Dentistry is a challenging yet fulfilling field involving a detailed technical skillset required to treat diseases, extract teeth, fit dentures, and perform root canals. If you are thinking about becoming a dentist? Why not consider studying in Japan? It is one of the best countries to study dentistry, with some top-tier dental schools globally known for excellent education.

Combined with advanced technology, top-notch facilities, and experienced teachers, Japan will provide you with an enriching environment, equipping you with the skills and experience needed for a career in dentistry. This article discusses the best universities for dentistry in Japan to provide a clear picture of which dental school is right for you.

Top Schools Offering Dentistry Programs in Japan

1. Osaka University 

If you’re an international student aspiring to study dentistry at a top-tier university in Japan, Osaka University should be at the top of your list! The institute dates back to 1724, boasting a rich history and heritage. Today, it remains a popular choice among international students who wish to pursue a career in dentistry because of its high-quality education, inclusive campus, and prime location in Osaka.

One of the top programs of this institute is dentistry, taught at the Faculty of Dentistry. The faculty features 10 departments and 14 divisions with highly qualified instructors who aim to train dentists to make significant contributions in the field. Some examples of notable alums from Osaka University include Shimon Sakaguchi, the discoverer of regulatory T cells who received the Kyoto Prize, the Lasker Award, and the Canada Gairdner International Award.

2. Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Situated in the capital and the largest city of Japan, Tokyo Medical and Dental University stands out as the best institute for aspiring dentists. Securing the number 1 rank as a dentistry school in Japan, the institute covers various subfields, such as pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and periodontics.

The university is a top choice for international students thanks to its innovative programs and prime location where a robust career in dentistry can be built with a strong educational foundation. The faculty of dentistry shows off research centers and institutes, such as the Center for Advanced Oral Science and the Center for International Exchange and Education in Dentistry, offering opportunities for hands-on experience in dentistry.

3. Kyushu University

Kyushu University is the 4th Imperial University in Japan, established in 1897. The university offers diverse programs ranging from science and engineering to medicine and dentistry. Kyushu University boasts a strong reputation in the fields of science, especially in biotechnology, making it stand out from other institutes.

The Research Center for Molecular Science in Tooth and Bone Diseases and other research institutes provide various opportunities for students to gain practical experience and exposure to research environments. The Kyushu University partnership with the Kyushu Institute of Technology facilitates the graduate program for dentistry and engineering. It aids the Dental Engineering Cooperative Education and Research Center to provide students with top-level training to work in related fields.

4. Tohoku University

As the third imperial university in Japan, Tohoku University is at the top of the list for international students. The university holds the status of being a Designated National University. It is classified as a top-tier institution in Japan’s Top Global University Project, as recognized by the Japanese government.

Its high-quality education and status as a leading research university in Japan make it an attractive dentistry school for international students. Tohoku University features 10 departments in dentistry, including the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Pediatric Dentistry, and Periodontology. The institute offers a six-year Bachelor of Dentistry program, which entails comprehensive and oral healthcare to patients. The two-year Master of Dentistry program is a more advanced program.

5. Niigata University

Niigata University originated in Niigata Medical College (established in 1922). It stands among the top 10 Designated National Universities, renowned for its top-tier education and research. Students can specialize in courses such as periodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry. International graduate and doctoral dentistry students can choose from 14 majors in dentistry based on what they want to specialize in.

Niigata University aims to equip its students with the required skills to excel in dentistry through specialized laboratory work, lectures, and seminars. Takeyasu Maeda serves as evidence of Niiagata University’s impressive education program. He is a renowned researcher evaluating the dynamics of osteoclast migration and the degradation of unmineralized extracellular matrix.

FAQS About Studying Dentistry in Japan

Which University in Japan Has the Most Affordable Dentistry Program? 

Tokyo Medical and Dental University offers the most affordable dentistry program. The undergraduate programs cost nearly 642,960 JPY yearly (about 5,800 USD), which applies to undergraduate and graduate dentistry programs. This fee is much lower than the cost of private universities in Japan. For instance, the dentistry program at Nihon University Japan costs around 3,500,000 JPY annually, which is around USD 23,500.

As an international student, you must consider other expenses such as entrance and physical examination fees (if needed), application and passport fees (if necessary), and visa application costs. Once you get admitted, you must account for an admission fee of about 282,000 yen for TMD, accommodation, and medical costs.


Dentistry is a complex field that requires theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. These factors make Japan the best destination to study dentistry. Thanks to Japan’s high-quality education and research facilities, international students can establish robust careers as dentists.


We hope this guide on the best dental schools in Japan has been helpful in starting your international student journey. If you want to know more about studying in this country, check out the Study in Japan and Available Programs in Japan pages!

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