Denmark hosts over 34,000 international students. It’s a great place for higher studies because the tuition fees are much lower than other EEA countries here, the living quality is great, and Denmark has some of the greatest universities in the world. All these factors also make it a competitive choice for students who want to study without cost.

Although higher education and exchange programs for EEA citizens are free in Denmark, international students have to pay tuition fees, which can get quite high depending on the destination. To cut down fees and have an opportunity to study in Denmark for free, here are some of the best ways and institutions with which you can achieve that.

How to Study in Denmark for Free

1. Have Great credentials

Having a great application is the most important criteria to study in Denmark for free by having scholarships. Especially for international students, authorities only know about their academic grades and activities while applying. You should build a good GPA to place and distinct yourself in this competitive and almost saturated crowd.

Preparing the application early is also a great step. Applications are the first visual interaction with you and your dream. Preparing it early gives you enough time to improve and update the application continuously, and also gives you a sense of improvement as you add more features to it.

2. Get Financial Support by Obtaining Scholarships in Denmark

Scholarships are incredibly effective ways to cut down expenses, and many universities offer fully funded scholarships with monthly allowances. The Danish government also provides numerous scholarships to various universities. These opportunities are usually reserved for students with the best performance and background results so that they can study in Denmark for free.

So, a combination of great academic results and good application can make you stand out among the other applicants. Enlist the available scholarships and their requirements before applying, so that you can prepare yourself to meet those criteria.

3. Research Affordable Universities in Denmark

Denmark offers free tuition for EU/EEA students, but international students have to pay anywhere between 6,000 t0 16,000 euros (DKK 45,000 to 120,000). Choosing an affordable university with lower tuition rates can make it much easier to manage a free studentship there. Make sure to enlist some universities with lower tuition fees and choose the best one that fits your desired standard. There are plenty of highly respected universities here with low tuition rates.

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Tuition-free Options for Bachelor’s Studies in Denmark

As stated earlier, undergraduate students can study in Denmark for free if they are from Europe. A good way to achieve your goal is to get citizenship from any of the European countries. Some are easier to get than others, so if you do some research, you will be able to study bachelor’s for free.

Tuition-free Options for Master’s Studies in Denmark

Almost all of the scholarship opportunities in Denmark are given to master’s students. Here are some of the best scholarships and destinations to study master’s in Denmark for free.

The Danish State Tuition Fee Waivers and Scholarships at Roskilde University is one of the best scholarships offered for students pursuing a master’s degree in Denmark. It is provided by Roskilde University, a public university in Denmark. It is for international students only, and provides a scholarship worth 7,800 DKK every month, along with tuition fee waiver coverage. The scholarship offers up to a maximum of 22 months of tuition fee and financial help. It is given to 7 of the master’s programs of the university and usually starts in September every year.

Danish Government Scholarship At University Of Southern Denmark is another great opportunity for master’s students. The University of Southern Denmark is a big recipient of the Danish Government Scholarship and offers a great deal for master’s students. It is a fully-funded scholarship opportunity for students coming from abroad. The scholarship is given to the mechatronics division, electronics, and electronic engineering departments at the university. It consists of a very generous 3,000 DKK per month as a financial aid grant, and of course, a full tuition fee waiver. Usually, the scholarship ranges between February and September annually.

The IT University of Copenhagen State Scholarships in Denmark are very valuable but a bit different. This specific scholarship is considered very prestigious among others in the university. The catch is, students, can’t apply for this scholarship themselves, rather the authority chooses the eligible ones and informs the students. The requirement is for international students to get admitted to an MSc program at the university. The targeted applicants receive full free tuition and partial coverage of accommodation expenses.

Check any of these scholarships so that you can study Master’s in Denmark for free.

Tuition-free Options for Ph.D. Studies in Denmark

There are also quite a lot of opportunities to study Ph.D. in Denmark for free. Below are some of the best scholarship offers to study Ph.D. for free.

The University of Copenhagen is one of the best for research works in the world. It offers periodical scholarships for international students in various fields, which offer full free studentship along with a generous grant. International Ph.D. Scholarship in University of Copenhagen is currently given to students studying in the field of computational bioinformatics. The scholarship consists of a yearly grant of DKK 325,625 (approximately 43,400 euros) which is one of the highest offered amounts in the country and also includes annual supplements and pensions of up to DKK 44,980.

Another one, Islet Physiology And Metabolism Ph.D. Scholarship is also given by the University of Copenhagen. It offers a full free studentship and also a minimum of DKK 331,125 (approximately 43,750 euros). Like the previous one, it also features an annual supplement and pension of up to DKK 53,811.

Provided by Aarhus University, Aarhus University Ph.D. Fellowships features up to 30 Ph.D. fellowships and research training supplements which are also fully funded. This scholarship is offered to 3,4, or 5-year lengths. Another section for the industrial Ph.D. program is here, which offers a joint study opportunity with a company or organization.


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