Technological advancement is actively growing with no signs of letting up anytime soon. Because of this, there is a steady and high demand for computer engineers in developed or developing countries. However, to get the most of what the industry has to offer professionally and financially, computer engineers have to be competitive or specialize in some of the most promising fields, such as Data Science, Programming, or Artificial Intelligence.

Due to the high demand for computer engineers, many universities worldwide are offering degree programs relevant to Computer Science and Engineering. These programs are sufficient to provide the necessary skills to get a stable job in the industry. However, such programs can be costly due to the facilities and equipment the schools have to provide and maintain for a suitable learning environment.

Finding an excellent university offering such programs for free can be quite a challenge, but it is not impossible. However, you will need to work hard as free education at some of the best universities can be pretty competitive. If you are planning to study abroad, you may even need to learn a new language to avail yourself of a tuition waiver. In this article, we will be looking at the free computer engineering schools!

Are Computer Engineers in High Demand?

Absolutely! Computer Engineers are among the most sought-after professionals these days, owing to the fact that most companies these days rely on computer technology. In the United States, the Department of Labor and Statistics reported a 22% increase in demand for software engineers until 2030, while the demand for network and hardware engineers is to increase steadily by 2% to 5%. If you’re looking to be one of the professionals to fill in this demand, make sure to pursue engineering and its computer-related courses. We currently have no Computer Engineering in our roster of open programs but feel free to check our Available Computer Science Courses to start your computer career. You can also check our Open Courses Page to learn more about what you can study in popular countries, like Canada and UK.

Free Computer Engineering Schools

1. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is a suitable academic institution for students to pursue engineering programs, including Computer Engineering for free. Its status as a leading research university in Germany is also recognized by many other universities and companies worldwide. That is why it is one of the best computer engineering schools with no tuition, even for international students.

TUM offers a Master’s program in Computational Science and Engineering, which lasts two years and awards 120 ETCS credits to graduates. While all undergraduate programs at TUM are taught in the German language, this Master’s program is delivered entirely in English. As such, interested students must meet the language requirements upon application.

The program guarantees to impart students with advanced skills in applied mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Upon earning the degree, graduates have access to diverse career opportunities in the industry, the academe, or the government. With free education from a top-ranking university and a highly in-demand professional qualification, graduates can get the best educational value and a promising future.

2. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious engineering universities in Sweden and in Europe, welcoming outstanding students and producing some of the most qualified professionals in various engineering fields. Its engineering programs also made it to the top 20 worldwide. That is why it is popular even for international students.

The institute offers numerous courses and programs for free relevant to Computer Engineering. Some of them are conducted in English and focus on highly specialized programs relevant to the field, such as Data Science and Machine Learning. Many of these programs may require even Swiss and EU/EEA citizens to pay tuition fees.

On the other hand, the Master of Science in Computer Science program is free for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens. On top of that, students can gain competencies and qualifications in various relevant fields like Artificial Intelligence, Computing Systems, and more. Because of this, graduates from KTH have secured jobs at global industry leaders like Google or pursued postgraduate degrees at other distinguished universities.

3. Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is a prestigious computer engineering school in Europe. Its merger with the Copenhagen University College of Engineering in 2013 has made DTU the largest engineering school in Denmark.

DTU has a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Computer Engineering program taught entirely in the Danish language. It lasts seven semesters (3.5 years) and includes an internship opportunity for one semester at a local or international company. Meanwhile, the Master of Science in Engineering (MSc Eng) in Computer Science and Engineering program is conducted in English. It allows students to customize their study program by selecting six study lines based on their future career goals.

The university offers numerous Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering, including Computer Engineering and several specializations. DTU provides these programs for free for EU/EEA citizens, as is common among European public universities. However, non-EU/EEA citizens can benefit from tuition-free education if they meet specific requirements at the Master’s level.

4. University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is recognized as one of the best and free engineering schools in Finland. The university offers Bachelor’s degree programs in Computer Science in Finnish and Swedish. While the program is called Computer Science, students can gain engineering skills as it also tackles problem-solving, mathematical concepts, and hardware operations.

Professional computer engineers in Finland may pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki to learn more and specialize in Algorithms, Networks, or Software. The program is conducted in English, but students may write their research papers in English, Finnish, or Swedish. The additional competencies students can gain from the program can help them secure a stable career at some of the best tech companies in Finland or abroad.

Fee-paying international students with outstanding academic records admitted to a Master’s degree program at the University of Helsinki may be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

5. Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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  • Free to: Indian PWD students, Indian students whose parents earn less than Rs100,000 per year

India is one of the best academic destinations for low-budget international students aiming to get a good computer engineering degree. It is because Indian engineering schools are recognized globally due to their excellent quality of education and reasonable costs. Many companies globally also welcome Indian computer engineers.

One of the best schools offering free computer engineering degrees in India is the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM). The institute provides all of its degree programs in English, making it convenient and attractive to Indian and international students.

IITM provides all levels of higher education degrees under its Computer Science and Engineering department. Prospective students may select from three coursework degree programs: a four-year Bachelor of Technology, a two-year Master of Technology, or a five-year joint Bachelor and Master of Technology. They may also pursue further education by conducting research and earning a Master of Science or a Ph.D. degree.


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