Turkey is a unique, thriving culture pot where Europe and the Orient meet. Its cities and sceneries are rich in history and tradition, and it makes for an ideal tourist spot. Another thing Turkey takes pride in is its academic reputation. By offering competitive education at affordable prices, they have attracted quite a number of scholars from around the world.

As an international student planning to enter a Turkish University which uses English as its language of instruction, one must take the International English Language Testing System. It is commonly known as the IELTS and it assesses a candidate’s ability in the English language. Read the rest of this article to find out the IELTS band requirement for universities in Turkey.

Minimum IELTS Band Requirements for Universities in Turkey

1. Yasar University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 5.0

Found in the myth-laden Aegean Sea is Yasar University. It was officially established in 2001 and it was built in Izmir, Turkey on the pillars of Science, Unity, and Success. The curriculum at Yasar University is focused on the integration of technology into global education. Not only that, students are encouraged to develop their artistic tastes and design abilities while also learning about social responsibility. The IELTS requirement at this university in Turkey is 5.0.

2. Maltepe University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 5.5

Relevant degree programs, expert faculty and staff, and a rich choice of academic facilities aren’t the only things you’ll find at Maltepe University. Founded in 1999 and located in Istanbul, the former stronghold of many an ancient empire, Maltepe University is a school that greatly prioritizes internationalization. Among the indications of its global character is that the university is quick to take action when it comes to international exchange programs. Maltepe University is also the proud host of the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy and Human Rights. Established in 2009, this UNESCO Chair is responsible for human rights research and protection. “Free in thought, contemporary in education, universal in science.” These are the words to live by in Maltepe University.

3. Ozyegin University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 5.5

Ozyegin University is what they call a ‘foundation university’, a school set up by wealthy businessmen as an alternative to the public higher education system. Not only does this ‘friendly competition model meet the demand for more Turkish educational systems, but it also raises the bar for the country’s quality of education. Ozyegin University’s Çekmeköy Campus, whose buildings were designed by the same architectural firm that worked on Cambridge and Princeton, is the first LEED-certified campus in Turkey. In April 2019, OzU ranked as the World’s Top Turkish University and has the highest score in THE Impact 2019 global ranking for its contributions towards the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals”. This university in Turkey requires that international students get at least an IELTS Band of 5.5.

4. Middle East Technical University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.0

Found in the capital city of Ankara, Middle East Technical University provides quality education and training to aspiring professionals in engineering and in the natural and social sciences. Students can choose from over 41 undergraduate, 107 master’s, and 69 doctorate programs which cover fields like Informatics, Applied Mathematics, and Marine Sciences. In the favor of international students, METU uses English as its language of instruction. The campus is around 4,500 hectares and is fortunate to include Lake Eymir. Aside from meeting METU’s water requirements with the deep wells around it, Lake Eymir is also where students can enjoy several recreational activities like rowing, fishing, and having quaint picnics. 

5. Izmer University of Economics

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.0

Another foundation university, actually the first in the Aegean region, is the Izmer University of Economics. It’s a fitting location for an institution that concentrates on business as Izmir is known as ‘the trade city of the centuries’. Established in 2001, this non-profit university was set up by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation. The school has a combined 114 degree offerings on all levels. International students will also find it helpful to note that the Izmer University of Economics has forged ERASMUS+ agreements with 168 universities across 26 countries. At IUE, students are taught to practice its motto: “Comprehend with science, manage with knowledge.”

6. Bahcesehir University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.0

A world university in the heart of Istanbul, this is the title that Bahcesehir University carries with utmost pride. BAU students are guaranteed a quality international education all in the backdrop of one of Turkey’s most cosmopolitan cities. At BAU they have many opportunities to study abroad in one of their overseas campus or through participating in exchange programs. Students can also gain much-needed practical skills by interning at local and global businesses. International students won’t find it hard to call it a home here, as Bahcesehir is known to have a large population of foreign scholars. In 2007, BAU was awarded as one of the “Superbrands of Turkey” and is known as one of the nation’s top private universities. At this university in Turkey, international students are required to have at least a 6.0 IELTS band.

7. Bilkent University

  • IELTS Band Requirement: 6.5

Ankara-based Bilkent University was established in October 1984, and it is Turkey’s first-ever private and nonprofit university. So you can say that it set the foundation for Turkey’s ‘foundation university’ model. The university derives its name from “bilim kenti”. In Turkish, this means “city of learning and science” which Bilkent has consistently lived up to all these years, now has grown into a center of excellence in higher education and research. At present, 63% of its 13,000-strong student body is on scholarship and these students have been selected from Bilkent’s 88 degree programs. Impressively, Bilkent University has made it into Times Higher Educations Under 50 listing of the world’s best young universities, currently ranking 28th.

8. Koc University

This list of IELTS Band Requirements for universities in Turkey wouldn’t be complete without the most prestigious university in Turkey, which is none other than Koc University. It was established in 1993 by Vehbi Koc as a non-profit private university in Istanbul that, according to him, should raise extraordinary young people to guarantee Turkey’s future and progress. It is a top-performing research university and this is made evident by the 86 million USD entrusted to it for externally funded projects. Koc currently houses over 130 research laboratories, 20 research centers, and 5 research forums to support its efforts in maintaining this level of excellence. Another notable feature of Koc University is the architecture and design of the campus, which bases its theme on “Portal” to emphasize Koc University’s role as a gateway of knowledge, much like Turkey is the gateway between the East and West.


We hope that this article on IELTS Band Requirements for universities in Turkey was helpful. To know more about studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students!

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