The University of Osaka, or commonly referred to as Osaka University, is one of the public research universities in Japan. Established in 1931, the university became Japan’s 6th imperial university. Its history can be traced back to 1724, through a merchant academy called Kaitokudo and a private place of learning called Teijuku. Furthermore, the university was among the first to introduce Western medicine in Japan, making it among its earliest modern universities.

The university houses 11 schools and six graduate schools and has almost 15,200 students across its undergraduate and graduate programs. Over 6,800 academic and administrative staff deliver world-class education in its four campuses: Suita, Toyonaka, Minoh, and Nakanoshima. As belonging to the top three universities in the country, international students find Osaka University an attractive choice for college education. In this article, you will learn about the Osaka University scholarships to international students.

International Students at the Osaka University

The Osaka University has 2,611 international students, most of which joined the university graduate schools. Three hundred ninety students belonged in the undergraduate programs, while over 500 were admitted as research students. Since almost 20% of its student population came from different parts of the world, the university ensures that international students feel at ease in their new homes. Some of the support services include handling procedures and consultation services and health and counseling centers.

Additionally, the university campus has accessible specialty stores and cafeterias. If students need to go outside the campus, the university offers a shuttle bus service. Finding a place to live is also easier with the student dormitories and assistance for finding an apartment. The Osaka University also provides affordable accident insurance for its students.

For international students looking to earn extra cash while studying, the university assists in finding part-time work. Concerning this, international students working part-time might be exposed to certain risks outside the university as they mingle with people. Thus, the Osaka University provides crucial information and cautions on relevant matters, such as substance abuse, preventing accidents and crime, alcoholic beverage consumption, and commuting by bicycle. Moreover, the university protects its students from all forms of harassment and discrimination through its Harassment Counseling Office.

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Tuition Fee for International Students

The tuition fee at the Osaka University for international students are the following:

  • Undergraduate: $4,900
  • Graduate: $4,900
  • Graduate School of Law: $7,400

These fees apply for the entire school year, which students can pay in two installments. Additionally, international students from all academic levels and programs may have to pay the matriculation fee of $2,600 and an entrance examination fee of $150 to $270. In case of financial difficulties, the Osaka University scholarships for international students can help fund their education.

International Admissions Guide at Osaka University

The Osaka University encourages international applicants to apply to the university. International applicants can download its admission guide for undergraduate studies here. The guide provides information on all available programs for undergraduate and graduate studies. It also lists English-taught programs for international students. The guide also shows an overview of the admissions process so international applicants would know what examinations to prepare for and what documents to submit. More importantly, the admissions guide lists the crucial application deadlines for timely application completion.

Application Fee

There is no application fee for undergraduate studies at the Osaka University. However, international applicants for graduate studies have to pay a $270 application fee.

Admissions Requirements for International Students

International applicants outside of Japan may apply to the Osaka University through the special entrance examination for privately-funded international students. The examination requires applicants to have a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) score of N1, N2, or equivalent. Meanwhile, international admissions for English degree programs do not require Japanese proficiency. Also, applicants should meet the academic requirements of the school or faculty they intend to join.

For international graduate applicants, admission requirements depend on the graduate school. Some schools require a special examination for international students, such as Language and Culture, Medicine, and Engineering, while other schools do not. Moreover, some schools require at least JLPT Level 1 while others also require a TOEFL score. International applicants to most graduate schools have to submit supporting documents, such as academic records, a copy of their passport, and a statement of purpose. As part of the screening process, most graduate schools also conduct applicant interviews.


According to QS Top Universities rankings, the Osaka University ranked 72nd in the 2021 World University Rankings, #36 in rankings by subject, and 22nd in Asian rankings. Moreover, the university landed in 5th place in Times Higher Education Japan University rankings in 2021. Meanwhile, the Center for World University Rankings ranked Osaka University 53rd globally and 3rd in Japan.

Additionally, the university is among the top three research universities in Japan, according to Thomson Reuters. It is also the country’s 2nd most innovative and ranked 22nd worldwide. In 2017, the university became the third with the most significant number of patents accepted than other universities in Japan.

Acceptance Rate

Osaka University has an acceptance rate of approximately 41%. A moderately selective higher education and research institution ensures that all accepted students uphold its top-tiered standards. It is why the selection process for international students requires applicants to demonstrate academic proficiencies and potentials. Moreover, the university provides a unique opportunity for students from abroad to study for free in Japan.

Osaka University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Tuition Fee Exemption Program

The Osaka University scholarship includes international students facing financial difficulties and unable to pay their tuition fees. To be eligible, the student’s financial problem must due to specific reasons such as natural disasters, economic reasons, or the death of their legal guardian responsible for their education costs. The program applies to both undergraduate and graduate students and provides an exemption for up to total tuition costs.

2. Osaka University Scholarship

The Osaka University Scholarship targets applicants with outstanding academic records. The Osaka University selects one scholarship recipient from the Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree program and two from the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major program.

Graduate Scholarships

1. MEXT Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition and fees exemption and monthly allowance up to $1,400

The MEXT Scholarships, also referred to as Japanese Government Scholarships, grant financial aid to students from Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering. The scholarship at the University of Osaka aims to provide a special training program for robotics engineers as preparation for a post-Corona society.

Moreover, the scholarship offers training to data science and biomechanical engineers to promote a long-term life society. As these programs are fully funded, the selection process can be highly competitive.

2. JASSO Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

This scholarship at Osaka University assists privately-funded international students with good academic and character records but is facing financial difficulties during their studies. Besides students in graduate studies, this scholarship also assists selected undergraduate applicants through a $400 monthly stipend.

Besides the Osaka University scholarships for international students, private organizations also offer financial grants for up to $1,800 monthly. The university recommends international applicants contact the administrative office of the graduate school they intend to join.

3. Tuition Fee Exemption Program

Just like what was mentioned above, the tuition fee exemption program of Osaka University is also available for graduate students. The scholarship grant may be in terms of installment payment, partial, or up to the full payment of the tuition fees. Students are screened for two semesters for this scholarship award, thus they must submit an application for exemption for each semester.


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