Have you always dreamed of being up in the air? Is your ultimate career goal to become a pilot? Aviation is a field where you can either pilot commercial aircraft or you can develop and learn to use military airships. Some schools will offer a dual program, whilst others focus on either military or civil aviation.

If you are looking to travel the world for free, as well as fulfill your childhood dreams of piloting an aircraft, civil aviation is definitely for you. If you are more interested in the military and development side of the career, you also have plenty of great options for schools that will cater to your needs!

If you are desperate to get into the sky, here is a list of the best countries to study aviation.

Is aviation a good career?

Yes, in general aviation is quite a good career for students as it tends to have a good job market that is highly appreciated. The courses in the field of aviation provide great formal education to students as they allow them to learn through theoretical knowledge and practical work, which is quite important. There are multiple universities that offer a great education for this course, and they are all available for both domestic and international students, which can get support from various scholarships.

Which Country Is the Best to Study Aviation?

One of the top countries to study aviation is Sri Lanka. Being a home to many beautiful types of wildlife, such as elephants, migratory whales, and lizards, the island itself is absolutely stunning, and luckily enough, home to some of the top aviation academies in the world! Getting an aviation certification from Sri Lanka will surely get you employed in countries around the world, like many students before you have already found out for themselves.

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Best Countries to Study Aviation

1. Sri Lanka

The great thing about some of the Sri Lankan aviation schools is that they offer multi-engine training and complementary engineering programs, meaning that if you are looking to get a job through the military, these academies will teach you how to fly through countless practice sessions. This will look great on your CV!

There is also a domestic airline in Sri Lanka, meaning that you will get hands-on experience while you are in school. Sri Lanka is really an unparalleled country for studying aviation, as you also get to enjoy the beauty of island life whilst learning. Yes, please!

2. Greece

Greece may be known for the Parthenon and feta cheese, but Greece is also a great country for studying aviation. This European island, surrounded by sparkling blue Mediterranean waters, will enchant you and help you in your long-term career. Due to the tame climate on this island, there are more opportunities to practice flying, as storms are rare and planes can be taken out often.

Greece houses some of the top aviation academies due to their EU-approved standards and experience in teaching. You will find academies on this island that offer theoretical training courses, ample flying experience, and many types of certifications that are suitable for both newbies and seasoned pilots.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line training programs and a great CV booster for your future career, aviation academies in Greece are definitely the way to go.

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3. Philippines

The Philippines is another beautiful island chain with golden sandy beaches and incredible landscapes. It is quite affordable to live in, as well, compared to countries like the United States or some places in Europe. More importantly, the Philippines are home to some of the best aviation schools in the world.

The student body in aviation schools in the Philippines is quite diverse, which is great for future networking when you begin your aviation career. They also have an extremely high first-time passing rate, meaning that their aviation education is top-notch!

The air traffic here is lighter than in other places, so you will have plenty of time to practice getting into the sky and flying your aircraft. Like Greece, the climate in the Philippines is very mild, and ideal for aviation practice.

4. Kenya

Kenya is home to not only some of the best safari parks and coffee in the world, but also incredible aviation academies. Kenyan academies offer both in-sky training and simulators of flight so that you can ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of flight training possible. This is one of the only countries on the continent of Africa to have flight schools, and they do not disappoint. Kenya is an excellent country to study aviation.

Aviation is a large industry in the country, accounting for nearly 5% of their GDP. There is great importance placed on the security of the aviation industry in Kenya, as it brings in a lot of money and tourism. You will experience state-of-the-art training here, and you will be well-respected by the population.

Most schools are within close proximity to the airport, meaning that in-air training will be easily accessible to you. Kenyan programs are also cheaper than programs hosted by other countries, meaning that this could be a much more affordable option for international applicants.

5. Maldives

The Maldives are one of the hottest vacation destinations, meaning that plenty of flights is needed to appease all the tourists. Although the Maldives only has one aviation academy, it is one of the best worldwide. There are several aviation training options offered at this academy, such as a Private Pilot’s License, Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine Rating, and more.

The Asian Academy of Aeronautics seems to specialize in civil aviation, however, if this is your ultimate goal, they are one of the best schools to get your pilot’s license. Specialty in one field makes them one of the best, and you are very likely to get a well-paying job in one of the world’s most prestigious airlines, such as Singapore or Qatar Airways.

The Maldives academy also offers a remuneration package that will relocate you to the Maldives where you can work as a flight instructor. This is an attractive position to successful candidates, as you will be able to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Asian Academy of Aeronautics can offer you multiple career options, making the Maldives one of the best countries to study aviation.

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6. United States

Being the leading forerunner in many academic fields, the United States contains highly-respected universities in the field of aviation. Due to its emphasis on military technology, the field of aviation holds a great amount of interest, especially in the United States. If you are not interested in combat aviation, there is still lots of room for you in civil aviation, and by attending private and public institutions, you can earn your pilot’s license after going through many practice flights.

Institutions such as Purdue University and Ohio State University contain many different degrees in aviation. By majoring in a professional flight program, you will get the chance to earn either your private or commercial pilot license by completing training through state-of-the-art airplanes.

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7. Australia

Due to its popularity, many tourists come to Australia by air. To accommodate all this traffic, 13 international airports were created, which led to an increase of pilots in the country of Australia. In order to fulfill the demand for more pilots, the top Australian institutions, such as the University of New South Wales and the University of South Australia have decided to establish aviation programs for prospective international applicants.

In order to attract the international population, aviation courses in Australia are taught with a student-friendly approach, high-quality academics, and an affordable fee structure that is both acceptable to international and local applicants. Check out the links up above for specific details.

In conclusion, there are multiple countries that lead the way in the field of aviation, and students need to research beforehand so that they can choose the most appropriate one for them. If you are interested in this particular course, please feel free to check the best aviation schools in the world, so that you can have a vast idea of what to choose from.


I hope this article on the best countries to study aviation in the world was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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