Most students may remark studying in India as a top-quality higher education that is ideal for students on a tight budget; however, it is improper to perceive it that way, it is in fact that India provides an exceptional educational system with affordable tuition rates that has become an ideal country to study for outstanding international students regardless of financial capability.

Another key advantage of studying in the country is that almost all institutions’ medium of instruction is English, so there is no need to learn the local language before pursuing an education in India. Since it is of little use to check which universities offer English-taught programs as the primary language is English. We have put together a list of renowned universities that offer a wide range of study programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels that offer English-taught, comprehensive academic programs in numerous areas of expertise.

Top Universities for English-taught Programs in India

1. University of Delhi

The University of Delhi is not only a nationally top-rank English-taught university in India, but it has proved to be a globally recognized university for it has been positioned quite fairly in the international rankings with some of the prestigious universities in the world. A leading university that offers a wide range of academic programs made available for international students.

Prospective students will be satisfied to know that over 79 bachelor’s degree programs, 82 postgraduate courses, 40 Masters of Philosophy programs, and 58 Ph.D. programs are offered in the university. This massive array of programs is conducted entirely in English. Some of the areas of study the institution offers are Arts, Commerce and Business Studies, Education, Applied Sciences, Law, Mathematical Sciences, Music and Fine Arts, and Social Sciences. Students from around the globe should surely take advantage of obtaining a higher education in the university as this will boost their professional portfolio in the future.

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2. Indian Institute of Science

The Indian Institute of Science is highly regarded as an excellent English-taught institution in India and one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is primarily concentrated in the field of Science and Technology, making it the preferred school for international students pursuing a degree in Engineering and Applied Sciences. Innovative academic programs taught in English would make it easier for international students to learn the curriculum’s technical terms and fundamental subjects.

Admissions in the undergraduate and master’s levels will require students to take specific qualifying exams depending on the study program to be admitted. The bachelor’s programs admit students in the following disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Environment Materials, Mathematics, and Physics. Meanwhile, the master’s programs in the Engineering department are available for international students holding a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, and Technology. And lastly, Ph.D. programs are offered in all academic departments in the university.

3. Pondicherry University

The university has a vast array of English-taught postgraduate programs for international students. The university values creative thinkers for it allows students to customize their curriculum. Aside from the required classes to be taken per semester, the students can choose five courses of their liking from a list of 1,000 courses available in the semester. Students can take any course provided that the courses are related to their major or specialization. In this way, students can acquire specific knowledge and skills not offered in their major program. They will gain further understanding and information about a particular field of study.

Pondicherry University is a top English-taught school in India that offers academic degree programs in different disciplines such as Sciences, Tourism and hospitality, Communications, Economics, International Relations, and Social Sciences. Each master’s and Ph.D. programs only admit a limited number of students. The target market of the university is highly competent bachelor’s degree holders and professionals from across the globe.

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4. O.P. Jindal Global University

O.P. Jindal Global University is among the best English-taught institutions in India that accepts international students regardless of nationality. Admissions for all applicants from Indian nationals, Non-Resident Indians, or international students will be assessed with the same criterion accordingly. This gives equal opportunities for all prospective students of the university. This is an opportunity for international students not to miss as this is a sign that shows that the university prioritizes the inclusivity of all nations on its campus. Also, as with the other universities in India, the primary language of instruction is English.

The university has employed renowned instructors with international qualifications and offers comprehensive academic programs suited to local and international students. Diverse programs are offered at all levels, from undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels. Such academic programs, included in the bachelor’s studies, are Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Journalism & Media Studies, Finance, and many more. Master’s and Ph.D. programs offer detailed and innovative programs in Business, Behavioral Sciences, International Relations, Finance, and Architecture, to name a few.

5. Panjab University

Panjab University is a leading English-taught university in India and is recognized as one of the oldest institutions in the country. It has a strong presence in the national and international community due to its rich history. The institution provides a premier educational system at par with several prestigious universities. It has also collaborated with top institutions regionally to give the most advanced programs to its students and at the same time strengthen network connections with other universities.

Panjab University also admits international students from across the globe. It has its own organization to support and assist all international students. It has facilitated activities and programs to help students lacking essential skills, such as English proficiency.

The university provides academic programs at the undergraduate to postgraduate levels. Mostly English-taught, the areas of expertise currently offered in the university are Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Sciences, Communication Studies, Sociology, Geography, and a few more. Admissions to these programs will require students to take certain tests and minimum requirements depending on the study program to be admitted.

FAQS About English Track Programs in India

Is English an Important Language in India?

English is known as an international language and as in many other countries it is also very important in India, where it serves as a means of communication for many industries, especially the tourism industry.  The Importance of the English language dates back to the period of colonization and the spread of the British Empire through their territories and that has left a mark on India as a country, but still, people in India learn English as one of the best subjects for various reasons as it is one of the most important languages globally.

Do Universities in India Offer English-taught Programs?

Yes, in general, Universities in India offer numerous English-taught programs as students tend to choose them so that they can learn and be prepared for a global market and not only the local one. Many programs are highly important there and the English Language and Literature direction is among them where students want to learn the linguistic aspects of the English language. Another factor that contributes to that fame is the tuition fees and the scholarships available for these directions.


In conclusion, English-language colleges and universities are quite famous in India, as they tend to reach an audience that is aimed at the global market and the international opportunities that are available to them. If you are interested in studying in India, you can check out how to study in this country for free.


We hope that this article on Best English-taught Universities in India was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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