Turkey is the perfect place for you to take your studies if you want to achieve an affordable yet good-quality education. More than its easy-enough visa procedures, Turkey is also famous among foreign students because it upholds both Europe and the Middle East’s cultures. Because of that, adjusting to the country’s culture is not that difficult anymore, so students are truly eyeing a slot in world-class Turkish Universities.

With many universities listed among the best academic institutions in the world, let’s check out how Turkey is in terms of tuition fees and living expenses for an aspiring international student like you!

Cost of Studying and Living in Turkey for International Students

In Turkey, the cost of studying and tuition fees at public universities are inexpensive and are comparatively more affordable than other institutions in Europe and United States. Also, some private universities still offer budget-friendly courses but most degrees are already expensive, especially the engineering and medicine programs.

Çankaya University is a well-known private institution in the country. For its Bachelor’s degrees, the annual tuition fee costs ₺59,940. Çankaya is a pricey option for Master’s degrees since international students are estimated to pay up to $12,500 a year. Koç University also has a fixed dollar rate in its tuition fees for all non-Turkish applicants. Its undergraduate programs range from $19,500 to $26,500 a year, with Medicine courses being the most expensive. To gather more international minds, Koç offers full and partial tuition-only scholarships for foreign students to lessen their university costs.

Middle East Technical University (METU) undergraduate programs are worth $9,450 a year for a regular international student. This can be reduced to $1,575 if you are eligible to be discounted.

If you want a university with on-campus accommodation, Istanbul Okan University is the answer. Its undergraduate programs for international students start from $4,400 a year. But if you will avail of their standard package deal where they will provide for your room and meals, your annual tuition begins at $7,900 and can reach up to $23,500, depending on your course.

Abdullah Gül University is a public university and one of the institutions in Turkey who has the most affordable tuition fees. For full-degree international students, its undergraduate and postgraduate course offerings range between ₺4,130 to ₺8,218 a year.

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Cost of Living in Turkey for International Students

1. Cost of Living in Istanbul

The average cost of living in Istanbul is about ₺12,500. That is already comprised of your basic living necessities, such as rent, transportation, food, and utilities.

A one-bedroom apartment in Istanbul costs an average of ₺5,093, with ₺1,100 worth of utility bills. If you are a heavy-eater or someone who constantly eats in a restaurant, you can save up to ₺2,000 for your monthly food expenses. Regarding the transportation costs in the city, the monthly transportation pass in Istanbul is estimated to be ₺275.

2. Cost of Living in Izmir

Excluding rent, a single person is estimated to have a monthly cost of ₺19,766 when living in Izmir. Compared to Istanbul, Izmir is a smaller city, and so others prefer living in the area due to lower prices.

If you want to live in the heart of the city, an apartment may cost up to ₺3,081. Basic utilities like electricity, water, garbage, and heating cost ₺1,077 a month. Internet is also a must-have for every student in Izmir, which has a monthly average of ₺130.

Whether you are located in the city center or not, food is not a problem since there are always various stores nearby. A minimum budget of ₺537 a month can already suffice your meals.

3. Cost of Living in Antalya

Antalya is an affordable city to live and and beautiful city on Turkey’s coast. Prices may be lower here, but it still offers the amenities of a large city.

For an average of ₺1900, an individual can already find a cheap studio apartment in Antalya. Since the rent does not include your utilities costs most of the time, you should prepare at least ₺697 a month to cover your bills. However, your home expenses grow the closer your apartment is to the city center, especially if the area is bigger and of better quality.

To lessen food costs, most students in Antalya personally shop at the market since prices here are immensely lower than in most supermarkets in neighboring cities. In terms of transportation, many commercial establishments in Antalya are within walking distance, so you do not need to ride a bus to buy your necessities constantly. If ever you need a ride, it also does not cost that much since you can already hop on any tram or bus for only ₺6.

4. Cost of Living in Bursa

Bursa is the home of most tourist spots in Turkey, as it has historical components dating from the early years of the Ottoman Empire.

If you want to live in Bursa, a cheap one-bedroom apartment in Bursa costs an average of ₺1,260 a month. If you prefer a bigger apartment space downtown, it ranges between ₺1,900 to ₺2,000 per month. Utility bills are not that much, especially for a single person, which only cost a monthly average of ₺500.

Most newcomers in Bursa prefer commuting through buses and taxis since it costs lesser. In a month, you can spend ₺178 on your rides. For your food costs, a basic dinner out in the neighborhood costs at least ₺70. If you love cooking your own meals, you can save a lot since market prices in Bursa are 28% less expensive than in Istanbul.

5. Cost of Living in Konya

Konya is the capital of the Konya Province, which is the largest province of Turkey. Living in Konya is relatively affordable. An apartment in the city center ranges from ₺900 to ₺1,454 a month, depending on the area. You can also pick an apartment outside the city center for a cheaper option, with an average monthly rent of ₺800. In terms of your utilities, you can spend around ₺325 a month on your bills.

Food is one of the affordable things in Konya. A basic lunchtime menu in the business district is only worth an average of ₺31. As for a grocery budget, a single person in Konya can spend around ₺600 a month. That can already cover your kitchen needs, such as vegetables, fruits, drinking water, and more.

Fortunately, transportation in Konya is relatively cheap. You can utilize shared taxis, buses, cable cars, and ferries in going in and out of the city. A one-way ticket can cost up to ₺3, and a pre-paid transportation card is worth ₺120.


We hope that this article on the Cost of Studying and Living in Turkey for International Students was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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