Belarus is an Eastern European country that is as controversial today as it was before. Despite its rocky history, the nation is known to put a premium on education. This has made it an attractive destination for foreigners, 6,000 of which are currently enrolled in Belarusian universities.

Here, students can get an internationally recognized education for cheap. Apart from their world-class curriculums, many professors are on visiting status from top-notch universities across the world.

Living in Belarus is inexpensive too, thus making it a promising option for those who can’t afford the tuition in nearby countries.

Affordability aside, foreigners even have the opportunity to study for free in Belarus. As an international student, you can take hold of any of these scholarship programs in Belarus.

Top Scholarships in Belarus for International Students

1. Visegrad Scholarship

  • Scholarship Page
  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition for up to four semesters
  • Eligible Degree/s: Master’s

The Visegrad scholarship, the best scholarships in Belarus for international students, is funded by the European quartet – a collection of Central European nations. It aims to support its students and those from neighboring countries to study in universities throughout the continent.

Through this, Visegrad country residents – and those from nearby nations – may study for free at Belarusian universities. The maximum, however, is only four semesters, and the funding is only limited to graduate degrees.

To apply, the student should submit a copy of their valid ID document, transcript of records, and a letter of acceptance from the Belarusian institution. Likewise, a detailed working plan should be included in this packet.

Once accepted, Visegrad scholars will receive funding once they have arrived at the host university. As for the rest of the scholarship funds, the student must submit a progress report, confirmation of study continuation, and copy of published articles (if any) to get them.

2. Erasmus + Study Abroad Program

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  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition exemption for 3-12 months
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

If you’re already enrolled in a university, you may get the chance to study for free in Belarus – albeit only for up to 12 months. You can do this by applying for the Erasmus+ Study Abroad Program.

To qualify for this Belarus scholarship, you need to be enrolled in a recognized program. Additionally, your planned travel abroad should be related to the curriculum of the program you are studying.

Just as important, your university should have an Erasmus agreement with the Belarusian university wherein you want to study.

Apart from receiving tuition exemption during your stay, you may also receive a travel and subsistence allowance from Erasmus. This, however, will depend on the program or grant with which you’ve qualified.

With the Erasmus+ Study Abroad program, you need not course your application to the receiving Belarusian university. You can send your documents directly to the Erasmus office in your current university.

3. DAAD Bilateral Exchange of Academics

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  • Scholarship Amount: EUR 2000-2150 ($2375 to $2555) per month for up to three months
  • Eligible Degree/s: Ph.D.

DAAD, or the German Academic Exchange Service, aims to improve international relations and bilateral cooperation between Germany and neighboring countries. To achieve this, DAAD has funded the ‘Bilateral Exchange of Academics’ program for qualified post-doc students.

Designed for research stays in Belarusian and other European universities, it will provide a monthly stipend to awardees for a maximum of three months. The allowance, however, will vary according to the scholar’s position.

This scholarship in Belarus will also cover the travel costs, granted that another funding source does not cover this.

To apply, the individual must meet the Selection Committee’s stringent requirements. Awards will be given according to the applicant’s academic achievements, published papers, and research proposal.

Another one of the applicants’ requirements is that they should already be working as researchers or academicians in their home countries.

As the application procedure varies according to nationality, visit the DAAD program website to get comprehensive information regarding the said process.

4. Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Discount System

  • Scholarship Page
  • Scholarship Amount: Discount of $250 to $450
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s (1st year)

Based in Grodno, the university boasts of the most extensive campus in all of Belarus. It was founded in 1940 as a teachers’ training institution, and now, it is considered the second-best university in the country.

Being a popular choice amongst foreigners, the university aims to attract more by offering one of the best scholarships in Belarus for international enrollees. Currently, there are two programs in place.

One is given to those who have graduated from the university’s preparatory department. The discount is $250, which can be used to defray the costs of first-year education. Notably, this can only be utilized for a Russian-taught program.

Another discount program is offered to members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The assistance costs $450, which can be used to pay some amount of the first-year tuition. This is exclusive for English-taught baccalaureate degrees.

The assistance is approximately 10% of the undergraduate tuition, ranging in price from $2500 to $3500 a year.

5. Fulbright US Student Program English Teaching Assistant Award

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  • Scholarship Amount: Undisclosed, for up to nine months
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s

If you’re an American student who has a passion for teaching the English language, then this grant is for you. Aptly known as the English Teaching Assistant Award, this Belarus scholarship is given to four applicants who wish to experience teaching abroad for nine months.

Interested candidates need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, plus fluency in the English language. Compared to most teaching posts, experience in the academe is not required. Despite this, the applicant should have the talent to teach English and explain the US to Belarusian students.

Apart from teaching 16 to 20 hours a week, Fulbright scholars are expected to engage in related undertakings. This could be community work or research responsibilities that the host university may require.

Apart from the grant, Fulbright US scholars may also avail of dependent support. This, however, is only open to awardees who are married. That’s because Belarus only considers the spouse as a legal dependent of the scholar.


We hope that this article on the best scholarships in Belarus for international students was helpful. If you are interested in studying in Europe, make sure to check out Available Programs in Europe for International Students.

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