With a prestigious history spanning 140 years and four huge campuses spread across Japan’s major urban centers, Waseda University is a great choice for international students wishing to apply!

For foreign students like you, the variety of diversified academic programs, the multicultural student body, the numerous industry partnerships, and the energetic atmosphere of its campuses offer an amazing learning environment. But the most important thing to do before you can see yourself at Waseda is to break through the acceptance rate. This number tells you how many students typically get accepted out of everyone who applies, giving you a realistic idea of your chances.

This article will unpack the Waseda acceptance rate for international students like you, explaining what it is, what influences it, and how you can prepare for it. Let’s start!

Waseda University Acceptance Rate

  • Acceptance Rate: 46%

Telling straight, Waseda University maintains an acceptance rate of approximately 46% for international students applying to undergraduate programs, according to information available on the university website. That means that around 811 were accepted out of 1,761 applicants applying for English programs at Waseda in 2023. Compared to 2022, this figure marks a notable jump of around 9%, hinting at growing opportunities for prospective international students.

However, a single number rarely tells the whole story. Programs like the ever-popular International Liberal Studies might still be fiercely competitive, with lower individual acceptance rates. But others, like Culture, Media, and Society, could offer a slightly smoother path.

Preparing for Waseda University

We have told you what the acceptance rate is and how it is influenced. Now for the last part, we’ll walk you through the details of the admission requirements and financial considerations like tuition fees and scholarship opportunities, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed choices!

Admission Requirements

To be fully prepared for getting admission to Waseda, you need to approach the application process with confidence and strategic planning. Understanding all the admission requirements will give you a clear roadmap, ensuring you meet all deadlines and submit a polished application. By understanding what Waseda is requiring and submitting your application accordingly, can be a good step to securing your place at this esteemed institution.

Tuition Fees

If your plan is all set, don’t forget to factor in the financial expenses associated with Waseda University. Knowing the tuition fees is essential for crafting a comprehensive budget that encompasses not only academic costs but also living expenses during your time at the university. Being mindful of these financial considerations enables you to make good informed decisions.


Another important aspect of financial planning is understanding potential scholarship opportunities. Waseda offers a diverse range of funding options, from merit-based awards recognizing academic excellence to need-based scholarships tailored to individual circumstances. Imagine studying at Waseda with significantly reduced financial pressure, allowing you to focus on academics and make the most of your Tokyo life.

Must-Know Facts About Waseda University

While your journey to get to Waseda starts with understanding the acceptance rate, you’ll discover that the university’s legacy extends far beyond academia, notably in the region of sports. Throughout its storied history, Waseda has been a breeding ground for exceptional athletic talent, with students and alumni such as Natsumi Hoshi leaving an indelible mark on prestigious events like the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Not just that, the 140-year-old history of Waseda culminates in a truly unique advantage: a vast network of over 600,000 alumni, giving support and inspiration to future students.


Hopefully, this article will serve as a guide as you start your application at Waseda!  To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs and Study in Japan pages!

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