Without a doubt, Germany is one of the most preferred countries when it comes to studying or working for foreigners. There are plenteous reasons behind this popularity, yet some of the most common ones are the fact that Germany is a multicultural country accepting different cultures and nationalities, needs a foreign workforce for many sectors, and offers higher income compared to the developing countries with weaker economies.

One of the most important advantages of studying in Germany is there are many options for international students to work while studying, and Cypriot international students are on the lucky side to find a part-time job easily while completing a degree in Germany.

Read more to find out more about working part-time as a Cypriot student in Germany.

Part-time Jobs for Cypriot Students in Germany

Cypriot students can find a part-time job easily in Germany, yet it also depends on the language skills of the student. Although there are many part-time work opportunities available for English speakers, a lot more offers can be found for Cypriot students with fluency in German.

Below are the most common part-time jobs for Cypriot students studying at German universities.

1. Academic Assistant

  • Approximate hours a week: up to 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €12
  • Required skills: academic degree (e.g., bachelor’s, master’s)

The academic assistantship is great for Cypriot students looking for a part-time job while staying on campus. There are a variety of jobs at the universities, such as library supervisor, research assistant, tutoring assistant, and so on. However, it is not very easy to get a job at German universities because they are highly selective in choosing the right student with the necessary skills.

Teaching at German universities can make Cypriot students earn well; hourly salary changes from €10 to €15, yet the average is about €12. Working as an academic assistant can have more merits than a salary; it is a great way to be more familiar with the faculty staff and university regulations for Cypriot students wishing to proceed in their academics or careers.

2. Language Tutor

  • Approximate hours a week: up to 15 hours (recommended)
  • Average salary per hour: €15
  • Required skills: proficiency in the language of instruction

Language tutoring is one of the best ways to make money while studying in Germany, and it is especially ideal for Cypriot students because they are usually fluent in English in addition to their native language, which is either Cypriot Greek or Cypriot Turkish.

Working as a language tutor in Germany will also allow Cypriot students to improve their relationship with the locals as well as their German language skills. This way, Cypriot students can build strong friendships with German families and learn about their culture in the best way possible.

Lastly, language tutoring lets Cypriot students earn more than many other part-time jobs, and if you can earn experience and build some network, you can earn more than €800 a month. Posting a tutoring advert online can be a good start to finding students quickly.

3. Bartender / Waiter / Waitress

  • Approximate hours a week: up to 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €9
  • Required skills: language (German, English, or native language), communication skills

Working as a bartender, waiter, or waitress is one of the most common part-time jobs in Germany. Here, there is a great merit for Cypriot students because there are many immigrant-owned cafes or restaurants like Refugio and Café Morgenlicht in Berlin, Anfora in Dusseldorf, and Meet the Greek in Dresden, including Greek, Turkish, and Cyprus entrepreneurs. Therefore, Cypriot students can turn their native language into an advantage and find a suitable part-time job at these businesses.

Such businesses usually offer €9 per hour for part-time workers, yet there can be tips from the customers, and it can increase the total earnings of Cypriot students. To be able to work as a bartender, waiter, or waitress, Cypriot students must have strong social and communication skills to make the customers leave happily.

4. Call Center Operator

  • Approximate hours a week: 15-20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €15
  • Required skills: language (German, English, or native language), communication, problem-solving skills, time management

Working as a call center operator is not a simple job, but it makes Cypriot students earn a lot more than they typically can in other part-time jobs. Usually, German is needed to be able to work at the call centers, yet for Cypriot students, it is, again, an advantage. Due to the number of Cypriot, Greek, and Turkish populations in Germany, there are a lot of customers looking for service in their native languages. Cypriot students can answer their calls and find solutions to their problems by being patient and courteous.

Call centers also provide valuable experience for Cypriot students for future employment as they actively communicate with German society with professionalism. When working hard, Cypriot students can earn up to €1000 per month.

5. Shopping Assistant

  • Approximate hours a week: 15-20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €9
  • Required skills: language (German, English, or native language), communication, customer service skills

Finding a part-time job as a shopping assistant is one of the convenient ways to earn money while being a university student in Germany. It is a fact that most shops require fluent German skills, yet for cities with a high international population, such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or Munich, the possibility of finding a shop looking for an English-speaker assistant is higher.

Cypriot students can make about €540 to €720 per month, which can help them arrange their budget easily while studying. Furthermore, it allows Cypriot students to socialize with the shop staff and customers while improving their German skills.

FAQS About Getting a Part-time Job in Germany

Can I Get a Part-Time Job in Germany as a Cypriot Student?

The answer is definitely, yes. As mentioned above, finding a part-time job is not challenging in Germany, especially for Cypriot students, due to their large population in the country. There are numerous job offers for university students of any nationality, and some of the most common part-time work opportunities include babysitting, English tutoring, shopping assistance, call centers, research assistance, offices, and more.

Each part-time work opportunity has its own budget to provide salaries for part-time positions, yet generally, a Cypriot student working about 15 hours a week can earn from €500 to €900 per month. When the average cost of living for a university student in Germany is €867, earnings from a part-time job will be definitely helpful. Usually, more money can be earned by private tutoring or teaching at the university.

Do I Need a Work Permit to Find Work Off-Campus in Germany as a Cypriot Student?

The answer is no, depending on how many hours you work. German Study Visa allows international students to work as a part-timers for up to 20 hours a week, yet teaching jobs at the university are excluded from this limit. To find out more about the study visa procedure in Germany, kindly visit the German Federal Foreign Office to use the Visa Navigator.

German universities do not forbid international students to work part-time off-campus; on the contrary, they encourage them by announcing job adverts on university bulletins to assist Cypriot students needing financial assistance while studying. We advise you to regularly check these bulletins and online portals to find a suitable part-time job for your skills and needs.


Germany has always had a friendly approach towards Cypriot people; this allows Cypriot students to find a part-time job among many opportunities easily. The key is to keep strong communication skills and show passion while working at any job so that more employment opportunities can appear.


Hopefully, this article will convince you to pursue studying higher education in Germany. As you plan your studies abroad, you might also want to check our Study in Germany Page for more valuable tips and academic opportunities! You can also check our list of Programs in Germany for currently open courses!

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