Computer Science is a broad academic discipline under Applied Science that deals with computer systems. Careers in this field are highly in-demand as almost all industries heavily depend on AI, where employees’ daily tasks involve the use of computer software. Nowadays, the labor market primarily targets graduates from this field. With a high employability rate, it is apparent that there is an increasing number of students pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

Students will not find it difficult to get a degree in Computer Science, with many schools worldwide offering a broad spectrum of study programs in the field. However, expensive tuition fees hinder aspiring students from wanting to study in a foreign country. Luckily, several countries, especially Europe, offer “free” education for citizens and international students. Europe has some of the best quality of education, and many international students work hard to get admitted to these countries.

To help ease the burden of looking for the best school in Computer Science, here’s an informative list of computer science schools worldwide that offers “free” tuition fee to their students. Whether you’re an international student, UE/EEA resident, or student who can speak the country’s local language, this list will help you narrow down your options.

Which Country is the Cheapest for Computer Science?

If you’re looking for an affordable country to study computer science, then India is the place to be. With a low cost of living and tuition fees, approximately $1,200 to $8,400 annually, students can pursue their degrees without breaking the bank. In addition, Indian universities offer high-quality education and are recognized globally, making them a great choice for international students. Check out our Available Computer Science courses, as well as other Open Programs, to learn more about studying abroad.

Computer Science Schools with No Tuition

1. RWTH Aachen University

For students wanting to pursue higher education in Computer Science and are constantly looking for schools offering “free” education, then RWTH Aachen University in Germany would be an ideal university to study. This excellent computer science school has no tuition fees, even for international students! However, administrative fees are collected at a minimal cost. The university is a first-rate choice for international students due to its outstanding reputation for providing exceptional teaching quality and multidisciplinary programs. Also, the school has close partnerships with leading industries in the country which students can significantly benefit from, for it will broaden their network connections.

The university offers interdisciplinary degree programs in Computer Science. What is exemplary about these programs is that it includes internships that will help expand the student’s programming skills. The school offers Computer Science academic programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. Study programs include BSc Computer Science with minor specializations to more complex Computer Engineering courses. These degree programs are taught in German, English, or combined German and English. There are no English-taught programs currently offered at the bachelor’s level; however, students who are proficient in the country’s native language can be admitted to the undergraduate level, where the medium of instruction is German. Master’s programs, on the other hand, offer various degree programs entirely taught in English. The academic programs offered in Computer Science are highly innovative; depending on the student’s language proficiency, you can choose a study program where you feel most comfortable.

2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

One of the better-known schools that offer comprehensive Computer Science programs is the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This public university is known for its science and technology academic programs across Europe. It has contributed significantly to forming innovative and internationally recognized study programs.

Programming, Informatics, Information Technology, and Computer Science are some of the undergraduate programs offered at the university. Master’s and Ph.D. programs offer more diverse programs such as Cybernetics and Robotics, Industrial Cybernetics, Digital Collaboration, and more. As with most universities, undergraduate studies are often taught in the Norwegian language, while postgraduate studies are taught in English.

Public universities and institutions in Norway provide free tuition fees to all their students. That makes NTNU one of the best computer science schools with no tuition fees. However, one major setback is that Norway is a costly place to live in. Students need to plan ahead if they choose to obtain a degree in the country. For student aspirants, remember that schools in Norway will require students to present documents to prove they are financially capable of living in the country. This is an essential entry requirement to be eligible for admission.

3. University of Oulu

  • Free Tuition Fee Link
  • Free for: EU/EEA citizens and students who take the course in the native language (Finnish or Swedish)

The University of Oulu is located in Finland, where the government primarily funds higher education. This means that local students, EU/EEA citizens, Swiss citizens, and international students who are highly proficient in the native language are not charged tuition fees. In general, the school only charges academic fees for students admitted to its English-taught programs.

The university is known for offering a broad spectrum of programs in the field of Sciences, including Computer Science. As one of the more in-demand programs, several English-taught programs are being offered for students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For international students who are not eligible for the “free” academic fees, the school offers scholarship grants to all students paying for the study program. Computer Science programs cost about 10 000 euros yearly, on which students can avail themselves of 70% of scholarships in the first and second years if they can attain 60 ECTS credits. The school offers Computer Science programs under ICT Studies and Engineering departments at all levels. Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs both have Finnish-taught and English-taught programs.

4. Østfold University College

Another university in Norway that offers Computer Science programs without any tuition fees is Østfold University College. It has two campuses situated in Fredrikstad and Halden. While the cost of living in the country is high, the cities where the campuses are located are cheaper than most major cities in Norway. This makes it a better option for international students.

There are no English-taught Computer Science programs at the bachelor’s level. However, suppose the student is proficient in the Norwegian language. He/she can enroll in one of the undergraduate studies in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Design and Development of IT Systems programs. Master of Applied Computer Science is the only Computer Science postgraduate program offered in English that can be taken full-time or part-time.

The student body comprises a small number of local and international students. The lectures involve a small group of students giving the instructors to focus more and support the needs of each student.

5. Brno University of Technology (BUT)

The Czech Republic also offers “free” higher education for students willing to take study programs in their native language. A high level of proficiency in the Czech language will be the student’s ticket in gradually reducing the costs of living in the country. For those students who are particularly looking for degree programs in the field of Computer Science, Brno University of Technology is an ideal school for it offers specialization programs. As stated above, Computer Science is a broad academic discipline, and there are many underlying branches covered in this discipline. The university offers programs concentrating in Information Technology, a branch in Computer Science that is currently in demand in the labor market. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs include Information Technology with specializations such as Computer and Embedded Systems, Cybersecurity, and Computer Networks. While doctoral programs have combined degrees that will award students with Computer Science and Engineering degrees.

Studying at the Brno University of Technology will award students an internationally recognized degree, an experience of total immersion of living in a completely different environment, and an enhanced language skillset that would be beneficial if a student wishes to continue a career in the country.


We hope that you found this article on tuition-free computer science schools informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Computer Science Programs for International Students!

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