The University of New South Wales (UNSW) was established in 1949 as a public research institution in Sydney, Australia. Its main campus is based in Sydney, while the rest are distributed across New South Wales. The university has since grown to become one of the best universities worldwide. It has partnered with over 200 universities across the globe to offer exchange programs, which is proof enough for its stature.

The university offers programs in various levels of study, from undergraduate to graduate (master’s and Ph.D.). It is divided into seven faculties, each of which is equipped to offer studies in various fields, which include business, law & justice, and Medicine & health. Are you interested in studying at UNSW? In this article, we will be going over the University of New South Wales scholarships for international students.

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International Students

Almost all Australian universities offer their services to both domestic and international students. At UNSW, the number of students stands at over 62,000. International students at the institution are approximately 15,000, which translates to 25% of the total population.

The first point of contact for all new international students at the University of New South Wales is the International Student Life department. Here, one will get personalized advice that can help one adapt to the new environment. Like any other institution, you have the liberty to choose between living on-campus and off-campus.

Tuition Fee for International Students

As you would expect, the tuition fee for international students at UNSW varies based on the type and level of course taken. For instance, Arts & Design can cost up to $660 per unit while Medicine can go up to $800 per unit. Since these values can easily change at any time, make sure you visit the school’s official website for more and up-to-date information.

International Admissions Guide

Are you interested in joining USNW? The application process is relatively straightforward, provided you have all the necessary documents. Undergraduate, postgraduate research, postgraduate coursework, and exchange students all have different application processes. Visit the admissions guide portal and select the applicable student type.

If you are planning to apply for an undergraduate program, you will first need to choose your preferred program and check its requirements. Once you are sure that you meet the criterion, you can go ahead and submit your online application form with all the documents attached.

As for a postgraduate research course, you will need to confirm your eligibility and find a supervisor at the institution. You will then be required to write a research description, attach other supporting documents, and submit your application online. The university offers an effective tracking system that can be used to track your application. If you qualify, you will receive a letter from the school advising you on the way forward.

Application Fee

All online applications at UNSW cost approximately $100. This fee is payable before the submission of your documents to facilitate the assessment process.

Admission Requirements for International Students

The qualifications of any international student looking to join UNSW are categorized into three. The first set has to do with the government requirements, which include a student visa and a foreign passport. But before you start sorting out your residence details, make sure you meet the academic and language requirements (the other two categories). If you are planning to join an undergraduate program, then some of the admission pathways include a high school certificate, UNSW diploma, UNSW Foundation Studies, or a diploma from another recognized institution.

As for graduate programs, you will need to prove that you have completed your undergraduate studies at a recognized university. Remember that there are specific requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, which might come down to your subject performance. That aside, every international student must meet the set English proficiency test scores. Visit the university website for more information on the same.


There is no doubt that the University of New South Wales has made a mark within and outside Australia. The university generally ranks among the top 100 universities, with QS ranking it at position 44 worldwide. It has made a name across the globe, thanks to its quality education and research activities. This quality is evident in the academic reputation rankings, where it came 40th worldwide in 2020. It is also worth noting that the students from UNSW have gone on to become some of the most paid employees – 4 of the top 5 young listers in the country are UNSW’s alumni.

Acceptance Rate

UNSW has an acceptance rate of 50%, which makes it easier for any eligible international student to join the institution.

University of New South Wales Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. International Scientia Coursework Scholarships

Once you have been accepted at the University of New South Wales, you can go ahead and apply for the International Scientia Coursework Scholarship. This University of New South Wales scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate students from overseas. The application process is quite straightforward, and you need to submit the necessary information before the deadline – the timelines are usually indicated on the scholarship portal.

So, how are the beneficiaries determined? Well, each candidate who submits their application is assessed independently based on academic merit, leadership skills, and performance in co-curricular activities. The reasons you state for studying at UNSW may also determine your success in the same.

2. Australia’s Global University Award

Australia’s Global University Award is a non-application scholarship offered by the University of New South Wales. Once you have submitted your admission application, you will be automatically considered for the offer. The main thing assessed here is one’s academic merit. Your performance in that regard will determine whether you qualify for the award and which offer you will be given ($5,000 or $10,000).

Graduate Scholarships

1. International Research Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: AUD 29,863 per year, tuition fee, and health cover

Are you looking to do your research studies in Australia and don’t know how to finance your academic life? The International Research Scholarships offered at UNSW could be your best bet. There are three University of New South Wales scholarships to which you can apply; the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP), University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA), and Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS). During your initial application to the university, indicate your interest in these financial aid programs, and you will be automatically considered for the next round of awards.


I hope that this article on University of New South Wales scholarships for international students was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Australia Scholarships Page!