Do you want to know the acceptance rate at the University of Calgary? If so, you have come to the right place! However, before we jump in, let’s talk about the background information.

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The University of Calgary is a prominent research university based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. In 1944, the university was initially a branch of the University of Alberta but was given university status in 1966. Although being one of the youngest universities to be established in Canada, it has consistently been ranked as a top university with a diverse community, thriving academia, and producing distinguished alumni. This has further helped the university to achieve global prestige.

The University of Calgary consists of four campuses spread across the city. The main campus grounds are located 6 miles north of downtown Calgary and house most of the university’s accommodation, teaching, and university facilities. The other campuses include the West campus, Health Sciences campus, and the recently built Downtown campus. The university also operates a satellite campus which is home to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a section of the library.

UCalgary is divided into 14 main faculties with 55 departments that collectively offer over 200 Bachelors, Masters and doctorate programmes. UCalgary further encourages multidisciplinary programs as well as study abroad, volunteer, and research programs which helps to provide students with an appreciation for global studies while fostering diversity and superiority in learning.

The university enrolls around 31,000 students with approximately 25,000 undergraduates and 6000 other students who follow graduate and professional degree programs. An interesting fact is that around two-thirds of the university’s 173,000 alumni are employed and live in the Calgary area due to its vast availability of employment opportunities.

In addition to the large campus structure, UCalgary established an international campus in Doha in 2007. The Doha campus is primarily built on providing Nursing education.

The university offers an abundance of facilities catered towards student life. Campus traditions include the likes of ‘The Empty Space’ (a space for students to enjoy art performances), Bermuda Shorts Day (an end-of-winter-term celebration where students wear Bermuda shorts), and Student Appreciation Day. UCalgary is also one of the few Canadian universities to have Greek-based sororities and fraternities similar to colleges in the United States.

The university has a collection of strategic goals to become one of Canada’s premier research universities where research and academia go together and where the campus fully engages the academic community that it serves and leads. It is also a member of the U15, a collective of Canadian universities with a strong focus on research.

UCalgary currently focuses its research expertise in six main areas: brain & mental health, infections, energy innovations for today & tomorrow, engineering solutions for health, inflammations & chronic diseases, new Earth-space technologies, and human dynamics in a changing world. The university is home to 76 Canada Research Chairs and over 50 research institutes and centers.

The university has produced distinguished alumni numbering over 170,000. Among these include the inventor of Java language James Gosling, former PM of Canada Stephen Harper, co-founder of Uber Garrett Camp, founder of Lululemon Chip Wilson, CEO of Mozilla Gary Kovacs, and former Olympians Christine Nesbitt and Kristina Groves.

University of Calgary Acceptance Rate

I hope that you got a good sense of what the University of Calgary can offer. Now, let’s talk about the acceptance rate. This metric is the total number of students who got accepted divided by the total number of students who applied. This helps to see how likely you will get accepted by the University of Calgary. It is estimated that the acceptance rate at the University of Calgary is 38%.

This university is competitive, but it is not too competitive. If you have worked hard and got excellent grades as well as getting great test scores, you will have a chance of being accepted. So, you should apply if you think that you are qualified.

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