Agriculture has been a part of every society. Because of this industry, we have our sources of food. The things that we eat – vegetables, fruits, meats, and others boil down to agriculture. If you’re interested in livestock management, crop production, and water/soil conservation, you can take agriculture and related programs in college.

Globally, many universities offer agriculture and related programs at various levels. With the world’s advancement in technology, agriculture studies have a modernized approach to teaching.

If you’re interested in agriculture, you can maximize your studies abroad. With this, you can explore the agriculture industry and gain more experience and knowledge. But what country should you choose? In this article, we listed down the best countries to study agriculture!

Can You Study Agriculture Abroad?

The answer is yes! You can study agriculture in another country. Since this field is widely used in our society, many universities worldwide offer various programs and degrees in agriculture abroad. By studying agriculture abroad, you’ll have a different perspective on agriculture, especially if you’ll study in a country that has a well-developed agriculture field.

The requirements for studying agriculture and related studies may vary depending on your chosen country and universities. The most common requirements are your high school diploma and English language proficiency test results.

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Which Country is Best for Studying Agriculture?

Countries like the United States, Australia, and Singapore, are some of the best countries to consider if you want to study agriculture. You’ll notice that these countries have an established agricultural field and with this, you’ll surely get a strong background in agriculture.

In the article, we listed down the best countries to study agriculture abroad. Make sure to read more!

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Best Countries to Study Agriculture

1. United States

  • Reasons: A wide array of universities offering agriculture programs, immersive practicum experience, international scholarships

Home to many of the world’s finest universities, the United States is a popular destination for studying agriculture. While most take up more popular courses such as engineering and business, not a lot know that the United States is an excellent destination for those who wish to major in agriculture.

For one, a handful of universities offer various programs, such as agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural education, and agriculture science, to name a few. They also offer immersive practicum experiences through study abroad programs or alternative break trips.

For deserving students, institutions such as the University of Georgia offer international scholarships as well.

2. Australia

  • Reasons: Various world-class universities offering agricultural degrees, vast agricultural lands for practical education

Australia remains one of the world leaders when it comes to agricultural exports, which makes Australia a top country for studying agriculture. It’s the top exporter of wheat, rice, and sugar products.

With 55% of the country being devoted to agricultural use, it is no surprise why Australia is one of the best destinations for agricultural education.

For one, there are lots of universities that offer this program. The long list includes top-ranked institutions, such as the University of Queensland, the University of Western Australia, the University of Sydney, and the University of Melbourne (UMelb).

One of the best options for applicants by far is UMelb, the number one ranked institution in the country. It offers the BS Agriculture program, which is ranked 35th globally. Because of this, UMelb agriculture graduates have a high employment rate of 92%.

3. Canada

  • Reasons: top-ranked universities offering agricultural programs, international scholarships

Agriculture is one of Canada’s more profitable industries. In 2016 alone, the country raked in $60 billion over its vegetables, canola, and cattle, to name a few. This makes Canada one of the best destinations for studying Agriculture. For one, it is home to world-class universities that offer diverse agricultural programs.

Listed as one of the best, the University of Guelph offers horticulture, crop science, and animal science majors. On the other hand, the University of Fraser Valley offers hands-on experience at the Chilliwack Agricultural Center.

Likewise, international enrollees can study agriculture in Canada at a discounted price, thanks to its long list of scholarships. Depending on the program, you may get tuition discounts, accommodations, stipends, etc. You can access the list of agricultural scholarships for foreigners here.

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4. Singapore

  • Reasons: Wide array of world-class institutions offering agricultural degrees, modern and internationalized programs, international scholarships

Singapore is a popular country amongst students who wish to take agriculture. For one, several top-ranked institutions offer agricultural courses, such as the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

At NUS, students can research a field called Urban Farming. This program focuses on the future of farming, including microbiome solutions for a green environment. At NTU, students may focus on the agriculture of other regions, thanks to the university’s Center for African Studies.

Students may also apply for the Singapore Sustainability Scholarship, which is given to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

5. Germany

  • Reasons: Top-ranked universities, partnerships with international agricultural organizations, cheap tuition

Germany is a fertile country where wheat, corn, barley, and sugar beets (among many other crops) sprawl into life. This sector has provided Germany with a whopping income of EUR 5.28 billion /$6.12 billion from 1991 to 2021.

This – among many other factors – makes Germany an excellent destination for agricultural education. Here, students can choose from world-class institutions, including the University of Hohenheim and the University of Göttingen.

The University of Hohenheim, formerly the Academy of Agriculture & Forestry, offers undergraduate and graduate agriculture courses in English. It’s also partnered with 100 organizations, thus helping its students undertake internships/practicums in world-class agricultural facilities.

Best of all, German universities offer very cheap fees. Foreigners only need to pay EUR 1,500 ($1,740) a semester for tuition at the said university.

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6. Hong Kong

  • Reasons: Top-ranked universities, value-for-money tuition

Although Hong Kong is a business-centric country, it is also a good location for agricultural studies. While this sector only produces 0.6% of the region’s GDP, this accounts for a whopping HKD 966 million/$124 million. Hong Kong is also one of the best countries to study agriculture. International students who wish to study in Hong Kong may do so in a variety of institutions.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is the most popular choice. It offers a Plant & Agricultural Science course to help students generate high-value agricultural products and/or develop new plant technologies.

Best of all, HK universities cost cheaper than most of the countries on this list. At CUHK, for example, an international student will also need to pay $19,000 annually.

7. Switzerland

  • Reasons: World-class agriculture program, full-time farm internship

There is only one school that offers Agricultural Science in Switzerland: ETH Zurich. Although this is the case, it’s named the 14th best school in the world regarding agriculture education. The university offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in agriculture.

Apart from lectures and performance assessments, undergraduate students are treated to real-world excursions. These include trips to the World Food System, among many other institutions. There’s also an agricultural internship where students live on a Swiss mixed farm. Here, they engage in farm-related tasks that will help strengthen their agricultural knowledge and skills.


I hope this article on the best countries to study agriculture was informative and insightful.  If you’re interested in studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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