Griffith University is a public research university situated in the eastern coastal region of South East Queensland in Queensland, Australia. The university is named by an eminent Queenslander, Sir Samuel Walker Griffith who was not only twice a premier of Queensland but also the chief justice of the high court of Australia and authored the constitution. Founded in 1971, the university began its journey in 1975, when it started the first Environmental and Asian studies departments in Australia.

Since its founding, the university has gradually grown to include five campuses across three different cities in Southport, Brisbane, and Meadowbrook. The five campuses include the Gold Coast campus, the Nathan campus, the Logan campus, the South Bank campus, and the Mount Gravatt campus. Additionally, a Digital campus offering digital courses was also established in 2018 to make the resources available at Griffith more accessible to students throughout the country and elsewhere.

Griffith University Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 50%

Griffith University’s acceptance rate is not published on the university website, but it is estimated that the acceptance rate is around 50%. You might say that this number is too high for such a prestigious university, but it is a fact that Australian universities accept a large number of international students. Over half of all students at Griffith University are international students.

Ranking and Facts

Griffith ranks consistently in the top 450 universities in the world across 5 major ranking systems which is a testament to the academic excellence it purports. These include surveys carried out by international studies such as QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education, Leiden Ranking, etc. Within Australia, Griffith is nationally ranked as 19th out of a total of 29 universities.

Griffith offers an MBA program that is considered to be the best in the country. The study conducted by the International Graduate Forum ranks Griffith’s MBA Program 6th in Australia and in the top 20 globally.

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There are about 45,000 students enrolled at Griffith University across several departments. About 34,000 of these numbers are engaged in undergraduate studies while 9000 are taking postgraduate or research degrees. Students are enrolled in any of the ten different departments of study offered at the various campuses.

The areas of study available comprise technical fields such as Architecture, construction, and planning, Business and government, Criminology and law, Engineering, IT and aviation, Medicine, dentistry, and health, etc. The humanities departments include Education, Humanities, Languages and social science, Music and performing arts, science and environment, and Visual and creative arts.

The student body consists of a mix of both Australian students as well as international students from South East Asia and elsewhere. This allows students to experience multicultural campus life and the opportunity to learn from the various cultural backgrounds of the diverse student body.

Famous Alumni

Griffith University has produced a number of notable alumni who have made their mark in their respective fields ranging from journalism and sports to the arts and politics. Well-known alumni include eminent personalities such as Clinton Schultz, a Cultural innovator, Katarina Carroll, the commissioner of the QFES and the first female fire chief in Australia, and Dr. Jessie Christiansen, a planet hunter at NASA.

Though comparatively much younger, Griffith University has already made its undeniable mark on the Australian socio-cultural milieu through its remarkable output. Its many campuses are the perfect place to head to for students who want to experience the best that Australia has to offer.


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