Looking for a fresh start at the University of Windsor but don’t know where to begin? Then you’re at the right place! International students looking for ways to study in Canada should first check the acceptance rate of their chosen university. This valuable insight will help you decide in planning which university to apply to.

Let’s now take a closer look at the University of Windsor. This article will further discuss about the university acceptance rate and other information such as admission requirements, tuition rates, and scholarship opportunities.

University of Windsor Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 79%

The University of Windsor’s acceptance rate serves as a vital benchmark for prospective students gauging their chances of admission. At present, the overall acceptance rate is 79%, with a total of around 16,100 students admitted. However, it is important to note that acceptance rates can change from year to year based on various factors, including application volume and institutional priorities.

When examining departmental acceptance rates, there is variation across disciplines. For instance, popular programs like humanities and social sciences might have a higher acceptance rate of around 70% to 80%, while more competitive programs like engineering or business may have lower acceptance rates, ranging from 40% to 50%.

Preparing for the University of Windsor

While knowing the acceptance rate is important, keeping your right foot forward is crucial to securing your university spot. So, here are a few preparation guidelines you must follow. Let’s head onto it.

Admission Requirements

It is best to familiarize yourself with the admission requirements of the university. The criteria will determine if you are eligible for the program or not. The University of Windsor has detailed criteria for each degree level and study program. Have a look to learn if you meet all the requirements.

Tuition Fees

Along with the admission requirements, knowing the tuition fee is also crucial. For most of the undergraduate programs at Windsor, you can expect to pay around 29,320 CAD (21,500 USD) to 32,400 CAD (23,700 USD) per year. Similarly, for master’s programs, the starting fee is 22,995 CAD (16,800 USD) up to 33,300 CAD (24,400 USD) per year.

Tuition fees are a big factor when planning which university to enroll in. However, aside from academic costs, prospective students should also be aware of the living costs such as housing and meal plans. This way students can effectively plan and budget for their academic journey.


For many students, scholarships are a valuable resource in financing their education. At the University of Windsor, you get a bunch of scholarships available that can be categorized into merit-based and need-based. All aspiring students should take a look at the scholarship awards and grants offered at the university. Applying for scholarships will be of great help to reduce your study expenses.

Must-Know Facts About the University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is renowned for its strong engineering, business, law, and the arts programs. The university offers rigorous academic programs with dedicated faculty that equip graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive job market.

Notable alumni include Olympic gold medalist Tessa Virtue, renowned author Alistair MacLeod, and former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, showcasing the university’s impact on a global scale.

To put it simply, whether you’re pursuing academic excellence or making meaningful contributions to society, the University of Windsor empowers students to reach their fullest potential. With the acceptance rate less competitive than others, you can easily secure your seat at the University of Windsor.


We hope that this article on the University of Windsor acceptance rate was helpful. Check out the Available Programs in Canada and Study in Canada for more valuable tips, scholarship opportunities, and courses you can enroll in!

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