Norway is a popular destination among foreign learners. Norwegian universities offer a wider set of courses or areas of specialization to choose from. For students whose interest lies in helping people and patient service, you might try the field of medicine and healthcare.

Tuition-free education in public universities in Norway used to be the major reason why many international students flock to the country. However, due to the imposition of tuition fees last 2023 and the high cost of living, some students are somewhat hesitant to pursue higher education in the country. Hence, this shouldn’t alarm aspiring students as there are many ways to reduce academic expenses like working part-time or applying for scholarships.

For this article, the topic will be focused on nursing, and the universities offering study programs not only for domestic students but are also open to international students. Here’s a list of schools you can look into:

Top Schools Offering Nursing Programs in Norway

1. University of Agder

The University of Agder is a famous nursing school in Norway. It offers an overall professional education in every one of its offered courses, especially in nursing.

Students in the study program strictly get chosen to apply for the program if they are qualified and well-suited for nursing. They believe that only those who have the practical skills and are meant to be able to attend to the necessities of humans must be enrolled in the program.

Those with the talent to promote health, prevent illnesses, and take delicate care of the patients are the candidates for the nursing course. Just like any nursing undergraduate program, the curriculum length is three years, and it aims to prepare its students for professional and personal development that will be huge factors for the development of competence and professional identity.

2. Oslo Metropolitan University

Offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing, the Oslo Metropolitan University Department of Nursing and Health Promotion is one of the best nursing departments in Norway.

Other than nursing, it has many other research groups that are mainly focused on health and medicine development. Its popular research group in nursing includes midwifery. This research group focuses on pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care for mothers.

Additionally, their research includes the children’s health in the whole process. This course is also the largest master’s program in the university having at least forty students annually. Other programs of the university aside from nursing and other medical courses include social sciences, ethics, and psychology.

3. University of Oslo

University of Oslo Institute of Health and Society Department of Nursing Science is a university department that conducts multi-disciplinary research related to medical sciences, professional development, management, and nursing disciplines. As you can see the study program has a wide range of knowledge and practices that they want to achieve in a three-year curriculum.

This will make the program dense and fast-paced, both could be a disadvantage yet will be beneficial in the long run in your future employment. At this nursing school in Norway, there are two master’s programs in Nursing and these are Master in Nursing Science and Advance Nurse Practitioner in Geriatric Nursing.

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4. Ostfold University College

Ostfold University College does not offer full international courses for nursing. However, they do offer exchange student programs that have a period of three months. The courses aimed at these programs focus on developing the practical skills of nursing students. They are specialized in social work, child welfare, and educator training. Although very few, English courses for nursing students are also offered in the university, specifically for foreign students. Still, the Norwegian language is the common medium of instruction in every department of the university.


We hope that this article on the best nursing schools in Norway was helpful. To know more information like this, check out the Available Programs in Europe and our Study in Norway page!

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