In our lives, animals are essential as our companions in the world, as well as sources of labor and food. In the field of study of animal science, students will get to understand how these creatures live and how humans can help improve their lives and our coexistence with them. Aside from the science aspect, students will also gain knowledge in business that is needed for production and management.

In the guide below, we let you in on some of Europe’s best animal sciences schools.

Is Animal Sciences a Marketable Degree?

Animal Sciences programs incorporate multiple disciplines, from biology to statistics to marketing, making it a highly marketable course in today’s world. Animals and animal agriculture form very important parts of the global economy and this helps cement any certification in Animal Sciences as highly marketable and necessary in the workforce. Many of the top universities in the world offer programs in this field at undergraduate and graduate levels as highlighted below. While we do not have any courses available in this specific program, you can browse through our list of available courses to help you with your decision on what courses would be best suited for you based on your interests.

Top Animal Sciences Schools in Europe

1. University of Cambridge

Being one of the best-known schools in the world, it is no surprise that the University of Cambridge is also known as one of the top Animal Sciences schools in Europe. The university has its own Department of Veterinary Medicine. It is recognized for its excellence in veterinary research. Along with this, their program provides students the opportunity to explore both veterinary science and medicine.

The offered undergraduate program of Veterinary Medicine has a duration of six years. It starts with the fundamentals of veterinary sciences to ensure that the students possess the essential skills and understanding for practice. The first three years are the pre-clinical studies, which are also considered the science part of the program. The remaining three years are the clinical studies, wherein the 6th year is the professional stage. The students are then expected to have a good grasp of the knowledge and skills for clinical practice.

2. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is yet another one of Europe’s best animal sciences schools. is a leading university with a focus on research. The school prides itself on having a diverse community and on its collaborations globally for education, impact, and research. In the field of animal sciences, the university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery has two possible pathways. It takes five years of the course for high school graduates, while there are only four years for those who already possess a degree in biology or animal science. The students will learn the foundations and take up additional subjects in relation to medicine. They will also undergo two years of training. At the end of the degree, graduates may be able to register to become veterinary surgeons.

For postgraduates, the school offers a list of master’s programs that the students can choose from. Graduates of biology, animal science, or veterinary medicine are eligible to apply for a master’s degree. The school offers courses for both on-campus and online classes. Some of the courses include applied animal behavior and animal welfare, advanced veterinary practice, and clinical animal behavior.

3. LMU Munich

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is a premier research institution in Europe. It has a broad array of joint projects in research that extend globally. Through many years, the school also has been raising funds and grants. The university also offers a range of courses including cultural studies and humanities, law, mathematics, natural sciences, and human and veterinary medicine.

For its animal sciences program, LMU Munich offers Veterinary Studies. Students of this leading animal sciences school take a preliminary veterinary examination which is divided into scientific and anatomical-physiological parts. There is also the veterinary examination that is given in assorted divisions. During the 9th and 10th semesters, the teaching is done in groups for the specialist clinic. The students also undergo practical training. Do take note that all the subjects for this degree are taught in German.

4. Wageningen University & Research

The Wageningen University & Research was created as a partnership between the Wageningen University and Wageningen research foundation. The developments of the research institutes are applied to education. The school focuses on themes such as food, feed and biobased production, natural resources and living environment, and society and well-being.

They offer a Bachelor’s in Animal Sciences wherein the foundations of animal biology are taught, and topics like animal care and management are explored. The program has a duration of three years. In the second year, the students get to choose a specialization between “Animal Management and Care”, and “Biological Functioning of Animals”. During the last year, the students have free choice and thesis writing.

There are two master’s programs offered: Animal Sciences and Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. The Animal Sciences program is focused on the development and management of livestock. Discussions also include topics such as animal health, nutrition, and welfare. For Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management, the students can decide on a specialization of Aquaculture, Marine Governance, or Marine Resources and Ecology. This program focused on the marine ecosystem.

5. University of Zurich

The University of Zurich is recognized for its quality education, outstanding research, and services offered to the public. It is the biggest university in Switzerland, having 28,000 students enrolled. The school offers a variety of courses from bachelor’s to PhD programs. Acknowledged as a leading research institution, the school belongs to a network of research universities across the world.

The animal sciences program being offered by the school is for veterinary medicine. This is to be completed in 5 and a half years. After the completion of the program at this excellent animal sciences school, the students take the federal examination to receive their diplomas as veterinarians. Some of the example topics that the students will encounter are the following: animal protection issues, developments in breeding, husbandry, and nutrition, and research on the prevention and cure of diseases. Students who wish to take up the master’s program may also apply by inquiring if there are available slots for it.

6. Utrecht University

Utrecht University is a public school that is recognized for its excellence in research and high-quality education. One of its principles is creating solutions to bring a good impact on society. It has seven faculties that offer numerous bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The school has university partners in several regions of the world.

In the university’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, there are two bachelor’s programs namely Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Sciences. The first degree concentrates on discussions of animal health and welfare, and theory and practice are applied alternately. The Clinical sciences program is broader as the students are trained for the possibility of becoming a doctor, pharmacist, veterinarian, or any other healthcare profession. They also offer a master’s program in Veterinary Medicine.

7. University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is a leading research university in the world and is said to be the 7th best university in Europe. The school has six faculties, 36 departments, and quite several research centers. It also has museums and research gardens. With the range of its course offerings, it also has both bachelor’s and master’s programs for Animal Science.

As the University of Copenhagen is recognized as one of the best animal sciences schools in Europe, its bachelor’s students are ensured to be given a quality education with an emphasis on research-based learning. These then can be applied to any career path that they choose to take in the future. The students will be taught essential subjects such as physiology and genetics. They will also discuss animal biology and ethics, health management, and technologies. Along with this, they will get to take financial lessons that will assist them in working with animals.


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