The University of Toronto is a prestigious university with worldwide recognition, and students and alumni of Toronto are often regarded as skillful and successful individuals in their academics and careers. Founded in 1827 and known priorly as King’s College, the University of Toronto is among the top-ranked universities worldwide.

The University of Toronto is known for its innovative vision toward academics and research, as well as its diverse student and academic staff population. As of 2023, the total student body in three campuses consists of over 97,000 students and more than 28,000 international students from 170 countries and regions.

This article will provide overall information about the University of Toronto’s acceptance rate as well as a general guide to applying to the university; read more to start your application!

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 43%

The University of Toronto is one of the leading institutions in various fields, including clinical health, engineering, technology, arts, and humanities. At the same time, the university is highly selective when accepting students, as the top priority is to accept students with the best skills and success in their chosen field.

The University of Toronto doesn’t share any official acceptance rate, yet it acknowledges that certain departments, such as engineering, computer science, or business, are more competitive, and hence the acceptance rate is lower than in other departments. Generally, based on reliable sources and stats, the estimated acceptance rate at the University of Toronto is 43%.

There are several factors when considering the acceptance rate of Toronto; each department has its nature and regulations affecting the competition during admissions, and the overall reputation and prestige of the university make the university more and more competitive due to the high number of applications.

Preparing for the University of Toronto

The acceptance rate is not the only important step for admission to the University of Toronto. Below is general information about the university’s admission process, tuition fees, and scholarships every applicant should consider.

Admission Requirements

Getting to know about the admission process and requirements is an essential step if you’re planning to study a degree program at the University of Toronto.

Admission requirements at the University of Toronto can differ depending on the department or degree of study, aspiring students should check the program catalog and make sure you meet all the requirements before you start your application.

Generally, admission requirements include a diploma and the academic record of the completed degrees, language proficiency, and so on.

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees at the University of Toronto for international students vary heavily on the type of degree program. The average annual tuition fee at Toronto for undergraduate programs ranges from 24,960 CAD (18,300 USD) to 67,160 CAD (49,100 USD); similarly, for master’s programs, the range is 26,210 CAD (19,200 USD) to 64,910 CAD (47,400 USD) per year.


Scholarships can provide generous financial support for students and even offer tuition-free education at the University of Toronto. Therefore, getting familiar with the scholarship options is a crucial step for university admissions.

The University of Toronto provides numerous scholarships for skillful students, and some examples include Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships and Arts & Science Global Scholarship.

Must-Know Facts About the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s library is the largest research library in Canada, as well as the third-largest in Canada and the US.

Toronto has a great number of notable alumni, many of whom are Nobel laureates such as William Faulkner, a famous American author, Frederick Banting a Canadian scientist and the discoverer of insulin, and Walter Kohn an Austrian-American theoretical physicist.

Toronto is the first institution to research insulin and stem cells, and it is home to the first successful lung and nerve transplant.


We hope that this article on the University of Toronto acceptance rate was helpful. If you are interested in studying in Canada, you can start by checking out the Available Courses in Canada!

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