Malaspina Institution College, commonly referred to as Vancouver Island University, is a public institution in Canada that serves coastal British Columbia and Vancouver Island. The institution is committed to offering top-notch instruction and cutting-edge research, as well as supporting the intellectual and personal growth of each student in a multicultural academic community. For prospective students to find opportunities within this diversified environment, they should be well informed about Vancouver Island University’s acceptance rate. Take a closer look at Vancouver Island University!

Vancouver Island University Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 55-60%

More than 90 countries send researchers and students to Vancouver Island University to study undergraduate and graduate degrees. International students attend Vancouver Island University in many forms. Based on various reliable sources, the university has an extremely attainable estimated acceptance rate of 55-60%. This figure demonstrates that over 50% of candidates are accepted to the university to pursue higher education. We strongly advise you to apply to Vancouver Island University.

Preparing for the Vancouver Island University

Given the modest acceptance rate of the university, international applicants must evaluate the application procedure, tuition costs, and scholarship opportunities to determine their best chances of being admitted. We’ll talk about a few of these components here:

Admission Requirements

Knowing the requirements for admission can help you assess if your experience and achievements will be enough to get you into Vancouver Island University. The university cares about its students and works hard to give deserving and exceptional students everywhere the best chance to pursue higher education. In addition to your personal statement, educational documents, and proof of English competence, the university might ask for two recommendation letters from you at the time of application.

Tuition Fees

Comparing Vancouver Island University to other well-regarded Canadian universities, it is likely not as expensive. Budgeting for undergrads should come out to 21,750 CAD annually, while applicants aiming for graduate school should spend between 8,224 and 11,962 CAD annually.


Vancouver Island University accepts applications for its undergraduate scholarships, which are available to international learners. For overseas applicants pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the university offers an International Baccalaureate Scholarship, a VIU Worldwide Entrance Award, and an Entrance Scholarship.

Must-Know Facts About Vancouver Island University

There is an extensive alumni group at the university with several alumni awards. Isn’t that exciting? The recent alum of the month, Jordyn Monaghan, is committed to using a trauma-informed, harm-reduction, and strength-based approach to serve the community. During her undergraduate studies in psychology and criminology at VIU, her enthusiasm served as her compass.

The aforementioned information is intended to encourage you to apply to Vancouver Island University, regardless of the institution’s acceptance rate. Every stage of life presents an opportunity to challenge yourself. Go grab it now!


We hope that this article on Vancouver Island University’s acceptance rate was helpful to you. To learn more information on studying in Canada, check out the Available Open Courses in Canada and discover the various educational opportunities on the Canada Page.

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