You know political science is for you when you love joining debate competitions. Political science is highly customized based on where you are taking it. So the question is: why not study political science abroad?

Politics and international relations dominate our news channels every day. Getting a degree in political science has never been more timely than ever. Here, we will be looking at some of the best countries to study political science. Coupled with overseas adventure, your education in politics is diverse and way more fun!

Top Countries to Study Political Science

1. Chile

Chile is the longest country in the world. Spanning 6,000 km from north to south, Chile has a lot to offer to foreigners. Chile is the most livable country in South America, with a stable economy and a high standard of living. Many schools teach in Spanish, perfect for you to learn and improve your speaking Spanish. The sunny coasts, freezing ice formations, and space observatories of Chile are the best study break adventures for you.

Chile’s academics ranks number one in South America. Its rapid economic growth makes Chile a perfect environment to study political science. You can explore Chile’s policies, such as its initiatives for sustainability and climate change. The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is among the country’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Its academic strength makes it a highly regarded university in Latin America together with University of Santiago, Chile. Take the Pontifical Catholic University’s world-class political science program and immerse yourself in new perspectives and innovative policies. Tuition costs range from $3,400 to $9,600.

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2. Botswana

  • Best School/s: University of Botswana
  • Reasons: Diverse ex-pat community, English mode of communication, a range of wildlife to see

Botswana is famous for being Africa’s exception, nicknamed the Gem of Africa. Unlike any other country on the continent, Botswana boasts a competitive economy and a strong sense of political democracy. Wildlife is an everyday sight in the country, and you can get to be closer to animals in their natural habitat. The colorful culture and the growing community of ex-pats are sure to make you feel at home.

Botswana expertly combines tradition with modern-day perspectives and technology. It is the homeland of people who are always up for a challenge. Botswana’s determination for improvement inspires students to explore public policy and Africa’s significance in world politics. The University of Botswana (UB) is one of 17 world-class educational institutions in Botswana. UB offers a variety of degree programs for political science. You can also choose to combine political science with another major or minor degree. Tuition fees range from $3,000 to $7,000.

3. Colombia

Colombia entices the world with its flavorful cuisine, dynamic culture, and majestic landscapes. The Colombian lifestyle is full of travel and adventure that sits just right with your budget. You can also enroll in nationally recognized Spanish classes at universities like Universidad de La Sabana. Colombia is diverse, and it can promise something new and exciting for every international student.

The Colombian government is far from perfect, but here’s why it is a great place to start for you as a budding politics student: Colombia keeps moving forward. The country perseveres to harness potential politicians’ skills and leads them to become leaders that the country and the people deserve. You get to see up close how trust is built through listening and reaching out to the underrepresented members of society. The University of The Andes (Uniandes) is Colombia’s consistently top-ranking university. The Ministry of Education awarded Uniandes with a ten-year accreditation for quality. Guided by its motto, Uniandes molds its students to be socially and ethically responsible. The university’s political science program is among the excellent academic opportunities in Colombia. Tuition fees begin at $13,000 per year.

4. Italy

Italy consistently is one of the best countries to study political science. Italy is historically powerful. It continues to challenge the world with ground-breaking research and quality works of art. Traditional meets modern in this small boot-shaped country, from colosseums and cobblestones in Sicily to decadence and minimalism in Milan. Italy cares for your wellness, and you can enjoy quality healthcare like no other.

Italy is a center point of influence in Europe. It is the perfect playground for political science because of its contributions to historical events like the World War. One university you can study political science in is University of Milan, as it is one of the country’s best institutions. You can also consider Luiss University of Rome, a university specializing in social sciences. It educates and trains students to be practical in work and adapt flexible thinking. Luiss ranks among the top 50 universities in the subject of political science. Bring out your potential and combine theory with methodology. Luiss also offers joint and double degree programs. Tuition fees begin at $13,000 yearly.

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5. Russia

Russia is another excellent country to study political science. It is a country situated on both the Asian and European continents and mainly adopts a European way of living and opens doors to limitless opportunities. Monuments and other colorful tourist attractions are scattered everywhere in the country, making way for endless travel possibilities. Russia is among the most literate countries in the world. You can expect everyone you interact with to have a degree in higher education.

Russia is one of the world’s most powerful nations. It is home to advanced technology, highly esteemed research laboratories, and influential personalities. Russia’s history is as thrilling as studying overseas is. The Moscow State University and Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) are regarded as the most elite universities in Russia. For instance, MGIMO is nicknamed the “Harvard of Russia” and is the proud alma mater of many successful figures in business and politics. You can choose to take a dual major program to broaden your scope of career opportunities.

6. Egypt

Egypt is the land of a progressive ancient civilization. A mix of Mediterranean, African, and Middle Eastern cultures makes up the distinctively Egyptian culture. From the Great Pyramids to exquisite music and cuisine, Egypt has a lot to offer to international students.

Education in Egypt combines the best parts of African, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern education. Egypt is a powerhouse of achievements and development. The mutual agreement for tradition and modernity makes Egypt a compelling choice to study political science. The American University in Cairo (AUC) is an American-accredited educational institution in Cairo. It is a top-performing university among Arab nations. AUC offers a political science program with training partnerships from all over the world. Enrich your theoretical skills with AUC and gain an edge for international careers. You can also check out Badr University in Cairo for more options!

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7. Turkey

Last on our list of best countries to study political science is Turkey, which boasts a well-preserved history and culture. International students should start considering Turkey more because of its high literacy rate of 92%! Swim to your heart’s content on Turkey’s beautiful beaches or try out water sports for an adventure. Turkey is exceptionally accommodating to students. At least one university sits in every city. Lovers of language can also learn Turkish and enhance their resumes with additional skills.

Turkey is located in the middle of Asia and Europe. It is a witness to many displays of political power and influence. Turkey offers the perfect setting to get the most out of a political science degree. The Ankara University and Bilkent University in Ankara rank among the country’s top 10 universities. They’re the country’s best in the field of political science. You can learn and specialize in subjects such as Turkish politics, public policy, and comparative politics. Tuition fees in Bilkent cost $13,400.


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