India is among the top destinations for international students these days due to numerous reasons. Besides its academic excellence, you have a wide selection of institutions to choose from since the country has over a thousand universities and 40,000 colleges.

It also provides a great mix of work and fun, with India’s vibrant culture and social life. You can also find unique places to visit and enjoy fun activities during your stay. Food culture is also one of the reasons international students are loving India. Its cuisines are popular for their use of herbs and spices, and a great selection of fresh and healthy ingredients. And contrary to popular belief, most of the Indian population are meat-eaters, so you don’t need to worry about missing meat in your diet.

With such an exciting life waiting for you in India, choose a subject to study and make your stay all the more worth it. Here are some of the best subjects to study in India.

Top Courses to Study in India

1. Religious Studies

India is also known for being the birthplace of one of the largest and oldest world religions. Nearly 900 million people identify as Hindu and about 80% of the Indian population. This religion dates back to 4,000 years ago. Unlike other religions, it has no founding members. Yet, it has become significant to the Hindus’ way of life, making it challenging and fascinating to study.

Besides Hinduism, the country is also home to other religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. But what makes religion an excellent subject to study in India is almost everything you see here is related to religion. As soon as you arrive there, you’ll see small temples and depictions of their gods and goddesses. There are shrines at the bottom of the trees and you can also find others between stores and businesses.

The magnitude of religion’s influence on one’s life and society remains an interesting field of study. In India, you can delve into Religious Studies at these universities: University of Mumbai, Christ University, and University of Mysore

2. History

History is among the best subjects to study in India due to many reasons. The country is home to one of the world’s oldest cities, with its history dating back 4,000 years. It’s also one of the sacred places of Hinduism. By studying history, you’ll learn how past events, dating back to four millennia, can be preserved. This subject offers principles that people can use to record the histories of the modern world.

Furthermore, studying history helps people understand how the world became what it is, and how global events and conflicts started. By understanding the background of these events, historians help unfold the root causes of such conflicts and address those in progressive solutions. Take for example the long-standing tension between India and Pakistan and the recent war between Russia and Ukraine. These are events that didn’t happen overnight. Through history subjects, these are events that can be studied, and quite possibly dealt with favorably.

Another reason to study History is that people learn how certain personalities and ideologies are developed. In creating an ideal world to live in, History can provide the recipe, the framework, and how modern humans can devise a concept that works for most and minimize casualties in the long run. An in-depth study of History is also necessary as this field may still be susceptible to human biases and error. For that, you’d want to study this subject at a university that can provide you with the best training and knowledge. In India, you can apply to the following universities: Jamia Millia University, Jadavpur University, and Lady Sri Ram College

3. Philosophy

Philosophy is the mother of all disciplines, as it deals with the study of the nature of reality, knowledge, and existence. By this definition, whatever field of study you pursue, you’ll be needing Philosophy to excel. It makes sense that one of the highest academic levels in many disciplines is called Doctor of Philosophy.

Studying Philosophy can provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand the world and look at different perspectives. This way, you can create new ideas and develop an innovative mindset to solve problems. This subject also awakens a person’s love of wisdom, and the attitude to consistently search for truths, especially during times when false information and fake news are destabilizing societies.

Philosophy is more often studied with Western methodologies in mind. Beginning from the ancient Greeks, like Socrates and Plato, up to contemporary Philosophers, like Martin Heidegger, and Bertrand Russell, this subject is often viewed through the western’s scope. However, studying Philosophy in India can provide you with a greater understanding, filling in the gaps and inadequacies of the Western schools of thought. In a way, you’re getting the best of both worlds by choosing to study in India. And what can be more advantageous than choosing the top universities in the country, such as: Delhi University, Madras Christian College, and Indira Gandhi National Open University

4. Sociology

Suppose you’ve always been interested in the study of human relationships, particularly how each is affected by the other and the influence of institutions, like family, government, religion, and school. In that case, Sociology is an ideal subject for you and India is among the best places to seek knowledge in this discipline. The country is known for its diverse culture, with people from all walks of life mingling in a modern, yet anachronistic style. Indian society is practically where you can understand people, the roots of human behavior, and where a collection of behaviors will take the society.

Of course, beyond observation, it’s crucial to seek guiding principles and well-established theories in studying Sociology. These significantly put Sociology in a highly regarded position, differentiating it from mere prejudices and perceptions.

To study Sociology in India, make sure to apply to the following universities: Tezpur University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and Ambedkar University Delhi

5. Computer Science

Joining the list of best subjects to study in India is Computer Science. Universities here offer some of the best programs in the world, thus making it to the top 100 worldwide. Among the high-performing universities, you can consider in India are the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, and the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras.

Besides the world-class education, Computer Science professionals are also highly regarded in Indian society. It offers a favorable opportunity for you to adapt to your new home and share with the local students the same love for modern computer technologies.


We hope that you found this article on the best subjects to study in India informative and helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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