Denmark is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world, and this figure will benefit foreign students as well. Aside from its warm and accepting citizens, Denmark’s education system is one of the most prestigious in the region. International students are welcome at the universities, and there are several scholarships and grants available, making it easier to choose this country.

Most government scholarships are dependent on bilateral arrangements between states and universities, and education for students from Europe can be free. Given that employment rates for graduates of Danish universities are high, it is no surprise that this country is so popular. There are additional Danish Government scholarships for students who are not from Europe.

Danish Government Scholarship Awards

Since the Danish government is heavily invested in higher education, there are several scholarships open to foreign students. With this in mind, it is worth noting that certain scholarships, such as those offered by the Cultural Agreements, are no longer available. While these Danish Government scholarships offered a rare opportunity to research and learn about the Danish language and culture, they are temporarily discontinued.

The Danish government offers a few scholarships specifically for foreign students, depending on the state of origin, such as:

  • Nordplus

Students studying in one of the Nordic or Baltic universities will have the ability to participate in the exchange program. This Danish Government scholarship can be beneficial for students wishing to seek higher education in Denmark. This is especially true for research programs and postdoctoral studies, as Denmark has always been an innovative country.

  • Erasmus

The Erasmus program allows foreign students from the EU/EAU and Switzerland to study in Denmark. The exchanges last between two and twelve months and are focused on bilateral agreements between universities. Every student should inquire to see if their current university has any agreements with other institutions. This can be a very exciting opportunity to study in Denmark for some time.

  • Fulbright commission

The Fulbright Commission is intended for foreign students from the United States who are pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. They will be able to complete a full academic year in Denmark thanks to this exchange program. All exchange programs usually cover the full cost of tuition.

There are, however, Danish government scholarships available for exceptionally eligible non-EU/EEA candidates enrolling in the full-degree program. These grants are provided by the government and will cover full or partial tuition costs. Partial scholarships pay living expenses or part of the tuition, which can be quite beneficial for foreign students because Denmark can be very expensive. Full tuition costs can be paid as the best option possible when it comes to studying in this country. The final decision is up to the university at hand, as it is their responsibility to choose and honor the best students.

Eligibility Criteria

International candidates must meet certain requirements in order to be considered for Danish government scholarships. First and foremost, this Danish Government award is only available to applicants who are not citizens of the EU, EUA, or Switzerland. Another significant requirement is that the student is enrolled in a full-time degree education program, as well as have a time-limited residency permit issued to students studying in Denmark.

This scholarship is focused on academic performance, and only applicants who have excelled academically are considered. Since the rivalry is fierce, students must show their dedication to education as well as exceptional academic abilities. Universities make the final decision on who receives a scholarship based solely on the success of the candidates.

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How to apply to Danish Government Scholarship

If you wish to obtain a Danish government scholarship, you must apply electronically and have the necessary paperwork, such as identification, evidence of prior education, and all other records. If you are given a study place, you are immediately considered for this scholarship, so there is no need to apply additionally.

Since candidates are selected solely on the basis of their academic performance, students should pay close attention to their grades. This scholarship is not available to students who receive the Danish State Grant. The only thing students have to honor are deadlines and gathering the necessary documentation within those time limits.

Overall, Denmark is one of the best places in the world, especially for students from other countries as well as locals. Since higher education in Denmark is recognized as among the best, students must compete fiercely for admission to universities. This may not be obvious at first because people are mostly happy and relaxed, but the Danish place a high emphasis on education and therefore everyone wants to be a part of it.

Denmark is still at the top of every list when it comes to high living standards, travel options, and employment rates. Since scholarships are accessible, most foreign students can now pursue this prestigious education.


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