Germany has one of the largest economies in the world. This means it has enough jobs for international students interested in earning a living while schooling. Germany also has a low unemployment rate, which allows students to find part-time jobs to cover the cost of living in a foreign country.

Sri Lankan international students in Germany can work as academic assistants, servers, caregivers, sales assistants, etc. However, there are more part-time jobs to choose from, which will mostly depend on your qualifications, experience, and basic knowledge of German.

Read until the end for all the details and other helpful advice on the top five part-time jobs you can do as a Sri Lankan international student in Germany.

Part-time Jobs for Sri Lankan Students in Germany

Part-time jobs allow Sri Lankan students to cover living and academic expenses in Germany. They can also be a source of work experience. Here are five suitable part-time jobs for Sri Lankan students studying in Germany.

1. Research Assistant

  • Approximate hours a week: 48 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €19
  • Required skills: Critical thinking, Data collection, Attention to detail, Planning and scheduling

An excellent place to start looking for part-time jobs is usually within the school campus. This option allows you to easily manage your time between studying and working. One of the best options is working as a research assistant. A research assistant works with professors and academic staff. They provide academic support, supervise research literature, collect and analyze data, and also implement and evaluate research.

Working as a research assistant also allows you to practice what you are studying and gain real-life experience faster. It also looks good on your resume and will likely make future employees take you more seriously.

Research assistants typically earn between €1,080 to €3,650 per month, working a minimum of €19 an hour, which would be enough to cover your cost of living as a student. Research assistants are also hired by the school and must have completed a minimum of six semesters of study to qualify for employment. More information about working as a research assistant would be available at the secretary’s office or the department of schools like the Technical University of Munich, Heidelberg University, etc.

2. Tutors

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €12.35
  • Required skills: Knowledge of teaching, Patience, and exam techniques

Cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Hamburg are good places to find part-time employment as a tutor. Being a tutor is a great advantage for a student in Germany because teaching allows you to deepen your knowledge about several academic areas and improve your ability to study.

Sri Lankan students who speak English fluently also have an advantage, as English tutors are in high demand in the country. If you are also exceptionally good in mathematics, science, or music, there is a greater advantage of finding well-paying party-time tutoring jobs. However, you can always find tutoring jobs related to your course of study.

Tutoring job offers can be found within the campus or through various online platforms and will typically pay an average of €12.35 per hour working 20 hours a week, which means you can earn at least €593 which is enough to cover your rent in a month.

3. Cashiers

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €10
  • Required skills: Interpersonal skills, Numerical skills, Attention to detail, Customer service

Retail stores, movie theatres, grocery stores, amusement parks, and concert venues are some of the best places to find jobs as a cashier. This is also a flexible job that wouldn’t affect your academic schedule. Although speaking German is a plus, it is still very suitable for Sri Lankan students who are not fluent in German.

Cashier part-time workers earn an average of €10 per hour and can earn between €450 to €1,300 per month which is suitable to cover the cost of living as a student.

4. Waiter/Waitress

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €10
  • Required skills: Knowledge of food and wine, courteous, Verbal communication

This is another great part-time job that wouldn’t interfere with your studies. If you are schooling in Hamburg, Munich, or Berlin, this can also be a favorable place for you to find a part-time job as a waiter or waitress. Interestingly several restaurants in Germany, like Ceylon, Ganesha Restaurant, and Sigiriya, offer Sri Lankan cuisine and need workers who are familiar with the food and can effectively communicate the menu to their customers.

Part-time waiters usually earn at least €10 per hour working 20 hours a week, suitable for covering the cost of living. However, you have the opportunity to work and earn more during the semester break.

5. Office Assistants

  • Approximate hours a week: 20 hours
  • Average salary per hour: €12
  • Required skills: Tech-savvy, writing skills, Data entry, Verbal communication

A corporate organization office is a great place to find part-time jobs. The experience it affords would help build a career. There could even be an opportunity for a full-time job offer after graduation.

Office assistants work as administrative professionals in charge of basic tasks like maintaining files, keeping an inventory of office supplies, answering phone calls, etc. Sri Lankan students can work as part-time office assistants at media houses and companies with an international relations department that needs them to assist in covering areas pertaining to Sri Lanka.

Part-time office assistants typically earn a minimum of €12 working 20 hours per week, which is likely to cover your living expenses as a student.

FAQS About Getting a Part-time Job in Germany

Can I Get a Part-Time Job in Germany as a Sri Lankan Student?

Yes, Sri Lankan students can get part-time jobs in Germany. Sri Lankan international students can work as tutors, office assistants, babysitters, cashiers, library supervisors, couriers, etc. Students can also find part-time jobs in the hospitality, IT, or retail sectors. These jobs are flexible and enable students to successfully balance work with their academics.

Through these part-time jobs, Sri Lankan students are also able to obtain real-world experience that will enable them to build up their resume or CV, attain financial independence, build interpersonal relationships, and develop their language skills. However, there are specific guidelines students are expected to follow to avoid breaking any rules regarding working part-time in Germany.

Do I Need a Work Permit to Find Work Off-Campus in Germany as a Sri Lanka Student?

Yes, you need a permit to find work off-campus but only if you are planning to work more than the maximum hours implemented by the German government.  Sri Lankan students are considered non-EU/EEA, and although they are allowed to take up part-time jobs in the country, there are strict guidelines to be followed.

It states that students can only work up to 240 days a year or 20 hours per week as part-time workers and will be paid the minimum wage of € 9.82 per hour. However, they can work up to 40 hours as full-time workers during semester breaks.

Students who want additional work hours will still need to request approval from the Federal Employment Agency and Foreigners Office in Germany. This special permit will be issued by the Agentur für Arbeit employment agency and the immigration office.


Sri Lankan students in Germany have several part-time job opportunities to choose from, but working as a research assistant, tutor, cashier, waiter, or office assistant are typically considered. However, it is also important you are genuinely interested in working in this area, be sure you have the required skills, and ensure it does not affect your education.


Hopefully, the listed temporary jobs will help you land work during your studies in Germany! If you are planning to study abroad, head on over to our Germany Page for more details about studying in this European powerhouse – from the different universities to the numerous scholarship opportunities! You can also search for courses on our Available Programs in Germany for international students!

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