobs, students coming from the European Union have almost similar rules to German students.

Students from countries other than EU member states may face certain restrictions such as restricted work hours and employment, and the requirement for special permission to work in some cases. That being said, international or Saudi students can find part-time work in Germany.

There are several part-time jobs that students from Saudi can do in Germany. Students from non-EU/EEA countries are only allowed to work up to 120 days each year. However, this limit does not apply to those who take up jobs within their university, like research assistance or student recruiter jobs. However, you must inform the Foreigners’ Registration Office to have your hours extended.


Part-time jobs are an integral part of your study experience as an international student in a foreign country. While it is not too hard to take up part-time jobs in Germany as international students, individuals from non-EU/EEA countries may face restrictions on work hours, and employment opportunities, and require work permits.

However, as students from Saudi Arabia, you will be able to find jobs that specifically require individuals from Middle Eastern backgrounds, such as Arab-speaking Customer Service Agents, employees for Arab-owned restaurants and other businesses, Tutoring (Arabic language), and more. Other jobs such as Academic assistants or Couriers may also serve as possible options, as one involves working in your field of interest and the other is a job in high demand and easy to get into.


We hope that this article on the best part-time jobs for Saudi international students in Germany was helpful. Head on over to our Germany Page for more details about studying in Germany – from the different universities to the numerous scholarship opportunities! If you are looking for available programs check out the Open Courses to see which course you can enroll in.

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