Engineering is an in-demand and competitive program for students. Yearly, around the world, thousands of college students choose engineering as their major. Why? Because it opens many employment opportunities in different sectors. If you’re one of those students wanting to take engineering, you can consider studying abroad to maximize your education.

Going to the Western side of Europe, Ireland is another European country to consider if you want to study engineering abroad. This country has a lot to offer, more than its cities and cultures. They are home to great universities, and the country’s engineering sector is strong, showing their long record of excellence in the field.

The international student population in Ireland is continuously growing, and many of them are satisfied with the education that they’re getting. In the article below, let’s look at the best Irish universities for engineering studies.

Top Schools Offering Engineering Programs in Ireland

1. National University of Ireland – Galway

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

With 175 years of academic history, the National University of Ireland in Galway is a public research institute, and it is one of the oldest universities in the country. Throughout their record, they have proven to be one of the excellent providers of education and research in Ireland and globally. They are a leader in different research disciplines, including science, technology, and engineering.

The School of Engineering at the National University of Ireland – Galway is a part of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. This school has earned a high standing nationally and globally as it provides an enormous learning environment. The university’s engineering programs in all degrees are accredited – showing that they’ve met the national and global standards of engineering education.

As the National University of Ireland – Galway is one of the best universities for engineering and continues to run, they garnered achievements and awards throughout the years. For the School of Engineering, aside from accreditations, the School of Engineering is included in the top 1% globally. Lastly, their employability rate is high.

2. Trinity College Dublin

Located in Ireland’s capital city Dublin, Trinity College Dublin is one of the most competitive institutions in the country to get into. This college was established way back in 1592, and it holds a long record of outstanding international research in engineering, psychology, and other fields.

One of Trinity College Dublin’s pride, the School of Engineering, delivers a world-class engineering program in Ireland and is an exceptional part of the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They produce world-class research in different engineering fields. In terms of education, they have undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees offered to local and international students. As a whole, the faculty’s mission is to solve the world’s ongoing problems through science and technology, so the Department of Engineering is with them as they produce and contribute to global research and studies.

The School of Engineering is built with modernized laboratories and facilities for better learning. They provide a lot of educational activities for their respective programs to fully expose them to their chosen area of studies. For the past years, the university, faculty, and the School of Engineering have been recognized in several rankings and institutions as they continue to excel.

3. Technological University Dublin

Ireland’s first technological university, the Technological University Dublin, was formed when the Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, and Institute of Technology Tallaght merged in 2019. As a result of their merger, they’ve become a broader institution for local and international students, and currently, the Technological University Dublin is one of the largest universities in Ireland.

Engineering studies at Technological University Dublin is a top engineering program that is offered for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students taking these programs enjoy the quality of teaching and research they’re getting to build their careers. They maximize an inclusive learning experience for their students.

Today, the university has more than 28,500 students in total, and as part of their goals, they are going globally. The Technological University Dublin has various accreditations and recognitions globally. They have partnerships and collaborations within Europe and other institutions.

4. University of Limerick

Another Irish university to consider if you want to study engineering is the University of Limerick as this university is considered as an excellent university for engineering in Ireland. This higher education institution is internationally acknowledged as it produces a vibrant environment for its staff and students. They have a good reputation in their facilities, the campus itself, and of course, their quality education.

If you’re looking forward to taking an engineering program at the University of Limerick, you’ve made the right choice. The Faculty of Science and Engineering has a broad range of programs in different degrees, and currently, this department has a student body of more than 3,500 students. As mentioned earlier, the university has advanced facilities, so you’ll expect better exposure in the field and develop the skills you need to be an engineer.

Additionally, the faculty also has to learn support centers to help these future engineers. They thoroughly prepare their students for their specific fields. Lastly, the university has high employment rates compared to other universities.

5. University College Dublin

Known in Ireland and Europe, the University College Dublin is a top-tier research institute in Europe. This university has a large percentage of international students, and they take pride in producing innovative research and learning experiences. They have a high reputation in various disciplines, and they continue to excel in different aspects of education.

The College of Engineering and Architecture delivers a high-quality engineering program in Ireland and is a high-performing college in the University College Dublin. This college is responsible for engineering studies in different degrees, and they are known for their initiatives and collaborations in the field. Engineering students in the university have many learning opportunities that they may use in their respective careers.

One major component of the engineering programs, especially at the graduate level, is research. Since they have a strong foundation in research, they aim that their students will also be a leader in research in various disciplines.


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