Water, energy, minerals, and biological resources, which are in short supply due to human population expansion are the primary concerns of natural resource management. Professionals must be able to work in cross-disciplinary teams and use their understanding of science, ecology, economics, and society to find comprehensive answers to today’s pressing problems. Here, we will be looking at some of the top countries to study natural resource management.

Students earning a degree in Natural Resource Management learn how to protect natural resources such as land, water, minerals, and flora. Students research how human-nature interactions affect current and future generations. Natural resource management degree programs cover topics like biology, geology, geography, and sociology. Environmental courses and specializations encompass topics like land-use planning and conservation biology as well as energy efficiency and climate change mitigation.

Top Countries to Study Natural Resources Management

1. Australia

In Australia, you can specialize in natural sciences. Australia is a popular study abroad destination for international students since it is a multicultural country ready to welcome you. Universities often help students locate accommodation, host-specific orientation weeks, and offer year-round services. The natural beauty of Australia, with its blistering deserts and lush rainforests, further adds to its attractiveness.

Many of the world’s greatest universities are located in Australia. Internships and job experiences are also accessible through several academic programs in Australia. Australia excels at supporting overseas students. Many cities have dedicated student centers that may help you with everything from legal issues to finding a job to networking to housing. Melbourne is also routinely regarded as one of the world’s most student-friendly cities. As a result, Australia is the best country to study natural resource management if you are interested.

If you’re thinking about going to Australia to study natural resource management, give Southern Cross University and University of New England a look.

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2. Canada

Canada is a safe country with a diversified population that welcomes international students. The world’s most prestigious universities and colleges attract students from all around the world. Canada’s educational landscape includes universities, colleges, polytechnics, and cégeps. It’s up to you to pick which institutional model best suits your goals.

Employers strongly value Canadian college and university graduates, and individuals who study there have no trouble finding decent jobs in any field. People from different backgrounds and interests are welcome to study in Canada. As a result, Canada works hard to make overseas students feel comfortable and safe while studying here.

There are several universities in Canada where you can study natural resource management, including the University of Northern British Columbia, Thompson Rivers University, University of Manitoba, Fleming College, and Vancouver Island University.

3. New Zealand

Given the country’s vast size, it may surprise some that only eight universities exist on the two islands, all of which are in the top 3% of the world. To your surprise, New Zealand is actually one of the best countries to study natural resource management.

New Zealand’s reputation as a “pricier” destination may deter prospective students concerned about college costs. However, the Pacific area has a considerable number of international student scholarships available. Exchange guests may be eligible for host institution scholarships.

Summer, semester, or year-long exchanges are other options. Vacations and study abroad are choices. Scholarships are another option. With a working visa, you can stay in New Zealand for up to a year.

Consider Lincoln University or the University of Canterbury if you want to study natural resource management in New Zealand.

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4. Sweden

  • Best School/s: Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesUppsala University
  • Reasons: Excellent higher education system, multi-cultural academic communities, free for most European students, freedom, equality, and sustainability, eco-friendliness, open and progressive mentality, great student experience

Sweden, once ruled by savage Vikings, has refined its manners, as seen by the world’s second-best higher education system. Sweden’s three main ideals are freedom, equality, and sustainability. Employment, education, and the environment all reflect these ideas. Whether academically, professionally, personally, or in any other way, Swedes will assist you.

Students from the EU and EAE pay no tuition at Swedish public universities. Sweden has always invested in its residents’ well-being and the preservation of nature. Schooling in Sweden will surely relax you. Higher education is a tough, yet open and informal environment. Student interests include athletics, clubs, and outdoor activities. Sweden’s cities have clubs and taverns, and student groups organize nightlife.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University are good options if you’re interested in studying natural resource management in Sweden.

5.  Malaysia

Malaysia has many universities with low tuition fees, and Malaysia’s universities are routinely ranked among the best in the world. It has both public and private universities, making it a great destination to study.

Around 50%-60% of Malaysians can converse in English. Remember that you’ll be spending most of your time in huge student cities like Kuala Lumpur, where you won’t have to worry about language barriers. Malaysia is a safe and peaceful country, and political stability, economic prosperity, and industrial development are all essential factors in a community’s overall health.

Malaysian universities offering natural resource management degrees include Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, and Universiti Teknologi Mara.

6. Lithuania

Lithuania is a crossroads of Europe. Despite its turbulent past, the country has developed a distinct culture distinguished by profound respect for tradition and a strong desire to progress. Lithuania is another excellent country to study natural resource management abroad.

Lithuania is a NATO and EU member with a linguistic and educational diversity unparalleled in Europe. Because living costs are cheaper than in Western countries, Lithuania is a great option for international students. More than 75% of international students in Lithuania think they are getting good value for money. Lithuanian scholarships are available to international students, teachers, and researchers. Tuition and living expenses are usually covered by scholarships.

Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy and Vilnius University are good options if you’re thinking about studying programs related to natural resource management in Lithuania.

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7. Ireland

  • Best School/s: University College Dublin
  • Reasons: World-class facilities, internationally recognized, extensive choice, supportive learning environment

The government’s investment in world-class facilities builds on academic success. Many renowned universities, technical institutes, and research institutions are now housed on stunning campuses in state-of-the-art facilities.

The quality of Irish certifications is respected globally. Students can choose from a variety of programs. International offices in Ireland work closely with academic, administrative, and specialized employees to provide student support.

The University College Dublin is a good option if you’re thinking about studying natural resources management in Ireland.


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