If you are an international student seeking the highest quality education abroad, then the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) would have undoubtedly caught your eye. This Japanese institution, consistently ranked among the top universities in Japan and the world, holds the potential to transform your academic dreams into reality.

But with a diversified student body representing over 100 countries, it begs these questions: how does one join these creative and brilliant minds at the University of Tokyo? What exactly is the acceptance rate that determines the fortunate few?

The answer lies in this article, your comprehensive guide to provide you insights on UTokyo’s admissions process and its competitive acceptance rate!

University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate

  • Acceptance Rate: 32.2% (undergraduate), 46.7% (graduate)

As per institutional data, the University of Tokyo’s acceptance rates reveal insightful statistics for prospective students. For undergraduate programs, the acceptance rate stands at 32.2%, indicating a moderately competitive admissions scenario. At the graduate level, the university shows a slightly higher acceptance rate of 46.7%, suggesting a more inclusive approach to admitting students pursuing advanced degrees.

While these figures highlight a selective environment, for aspiring scientists and engineers, the path to UTokyo seems slightly smoother. Programs within these fields often boast acceptance rates greater than 70% exceeding the overall average, offering promising avenues for those passionate about STEM. However, understanding these rates as mere numbers is only the first step. To be among the fortunate few who call UTokyo their academic home, let’s move on to the next section where we guide you on how to prepare for UTokyo!

Preparing for the University of Tokyo

While the moderate acceptance rate suggests a challenging yet attainable goal, meticulous preparation can significantly increase your chances of being admitted at UTokyo. This section extends beyond the initial numbers, focusing on the smallest details of the application process, exploring financial considerations like tuition fees and scholarships, and empowering you to make informed decisions!

Admission Requirements

While the top rankings and studying in Japan’s famous metropolis may have been appealing to you, all this fun is only within reach after you carefully tackle the first of fulfilling the university’s academic and administrative requirements. The University of Tokyo, known for its rigorous standards, expects prospective students to meet specific criteria beyond just grades. UTokyo also seeks evidence of independent research, commitment to specific fields, and proficiency in relevant languages.

Tuition Fees

UTokyo’s world-class education and global reputation don’t come without a price tag. Your academic degree at UTokyo can come with a solid hefty or just moderate tuition fees, depending on various factors such as the level of the program, duration of study, and your residential status. Therefore, understanding these tuition fees is crucial, for it empowers you to make informed decisions regarding program selection, financial aid options, and overall budget planning.


With the hefty amount of tuition fees challenging your financial budget, exploring available scholarships is an important step. Looking into and applying for these scholarships can have a major impact on how much you can afford to attend UTokyo and pursue a top-notch education without having to sacrifice money.

Must-Know Facts About the University of Tokyo

Holding the title of Japan’s number one university, UTokyo is an institution home to Takaai Kajita, Syukuro Manabe, and several other Nobel Laureates. Notably for young entrepreneurs, as of March 31, 2023, approximately 526 UTokyo-related start-ups have been established, showcasing the university’s profound impact beyond academia, with this number continuing to grow!


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