The study of environmental science is important as it helps in the understanding of the natural environment. In this field, the interconnection of chemical, life, and physical sciences are explored. Students who take up this course tackle and research problems, both natural and man-made, in relation to other species and natural resources. They are expected to develop their creativity in problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to come up with research-based solutions. In this article, we will be looking at the best environmental schools in Europe!

Which country has the best Environmental Science Schools in Europe?

When it comes to the best environmental science school in Europe, there are plenty of countries to choose from, but the main country that is a part of this discussion is the United Kingdom, as it has some of the best universities in the region that specialize in this program. The programs here are well-equipped for both domestic and international students and lead to great careers in the field. Currently, we do not have vast information on this particular course, but you can choose other courses that have similar programs. If you are interested in checking out other courses, please feel free to check out all the available courses on our website.

Top Environmental Science Schools in Europe

1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a leading school for environmental science in Europe and is known to be one of the top schools all over the world. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs with degree courses that range from arts and humanities, science and engineering, and social sciences. The school is recognized for its world-class quality of research and distinction in teaching. There are 31 colleges where 29 of these offer undergraduate programs.

The environmental science course in Cambridge is included in the Earth Sciences program for undergraduates. There are five-course subjects that the students will encounter in this program. It includes the following: IA Earth Science, IB Earth Sciences A and B, II Earth Sciences, and III Earth Sciences. It starts with a general introductory course on the Earth and the program shifts into a more specific path as students move up to a higher level. There are also field trips and internships available for the students to check out and consider as stated in their website.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a recognized environmental science school in Europe and is the earliest English-speaking school in the world. It is a world-renowned leader in the fields of research and education. In the World University Rankings of the Times Higher Education (THE), it was ranked first worldwide in the years 2017 to 2022.

The university consists of 39 colleges, all of which are self-governing and independent in the financial aspect. All students and researchers coming from different fields and cultures are brought together in the opportunities given by the University.

The Geography program is accomplished in a span of three years. It is a distinct discipline wherein the areas of arts, natural and social sciences are unified to explore topics such as environmental change, global and regional inequalities, and reformation of global culture and economies. The course structure is made up of compulsory and foundational courses, as well as optional courses to choose from. Students take up lectures, seminars, and tutorials, which allows better supervision of performance in the program. A dissertation is expected to be completed, and there is also the opportunity of a local and overseas field trip.

3. ETH Zurich

Being one of the leading universities all over the world, ETH Zurich is known for its achievement of having exceptional results. The school ensures that they provide a superb work environment for the employees to level with the expectations for their performances. The educators are made sure to be experts in their fields, to guide the students well in their contributions to society. ETH Zurich is committed to building good partnerships on a global scale for the development of education and research.

In their Department of Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zurich offers the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences. This program is taken for three years and concluded with a thesis. During the first two years in the course, the students are expected to take humanities, social sciences, and technical subjects along with the natural sciences. The students can decide on their specialization during the last year of the program. Do keep in mind that this degree is taught in the German language.

4. Imperial College London

The Imperial College London is another top institution for environmental science in Europe and is in the list of the top 10 best universities all over the world. It was awarded as the University of the Year for 2022 by The Times. This is the only school in the UK that is focused on the fields of business, engineering, science, and medicine. It is known globally for its excellence in terms of innovation and service.

The environmental science course of the Imperial College London is known as the BSc Ecology and Environmental Biology. This program is to be accomplished within three years. It is focused on the understanding of both ecological and environmental issues. In the first year, students study basic courses with the essential scientific abilities needed. As they move up further, the modules get more specialized.

5. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, or the EPFL, is recognized as the most diverse technical university and a top environmental science institution all over Europe. It is home to more than 120 nationalities including students and educators. The school centers on quality innovation, teaching, and research.

Environmental Sciences and Engineering start with the areas of mathematics and physics. The students are taught the foundational basics of the sciences. For the following years, the students are trained in the different fields of environmental science and engineering. This includes subjects such as chemistry, hydrology, microbiology, soil science, and water and waste management. There are also available classes that are optional to take for the program.

6. Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University of Paris

The Paris Sciences et Lettres, or PSL, is a public university that is acknowledged for the combination of both diversity and excellence. The school has courses offered along with the fields of arts, engineering, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. They take pride in their academic community, along with their facilities. There are also quite several agreements with partner schools internationally, and PSL holds various activities and events as it is known to be a big artistic, scientific, and cultural center.

The Sustainability Sciences is taught in both French and English. It is an interdisciplinary degree where the students learn a variety of subject areas such as anthropology, chemistry, economics, and sustainable development. Like some of the programs mentioned above, this is also taken in three years. The degree aims to have graduates with enhanced skills for tackling problems in sustainable development.

7. Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Also known as the Polytechnique Institute of Paris, this school is outstanding in science and technology. It is a public university and research institution that is comprised of five distinguished engineering schools in France. The school is acknowledged as a leading institution both locally and globally.

The university delivers a world-class environmental science program in Europe and offers the Bachelor of Science to students who want to pursue the field of math and science. It is an interdisciplinary degree, taught in the English language. In the three years of this program, the students are expected to follow a curriculum filled with subjects of different disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and computer science. On the other hand, the school also offers the STEEM Master’s program which is focused on the areas of environmental issues and renewable energy.


I hope that this article on Best Environmental Science Schools in Europe was helpful. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students!

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