The University of Sydney is a public research university located in the South Eastern Australian city of Sydney, New South Wales. The university was established in 1850 which lends it its status as the oldest university in Australia.

Since its inception, the university has steadily grown in stature and in terms of quality output into one of the top institutions around the world, globally recognized for its excellence. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at the University of Sydney.

The university is part of a number of associations and groupings of elite Australian universities. These include the Sandstone Universities, Group of Eight, the Worldwide Universities Network, and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. Each of the universities belonging to these groupings is known for their academic as well as socio-cultural output.

The University of Sydney is known for awarding generous scholarships for international students. You can see more information at the University of Sydney Scholarships.

Ranking and facts

The excellence of any university across the world is often put into hard data by surveys conducted by worldwide studies such as QS or Times Higher Education.

These rankings allow prospective students to figure out the level of academic discourse at a particular university in comparison to other universities in the country or around the world. The University of Sydney has consistently ranked in the top 60 in a number of departments across various studies.

The university is ranked 42nd in the world and 3rd in the country by the QS World University Rankings. Furthermore, the University of Sydney also fares well in QS subject rankings placing 15 in Arts and Humanities, 15th in Life Sciences and Medicine, and 39th in Engineering.

The QS Graduate Employability Rankings for 2018 also ranked the employability of Sydney students at 1st in Australia and 4th throughout the world. Times Higher Education, on the other hand, ranked the university 3rd in the country and 59th in the world.

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Enrollment and Accommodation

The University of Sydney has over 30,000 students enrolled in undergraduate courses with an additional 19,000 enrolled in graduate courses. The students lead an active political and social life and are represented on campus by the Students’ Representative Council and the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association. These student bodies are some of the oldest throughout the country.

The university offers its students the option of living on or off-campus depending on their preference. On-campus, the accommodation has the added advantage of allowing students all-day access to the resources available in the university. Yet off-campus living is preferred by many due to the student-friendly nature of the city.

Famous Alumni

The University of Sydney counts five Nobel Laureates and seven Australian Prime Ministers amongst its alumni. Additionally, the university has also produced four Chief Justices, nine state governors, and two governors-general of Australia. In the field of academia, the university has had a prolific output producing a hundred and ten Rhodes scholars as well as many Gates scholars.

The University of Sydney is internationally recognized as one of the best institutions of high education in Australia and throughout the world. As such, they attract the best minds from many countries which allows their students better access to the best academic environment.

University of Sydney Acceptance Rate

This might be surprising to many people, but the University of Sydney’s acceptance rate is quite high. Although it is on the same level as prestigious universities such as Yale or Harvard, they do accept a lot of people.

Although the specifics are not known, I would say that the University of Sydney’s acceptance rate is 30% or higher. If you are a full-paying international student, your acceptance rate goes up dramatically. More than 50% of the students are international students if that gives you an idea.


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