Education is becoming increasingly accessible every year to students across the world. Numerous restrictions such as finances can easily be overcome in the present day. When considering finances, the most convenient ways of moving past these issues include achieving scholarships or gaining access to bursaries.

If you happen to be a student who is a national or citizen of Pakistan, you are in just as much luck as the majority of international students. A wide range of scholarships is available for Pakistani students who wish to study in all popular and elite study destinations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

In this article about scholarships for Pakistani students, we will take you through several scholarship opportunities catered towards students of Pakistan. This will guide you to choosing a scholarship best suited to your preferred place and area of study as well as other essential details.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students in the United Kingdom

1. Anne-Marie Schimmel Scholarship

This scholarship offers funding for a Pakistani woman to pursue a postgraduate degree (specifically a Masters’s degree) with the intention of returning to Pakistan and making a contribution through her field to the country. Selection is not restricted by subjects but preference is given to the natural sciences, traditional humanities, and humanitarian fields.

2. Charles Wallace Pakistani Trust Scholarships

This funding trust for Pakistani Students offers a variety of scholarships suited to different students of Pakistani origin but not to students wishing to pursue a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree. Doctoral bursaries are offered for Ph.D. students and are based primarily on academic achievements. Other minor scholarships include visiting fellowships for research students, open fellowships, and schemes for visiting artists.

3. Academic Achievement Scholarship at the University of Bristol

This program offers a scholarship based on academic achievement and student performance. Prospective students should initially take part in the International Foundation program before progressing onto an undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol.

4. Saltire Scholarships

Offered by the government of Scotland in collaboration with Scottish universities, the Saltire Scholarships is a program that caters to students with prospective interests in the areas of technology, science, healthcare, industry, and energy studies. Over 50 scholarships are awarded annually, each worth £8000 in tuition fee funding for prospective postgraduate students.

5. University of Birmingham Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The University of Birmingham offers a variety of scholarships for students of Pakistani origin. Most of these tend to be part-fee scholarships that provide for a certain percentage of tuition fees. These include the Success Factor Pakistan Outstanding Achievement Scholarships for undergraduates and the International Scholarships for postgraduates. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by applying to this scholarship for Pakistani students!

6. University of Sheffield Scholarships

Similar to Birmingham, the University of Sheffield offers a range of funding opportunities for Pakistani students who intend to study at both undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Over 50 undergraduate scholarships are available, which cover 50% of tuition fees and a 10% tuition discount. Over 100 postgraduate scholarships are available that account for around 25% of tuition fees. Doctoral and research scholarships are available as well. These largely depend on the course of study.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students Studying in the US and Canada

1. Golden Gate University Bita Daryabari Scholarship

Established just over a year ago, this funding scheme was established by philanthropist Bita Daryabari as means of providing funding for Middle Eastern female students, including those from Pakistan. The scholarship is typically for the MBA business program and the Graduate Law fellowship.

2. United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP)

This organization offers a wide range of scholarships, bursaries, and fellowships for students of all levels. For undergraduates, the Global Undergraduate scholarship program is available and is based on high academic achievement. Fulbright scholarships also come under this initiative, with opportunities for students intending to study a Masters’s or Doctoral program. Non-degree prospects are available as well, particularly for graduate mid-career and working professionals (eg. the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program).

Scholarships for Pakistani Students Studying in Australia

1. Wollongong International Scholarships

The University of Wollongong in Australia offers a variety of scholarships for international students including students of Pakistani origin. Undergraduate scholarships include the Wollongong Diplomat Scholarship, the Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health Scholarship, the University Excellence Scholarship, and the Faculty of Business Bursary Scheme. Postgraduate students also have access to funding through the Business School Bursary, the Partial Tuition Fee Scholarship, and the Postgraduate Scholarship.

2. Griffith International Student Excellence Scholarships

A premier choice for postgraduate students interested in applying to Griffith University is the International Student Excellence Scholarship scheme. This scheme is based on academic achievement and is awarded to any international student who is not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

1. Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aids

Launched in 2018, this scholarship scheme is specific to prospects in Japanese universities. Prospective students are typically offered a scholarship that covers the extent of a 2-year postgraduate Masters’s program at a university in Japan.

2. DAAD Scholarships of Germany

Germany is a country that offers a wealth of educational opportunities for students. Finances and funding do not come across as any potential issues as multiple scholarship schemes exist. The DAAD or the German Academic Exchange Service offers 80 different scholarships for Pakistani students. These depend on the educational prospects of the student.

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Multiple-Country Scholarship Opportunities

1. Higher Education Commission Pakistan Scholarships

Overseen by the Government of Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission runs initiatives that help to connect prospective students to international scholarship programs. This gives students access to top-notch research universities across the world. Notable examples include the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Ph.D. Scholarship program and the Faculty Development Programme Overseas Scholarships.

2. Asia Foundation Development Fellows program

This annual fellowship is catered towards young professionals from Asia who wish to develop their leadership and utilize their potential to address critical issues in the continent. The Year-long fellowship is an all-rounding experience that includes a multitude of courses, conferences, and study tours.

3. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Ph.D. Foreign Scholarships

Specific to Ph.D. candidates, this scholarship for Pakistani students is organized by the Government of Punjab. The scholarships focus not just on academic achievement but also on the financial need of the applicant’s family. It covers the tuition fees of the entire course as well as living costs, insurance, and airfare. Another essential requirement is that the applicant must have an offer at a top-ranking university for their field of study.


We hope that this article on the best scholarships for Pakistani students was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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