Denmark is a small country in Northern Europe that was the first of the Scandinavian countries to join the European Economic Community (EEC). It is said to have the highest standard of living in the world, with private enterprises accounting for more than half of its economy. The government focuses primarily on low-income industries such as health care, social services, and national-related agencies. Here, we will be looking at the top business schools in Denmark.

The country has an elaborate education system, with many universities ranking highly in world rankings conducted by well-known independent publications. One of Denmark’s specialized schools is the school of business, which combines practice with research and immersive training. Locals can easily find work in Denmark, whereas non-EU international students are not guaranteed an extension of their stay or the right to work in Denmark after graduation.

Education is inexpensive in the country, with residents and students from the EU/EEA/Swiss countries paying no tuition. The following are some of Denmark’s top business schools.

Best Business Schools in Denmark

1. Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is a government-funded private university that is widely regarded as the best business school and research institution in Denmark. It is also one of the 100 business schools to have received the ‘triple crown accreditation,’ and the school and its business programs have consistently ranked among the top 100 in the world.

Students at CBS are taught to develop an analytical mind equipped with critical thinking so that they can come up with solutions to current business changes and problems. Its educational quality is constantly updated and developed to ensure the delivery and provision of high-quality resources. The school’s goal is to produce graduates who are not only competent in their fields but also independent and efficient leaders.

Tuition is free for local and EU/EEA students; however, students who do not meet these criteria must pay US$17,700 per year for a Master’s program and US$50,000 for an MBA. Other program fees are available upon request on their website.

2. Aarhus University – School of Business and Social Sciences

Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) is also regarded as one of Denmark’s best business schools, with a teaching strategy that combines traditional and modern approaches to education. The university consistently ranks among the top 100 business schools in the world as one of the holders of the triple crown accreditation.

It places a high value on education and research, and as a result, quality assurance is conducted regularly to ensure that its students receive the best and highest quality education that they are expected to have. Exchange programs, internationally renowned faculty, and internships in reputable industries around the world provide students with opportunities to develop their competence in the field. The university is especially on research that encompasses diverse topics in business and economy.

All EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are exempt from paying for their education; however, those who do not fall into these categories must pay US$9,900 for undergraduate programs and US$11,600 for Masters and MBA programs. Students in the Ph.D. program who are Aarhus BSS graduates are awarded grants and other funding; however, students with external funding pay US$ 17,300 per year.

3. SDU Business School

As part of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), its business school is accessible from all five of the university’s campuses: Odense, Esbjerg, Kolding, Copenhagen, Slagelse, and Sonderborg. It focuses on connecting what is taught in lecture halls to what is happening in the business industry in real-time. Research is also integrated in its courses, training the analytical and critical thinking of its students.

The school develops its students’ competence by incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to learning into its curriculum, which encompasses various aspects of the business community. This is bolstered by the opportunities provided to its students, such as internships, research, and recruitments, among others.

Tuition fees are waived for non-EEA/EU/Swiss students and are set at US$7,600 for undergraduate studies and US$9,900 for graduate studies.

4. AVT Business School

AVT Business School is a specialized business school in Denmark that focuses on providing the best MBA program to business leaders and executives seeking to grow and develop their skills. The school is a well-known and accredited MBA institution that employs faculty from various backgrounds. All of its faculty are business experts who have graduated from prestigious schools such as Harvard and MIT.

The teaching strategy focuses on the application of theory in a real-world setting, with students working on thousands of real-life cases drawn from Harvard and industries across the country. The program is adaptable and responsive to the needs of its students, allowing them to slow down, accelerate, or pause their education depending on their circumstances.

Aside from the MBA, the school also offers a Certificate in Business Administration, short courses, and corporate courses. Tuition for short courses is $1,500, certificates are $4,600, a single course MBA is $3,500, and a full MBA is $51,000 for the entire program.

5. Aalborg University Business School

Aalborg University’s (AAU) Business School is a research-focused institution that covers a wide range of business topics. It employs a problem-based learning approach to provide education that combines the application of theory to real-world scenarios. This is accomplished through interactive discussions, forums, and, on occasion, collaboration with industry partners, with students participating in public/private sector projects.

This top business school in Denmark has connections with various industries all over the country and even abroad, which broadens the scope of its students’ research and practical experience. This also contributes to the development of its students’ skill set and competence by providing them with cultural and international strategies and perspectives on how to approach various problems in the field.

Aside from its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, the school also offers business certificates and short courses for professionals. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss students pay US$3,800 per semester for graduate studies.


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