Turkey, a country located on two continents, is also the perfect concatenation of Western and Eastern cultures. It is a popular destination for people looking to see various forms of cultural diversity and beautiful anachronisms. While the country is known for its historical sites, museums, and timeless architectural designs, Turkey has also significantly improved in modern technology, spearheading research on flying cars, electric vehicles, and laser guns.

Studying in Turkey is also an excellent step for people looking to experience its old-world charm and technological marvels. More importantly, international students choose Turkey as their college destination due to its high-quality education and globally competitive schools. Another reason that makes Turkey a popular destination for a college education is its lower cost of living compared to its neighboring countries.

When it comes to the costs of studying in Turkey, international students need not worry financially since the Turkish government offers fully-funded scholarships. Aside from that, universities and private institutions provide additional options for funding. If you wish to study in Turkey for free through these options, keep in mind that these programs have limited slots and can be highly selective. However, studying hard consistently and preparing your application early can tremendously help you.

How to Study in Turkey for Free

1. Study hard and have a good application

Getting a college education may be the best step to take for your future. If you are currently a secondary school student, a college education can be your stepping stone into the corporate world. It can also help you realize your life ambition if you are not yet decided on which career path to take. As a professional, an additional education through a Master’s degree can up your game in your chosen industry. Getting back to school to study more can also update your skills and knowledge while maximizing your potentials.

College education in Turkey is taken as much seriously as other countries with a top-tier education in the world. Also, studying in Turkey can be advantageous in many ways. To get into a university in Turkey, it is crucial to know that your application leaves the first impression on the admission panelists.

Your application should show your current competencies and potential, giving all indications of how valuable you are as a student. To achieve an outstanding application, make sure to consistently study hard and prepare early all the necessary documents. It is vital that you have an outstanding application in order to study for free in Turkey. With the help of the internet, make sure to monitor the admission openings and deadlines so you can prepare your application on time.

2. Apply for Scholarships in Turkey

Scholarships are a great help to aspiring international students. Fortunately, many countries offer various forms of scholarships and financial aids to international students these days as these sustain excellent international relationships. Some international organizations also provide scholarships for many reasons, such as humanitarian purposes and global research.

Along with government and private institutions, many universities from different nations have their fully-funded scholarships supported by other organizations and their alumni network. As an international student, knowing these resources can help you achieve your dream of completing a degree abroad.

When preparing your application in Turkey universities, make sure to check as well the universities that offer scholarships. Gather as much information as you can about scholarships and apply to as many as you can, making sure that you are eligible before sending your application. This way, you will have more options and a better chance of getting accepted to one and being able to study in Turkey for free.

3. Apply to cheap Turkish universities

Getting into a university through a fully-funded scholarship can save you from a lot of financial struggles. However, scholarship providers can be highly selective, and while you are prepared well to get accepted, it is vital to have a backup plan. Here is where you should consider applying to universities that offer degree programs for a relatively cheaper cost. In Turkey, the tuition costs range from EUR100 to EUR4,000 yearly in public universities. Programs and Areas of study also vary in tuition fees, with Medicine as typically the most costly. ere

For your backup plan in Turkey, make sure to apply to affordable universities. Some of the universities you might want to consider are the Middle East Technical University and the Abdullah Gul University, where Bachelor studies range from EUR236 to EUR439 annually. Koc University and Istanbul Okan University are also excellent choices for Masters and Ph.D. programs at a much friendlier price.

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Tuition-free Options for Bachelor’s Studies in Turkey

The Turkish government is one of the few countries that offer fully-funded scholarships to international students. Its Turkiye Scholarships provide opportunities for international students to complete a degree program in one of the top universities in Turkey. Among the universities supported by the Turkiye Scholarships is Istanbul University. Through this scholarship, successful applicants receive all-inclusive financial aid, which includes the tuition fee, monthly stipend, health insurance, accommodation, and flight tickets.

Another top university in Turkey that offers the Turkiye Scholarships is Ankara University. Aside from the fantastic benefits of Turkiye Scholarships, international students will study in Turkey for free and have the chance to experience some of the nation’s top providers of a world-class education.

International students can also apply at Abdullah Gul University through the Turkiye Scholarships. The university also offers other scholarship programs, such as its own AGU Tuition scholarship that provides awardees with a full tuition waiver for the entire duration of their undergraduate studies.

Meanwhile, Bilkent University awards its tuition scholarships, which cover up to 100% of tuition costs, and additional accommodation scholarships to successful applicants. These scholarships ensure that international students have a chance of completing their undergraduate studies in Turkey for free.

Tuition-free Options for Master’s Studies in Turkey

Undertaking Master’s studies in Turkey for free is also possible through the Turkiye Scholarships. Koc University offers ten Master’s scholarships to successful applicants from any program. Through the Turkiye Scholarships, chosen international students receive 100% tuition scholarship, dormitory accommodation, monthly stipend, flight expenses, and other expenses such as the Turkish Language Course for one year, visa application, and extracurricular activities.

Sabanci University offers fully-funded faculty-based scholarships for international students. One of the faculties that provide scholarships is the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Successful applicants in the Master’s program receive a full tuition waiver, a monthly stipend of TL2,500, on-campus housing, transportation allowance, private health insurance, a conference travel grant, a laptop computer, and a scientific publication incentive.

Like in undergraduate studies, international students can also study for free Master’s programs in top universities Istanbul University and Ankara University through the Turkiye Scholarships. Successful applicants receive full tuition coverage, a monthly stipend of 1,100, accommodation, health insurance, a one-year Turkish language course, and flight tickets. These options can help international students complete their Master’s degrees for free.

Tuition-free Options for Ph.D. Studies in Turkey

Studying for a Ph.D. degree abroad may sound costly, but in reality, it is one of the degree programs you can accomplish without having to spend money. In fact, you can easily study for your Ph.D. in Turkey for free since the Turkish government and some universities offer various scholarship programs to international students. Koc University and Sabanci University provide opportunities for doctoral candidates to focus on research without having to worry about their finances.

Through the Turkiye Scholarships, Ph.D. candidates at Koc University accept full-tuition coverage, a monthly stipend of TL1,600, accommodation, health insurance, and a one-year Turkish language course. The scholarship also covers the student’s flight tickets, one to get to Turkey, and another one for returning to their home country.

Meanwhile, Sabanci University has three faculty-based scholarships for international Ph.D. students. Successful applicants receive a full-tuition waiver, a monthly stipend of TL3,000 to TL3,200 depending on the program, and free accommodation. Aside from the faculty-based scholarships, doctoral candidates can also apply for additional funding and scholarships, such as project scholarships. The university also accepts faculty fellowships where doctoral candidates receive a salary based on their work in addition to their full scholarship.


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