A student’s choice to pursue higher education abroad is not simply an exciting trip; it’s a long-term investment in their future success as an individual and as a professional. It’s a game-changer because it opens up a world of potential for the student, both personally and professionally.

Thus, the pursuit of advanced degrees at foreign universities is perceived by Turkish students as a means to attain improved personal achievement. This also works as a driving force for the advancement of the nation at large.

As a result, many students set their sights on universities in developed countries. Although these degrees might be somewhat costly, several countries provide financial aid in the form of scholarships. We have discussed the best scholarships for Turkish students below.

Scholarships For Turkish Students

We have all the ideal options covered by Turkish students looking for international scholarships. Let’s get right into the details.

1. The Fulbright Scholarship (U.S.)

  • Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship Amount: Full-funding
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s | Offered by: U.S. Government Department of State

The Fulbright Program provides excellent scholarships for Turkish graduate students to pursue higher education for Masters’s or Ph.D. degrees in America. Turkish academics can apply for Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Funds to carry out post-doctoral studies at American institutions.

This program provides advantages to selected students such as total funding including college tuition throughout the academic course, an allowance every month for accommodation, medical coverage, airfare costs, funds to move residence throughout the course of study, and so on.

Eligibility requirements are language proficiency, an approved visa, an outstanding educational record, a minimal GRE rating of 145 in every part of the test, an undergraduate degree, and TOEFL. The yearly award sum for the Turkish scholar initiative has been boosted substantially, about $35,000 to $50,000, thus becoming one of the most profitable scholarships available. Some of the university that comes under this program in the U.S. are as follows.

2. DAAD Scholarships (Germany)

  • Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship Amount: Full-funding
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s | Offered by: German Academic Exchange Service

The country of Germany is home to a few of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, making it a highly sought-after study-abroad option among non-English speakers. This makes it ideal for Turkish students who can make use of the several benefits offered through this program.

The monthly stipend provided by a DAAD grant ranges from €861 for master’s degree recipients and €1,200 for doctorate applicants. Selected applicants may make use of perks including a travel stipend, medical insurance, and liability protection.

The minimum requirements for this scholarship for Turkish students are a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and two years of relevant work experience, as well as proficiency in English or German. Some universities that come under DAAD Scholarships in Germany are as follows:

3. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships (European Countries)

  • Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship Amount: Full-funding
  • Eligible Degree/s: Master’s | Offered by: European Union

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) program is an excellent chance for Turkish students interested in studies in Europe to get a well-rounded education and work expertise in several European countries. Many of the expenses are covered through this such as tuition and required health coverage, library, and laboratory charges, etc.

The EMJMD often takes out enrollment fees straight out of the stipend. The annual amount granted to an applicant from a Program Country is €4,500 and an annual grant of €9,000 for students from Partner Countries.

Euroculture Master Course applicants from worldwide countries and the EU/EEA are eligible for EU-funded scholarships. About twenty-two awards are given out yearly. From time to time, the European Union publishes a new edition of the Erasmus Mundus Catalog, which details master’s-level programs that receive EU funding and might be eligible to award Erasmus Mundus scholarships.

Regarding classes beginning the next university session, consortium registrations are typically due during October and January. Eligibility criteria include an undergraduate degree or higher in a relevant field, evidence of fluency in English, etc. Some of the EU countries and courses where Turkish students can apply are as follows:

4. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

  • Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship Amount: Full-funding
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s | Offered by: Canadian government

No fees and a yearly stipend of C$50,000 will be made available via the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships in Canada to Turkish Students. This is one of the top scholarships in Canada for Turkish students. This sum will cover the costs till you graduate and makes for a hefty scholarship amount. This sum is sufficient to cover an individual’s living costs, tuition, and accommodation, as well as additional costs associated with attending university in Canada.

Each year, approximately one-sixty-six students get one of the approximately 166 Vanier CGS Scholarships. The eligibility criteria include an A grade in a Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree, must have completed research in the respective field, language proficiency, etc. Some of the university that comes under this program in Canada are as follows:

5. Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships

  • Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship Amount: Full-funding
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s | Offered by: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government

This Australian Government Grant for Turkish is an opportunity to alleviate the monetary strain while strengthening the professional foundation. Several perks come along with this scholarship, such as complete educational coverage, airfare, living funding, medical treatment insurance, and more. This makes it a great scholarship for students from Turkey.

To qualify for this no-cost funding from Australia, you must agree to abide by certain restrictions set out by the Commonwealth of Australia. In addition, the student must leave Australia for no fewer than 2 years when the grant ends, or else the candidate will be obligated to pay back the whole grant amount.

Requirements for receiving a scholarship from the Australian government involve having an excellent academic background, studying a subject that will contribute to the nation’s growth, and agreeing to leave Australia once the course of study has been completed. The universities which are coherent with this scholarship in Australia are:

FAQs: Scholarship Opportunities for Turkish Students

Which Country Offers the Best Scholarships for Turkish Students?

As per our research, the U.S. Government offers the most ideal scholarship for Turkish students as a whole. Their scholarships do not have strict conditions and offer the student a complete spectrum of advantages. One of these scholarships is The Fulbright Scholarship, offering up to 50,000 USD to Turkish students.

Although these scholarships are available after graduate levels, they offer the most funding for research and studies relevant to technical fields. Moreover, the U.S., visa process has been streamlined for Turkish students to gain easy acceptance once they meet the eligibility criteria. Due to having a diverse culture, they also offer freedom of speech and protection of rights.


Studying abroad is a professionally sound but financially challenging process. However, there are various excellent scholarships for Turkish students offered worldwide. Countries such as U.S., Canada, Germany, and Australia offer fully funded programs for eligible students. We hope this article contained all the information regarding the best scholarships for Turkish students effectively.


We hope this article on the best scholarships for Turkish students was informative. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!

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