Qatar is located in the Middle East and is part of the United Arab Emirates. It is the largest and most prosperous of the 7 emirates. It has the most oil and gas resources, which is why it is considered a high-income country, and one of the countries with a high standard of living. As a developing country, partnerships and collaborative efforts were made to countries with renowned universities, resulting in the establishment of several international campuses in the country.

The rate of enrollment in higher education is low due to students working immediately after graduating from secondary school or after taking vocational diplomas/certificates. Qatar follows a Western education system, with undergraduate programs lasting three years and master’s programs lasting only one or two years. The language of instruction is Arabic, but due to internationalization, most higher education courses, particularly at the master’s level, are taught in English.

Qatar, as an Islamic country, is fairly conservative and has a generally peaceful environment. The following are among the best business schools in Qatar.

Top Business Schools in Qatar

1. Qatar University

Qatar University is the country’s only government university and has committed to becoming the country’s research center. Its research complex is made up of renowned researchers from around the world, and it publishes high-quality research papers that address current issues.

Qatar University’s College of Business Economics is an outstanding business institution, being internationally renowned and with faculty hailing from well-established business sectors both domestically and abroad. The accomplishments and vast experience of its faculty improve the quality of education its students receive. The college organizes lectures, workshops, and training led by prominent business figures in the industry to increase and broaden the knowledge of its students. It has also established an entrepreneurship center to help, support, and finance business ideas.

Data on tuition fees are provided per credit hour: the undergraduate rate is US$250 per credit, and the master’s and doctoral rates are US$550 per credit. Other fees are listed on the school’s website or can be obtained upon request.

2. HEC Paris (Qatar Campus)

As one of the top business academies in Qatar, HEC Paris is globally known for its executive education and has built partnerships with countries in different parts of the world to extend its services and curriculum to others. Continents with HEC Paris are Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania, and the Middle East. HEC Paris became the first European international educational partner of the country and the first to offer an international Executive MBA.

HEC Paris brought to the country an innovative business perspective that can help and aid the country in adapting to the rapidly developing digitalized business sector through its students and graduates. The Executive MBA program lasts 15-18 months and costs US$105,500 in total. Master’s programs are also available for 15-18 months and cost only US$64,500.

Other programs available include certificates that are completed in two 5-day sessions and cost US$19,500, as well as short executive programs that are completed in two days. Customized courses for executives and businesses are also available, which are tailored to the needs of professionals.

3. College of North Atlantic

The College of North Atlantic in Qatar was established in collaboration with the College of North Atlantic in Canada and the state of Qatar. In 2002, this was established in response to the growing demand for practical training in business education. It is now the country’s third-largest higher education institution.

The school of business studies is accredited by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs), which is recognized by the Council of Higher Education. The school has also established a ‘transfer agreement,’ which allows diploma and certificate graduates to enroll in a bachelor’s degree anywhere in the world.

Undergraduate programs cost US$268 per credit for non-international and US$400 per credit for international. Qatari students in this top business school are not required to pay the tuition fees at this level of study. For graduate studies, non-international students pay US$594 per credit and international students pay US$600 per credit. Both local and international students are subjected to additional fees.

4. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, USA, is a private school that has a high rank among world universities and has built campuses across the world – including in Qatar. Its campus was built in the country in 2004 in partnership with the Qatar Foundation resulting in a combination of creativity integrated with innovation.

The school is one of the best business schools in Qatar with a four-year undergraduate course in Business Administration, which includes internships in the country’s major business industries. Its curriculum emphasizes analytical thinking development and leadership development. The university incorporates various activities to enrich its students’ experiences, such as involving students in research, exchange programs, and competitions.

Tuition is US$59,365 per year.

5. Georgetown University

Georgetown University, located in Washington, D.C., is a world-renowned research institution that opened a campus in Qatar in 2005 in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation. It offers a four-year undergraduate program in Foreign Services.

The Bachelor of Science in Foreign Affairs program requires completion of the core curriculum in the first two years, followed by a major program in the following years. The core curriculum is made up of courses in history, government, economics, and other liberal arts studies. This broadens students’ knowledge and provides a solid foundation for their chosen major in the second half of the program. The majors that can be taken are International Economics (IECO), International Politics (IPOL), Culture & Politics (CULP), and International History (IHST). An accelerated bachelor’s/master’s program is also offered for students looking to advance their studies in Foreign Affairs to the graduate level that can be taken in 5 years.

Tuition per year is averaged at US$59,784 per year. Other fees and adjustments can be found on the university’s website.


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