Most on-campus MBA programs require you to have passed the GMAT or GRE tests before applying, often with high scores. However, a large number of online programs do not require this and will be more accessible, especially when you are working and looking for an MBA to increase your knowledge in your own time.

Below are the 7 best programs that don’t require a GMAT or GRE score to apply.

Online MBAs Not Requiring GMAT or GRE Scores

1. QWrexham Glyndwr University

This Welsh university’s MBA program is 100% online taught and lasts 2 years. There is no particular degree requirement for admission and they will consider an application based on work experience as well as an academic CV.

They have seven themes to their MBA programs, making it easier to tailor one to suit your own career focus. Thus, you can do an MBA with a focus on Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Project Management, Healthcare Management, or Entrepreneurship (in addition to the more generalist MBA program).

Courses begin the end of October and the cost is £6,000 for the whole program with an option to pay per module studied.


2. Rochester Institute of Technology – Saunders College of Business

The Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology provides a number of executive education programs, amongst which the Online Executive MBA is designed for professionals looking to improve their leadership and business skills in order to progress in their careers.

The program runs over the course of 17 months with two annual start dates: late August or January. All students enter the program at the same time, so it’s not a rolling course, and they are assigned to teams within which they can complete projects. Everyone does have to attend a 3-day on-campus orientation session before the program starts, but other than that the program is all online with the exception of the International Seminar, with two courses every six weeks.

The interesting feature is that all courses are exactly the same as the on-campus versions, with the same faculty teaching both formats.

Near the end of the program, everyone is required to attend the International Seminar, a 7-10-day business and cultural educational trip with airfare and lodging covered by RIT.

The cost of the full program is $78,000 covering tuition, student fees, all materials, executive coaching and access to career services, the in-residence orientation, and International Seminar (this includes all accommodation, travel, food). In this online MBA program, you do not need GRE or GMAT to apply.


3. Rider University College of Business Administration

At Rider University, you can study for an online MBA without passing the GMAT or GRE by asking for a waiver based on your previous education (e.g. a business degree from an accredited school – check on their website) or your work experience.

The online MBA can be completed in less than two years, and you have the option of taking additional courses to the general list in order to specialize your MBA. The coursework is 100% online but you do have one-to-one access to your faculty. Furthermore, this MBA program has six start dates so more flexibility to start it throughout the year.

The graduate programs studied online cost $950 per credit hour and you will need c. 36 credits to graduate so the whole program would cost around $34,000 depending on when you enroll and what credits you choose.


4. UMass Dartmouth – Charlton School of Business Online & Continuing Education

This Online MBA is also offered with a GMAT waiver depending on your previous education and/or work experience.  You can check online if this applies to you.

The curriculum covers a number of core courses in accounting, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, and IT management. You then have the opportunity to personalize your studies depending on your interests, for example taking credits in eCommerce, Digital Economy, International Finance, or Corporate Social Responsibility.

Even though you are enrolled online, you will still have access to one-on-one personal advising from the faculty. You also have networking opportunities with other professionals (your peers) as well as the faculty members. This online MBA program does not require GRE or GMAT to apply.

In terms of fees, total tuition and access fees for the online aspect and library access, etc. all come up to $1,917 per 3-credit course. You will need 30 credits to graduate so, therefore, should expect to pay in the range of just under $20,000 for this program, which extends over 2 years.


5. University of Aberdeen Business School

One of the UK’s oldest universities, the University of Aberdeen has a world-famous Business School offering an online MBA course. You can tailor your studies to your career goals and conduct research in your areas of interest during the program.

While on the program, there are no fixed lectures or tutorials, so you can fit the studying around your schedule.

The total tuition fee is £20,000 which can be paid per module, or in installments (2 or 4 payments).


6. West Texas A&M University

One of the best-rated American online MBA programs, the course at West Texas A&M University allows you to concentrate on management, marketing, health care administration, or computer information systems.

If you have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher you do not need to take the GMAT as the pre-requisite for admission, and should apply for a waiver via the university’s website.

There are 4-semester starts and you can send your CV to receive a personalized plan of study even before admission. The estimated cost for the two-year program would be $32,000.


7. Florida International University

At Florida International University, you can gain a Professional MBA fully online, and this online MBA program does not require you to take the GRE or GMAT  if you have 4 years of professional experience.

This is a fast-paced program for mid-career individuals, composed of 8-week courses for a total study time of 18, 21, or 33 months. There are 5 start dates every year and you can further specialize in 8 areas. The total program cost will be c. $42,000.  Finally, while not required, every Fall and Spring, the university hosts a 2-day residency in Miami to meet the faculty and your peers, attend workshops and listen to expert speakers. This is included in the tuition fee.


We hope that this article on online MBAs with no GRE or GMAT requirements was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Business Programs for International Students!

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