Going to another country to study can be a very fun and unique experience to have. However, English-speaking students may have a hard time transitioning to countries where English isn’t the primary language used. In a lot of Asian countries like China or Japan, communicating in English exists, but not everyone in the population uses or is even familiar with English. For an international student, it can be a tricky situation if he is not familiar with the primary language of instruction.

However, do not let that fact deter you from studying abroad. If you want to study in China in English, you can!  While it is true that English is not the primary language in China, several schools still offer their courses in English. The only question now is, where do you start looking?

Things to Consider for Studying in China in English

Not many international students know about this fact, but several universities in China offer courses that are taught entirely in English. All you have to do is narrow your search on universities within your favored areas. Keep in mind, however, that if you do choose this route, you can expect other international students to be your classmates. Since the English courses appeal most to international students, it is likely that there would be more international students attending these courses. So, this fact can be a factor in your decision.

Another issue to consider is the availability of your desired course. While finding Chinese universities that offer English classes may be easy, finding one that offers courses in the major you want may complicate things. You may end up having to pick another university or entirely change majors because the school doesn’t offer courses in English.

So, studying in China in English does have its restrictions. However, if you do find good universities in China that do offer your major in English, you will definitely save some time trying to learn Chinese. If you do have the time and the desire to learn Chinese, I highly recommend learning it because it will open more doors.

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Universities in China with Courses in English

Peking University

At the heart of Beijing, Peking University has 270 different English-taught courses available for undergraduates. These courses touch a wide array of subjects including science, history, and foreign languages. With nearly 300 courses to choose from, it is a good bet that your preferred course will be available here. Take a look at all the English courses available at Peking University.


Fudan University

Located in Shanghai, Fudan University offers a multitude of courses ranging from Non-Degrees, Undergraduates, Masters, to full Doctorates. Although their courses available in English pale in comparison to that of Peking’s, you can still have your pick between Political and Economic varieties. See what English-Taught Majors are offered in Fudan.


Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University has a history with International students, having over 30,000 of them go through their halls through the years. They currently house over 3,500 students annually, and more are expected to come soon. The courses they offer in English can cater to most interested parties. They offer 39 undergraduate programs, over a hundred Master’s programs, and lastly 4 Doctorate courses. Overall, they have close to 400 different courses in the many fields of expertise to choose from. If you want to see all the majors in English, visit Tsinghua University English Programs.


How to Apply for English Programs in Chinese Universities

Believe it or not, finding a school that meets your criteria is only the beginning. The next step is acquiring admission to the institution. It can take a long amount of time to process requirements and to hear back results.

To start, you have to do further research on your chosen school. You can do this by visiting a university’s website for more information. Here you can check the school’s specific requirements, paperwork to submit, and most importantly their tuition fees. You should also check the university’s International student programs if any are available. This is a good thing to regularly monitor too. The school offers scholarships that offer money for tuition or housing. These can go a long way especially if you plan on staying in the country long, or if money is an issue. If you want to take a look at these scholarships, visit the Chinese Scholarships Category.

You also need to look at the area itself. Housing fees, daily expenses, and your daily commute to and from the university may quickly burn your funds. These expenses (and whether you can afford them) must also be taken into account before you finalize your plans.



Deciding to study in another country can be a difficult task. Deciding to study in another country that has a different language is difficult to accomplish. The road will be long and can sometimes even be frustrating.

It will require you to uproot your life into another part of the world.

But for those who stick with it, a great and unique experience awaits. And it all begins with one simple application and the desire to get out and see the world.


I hope that this guide on how to study in China in English has helped you on your journey. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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