Only a handful of students pursue a degree in Statistics. It is a rather challenging degree to pursue, even for math enthusiasts. Statistics mainly involves the analysis and interpretation of data. And by data, this usually means massive data collection. Every Statistics major student has had a fair share of sleepless nights interpreting and applying such collected data information to actuality.

As difficult as it may seem, there are still students who prefer to study Statistics. In reality, graduates of the said degree are highly employable and are flexible to take on professions in various industries. Statisticians are always in demand, especially in the banking and finance sectors.

Mathematics is a diverse academic discipline that is subdivided into smaller branches. Statistics, for one, is a branch of Mathematics that can be combined with other degrees. With this in mind, it can sometimes be confusing which degree programs specialize in Statistics. To help ease the burden of degree-seeking students, here’s a comprehensive list of free statistics schools that offer no tuition.

Can students who attend free statistics schools still receive the same level of support and resources as those who attend traditional universities?

When it comes to students that attend free statistics schools compared to the traditional ones, they will receive the same level of support as the rest. The only difference is that they will not be eligible for a tuition fee scholarship because they must pay tuition, but they can and do receive the same support as students who attend traditional universities. We currently do not have information on statistics courses, but what is popular among students in a similar field is the data science course. If you are browsing similar courses or want to keep an open mind, feel free to check out all the available courses that we currently have.

Free Statistics Schools

1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)

Admissions at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich can be difficult. Only limited slots are given to select international students. For fortunate outstanding students admitted to this prestigious university in Germany, it is an assurance that only the highest standard of education is provided.

Studying Statistics can be challenging, especially if delivered in the native language. Students should acquire a high level of German proficiency if they opt to study in an undergraduate program at LMU. Although postgraduate studies are lectured in English, it is still suggested that students have an excellent command of the German language. Master’s programs currently offered are Statistics and Data Science. Students can study Statistics as a major, minor specialization, or a mono-master program, and these programs are typically completed in six semesters.

LMU is an excellent free statistics school and is an internationally recognized university. Degree holders will have countless opportunities in the local and international sectors. Admissions may be stern, but international students are still encouraged to apply for it may define the student’s future careers.

2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

It can’t be argued that degree programs at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are the best in Norway. It is one of the few universities in the country that offer degree programs in Mathematics.

Academic programs offered in Mathematics are exceptionally well structured, like other academic disciplines. Degree programs in Statistics are under the study program of Mathematical Sciences. Those students who have a high fluency in the Norwegian language may consider getting a bachelor’s degree in Statistics. This program is typically completed in three years. Also, upon taking the program, students are encouraged to take on several elective courses from other related disciplines. Taking these courses will be beneficial as some of these courses will become the basis for admission for students opting to study in one of the master’s programs (other than Statistics) offered at the university.

Norwegian education is among the finest in Europe. No matter how costly living in the country may be, being awarded a Norwegian degree will always be worthwhile.

3. University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen tops the list as the best university in Denmark and the Nordic Region. It is also highly ranked in the whole of Europe. It is a free statistics school perfect for EU/EEA students looking to continue a higher education that will not require them to pay tuition fees.

The university offers a wide range of study programs in various areas of study. For math enthusiasts, it has some well-designed and advanced academic programs in the field of Mathematics. All undergraduate studies are taught in Danish, and a large selection of master’s programs are taught in English. Students can acquire a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with specializations in Mathematics, Statistics, or High school-oriented specialization (designed for aspirant math teachers). Meanwhile, English-taught master’s programs in Statistics can be taken in the following disciplines – probability theory, data processing, or theoretical statistics. All these programs, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, have the opportunity to study abroad. Undergraduate students in their third year can either choose to study abroad or do a business project, while master’s degree students can study for one to two semesters abroad or do a project in practice. Either way, the result of their choosing will equip students with valuable knowledge and relevant core skillset.

4. Aarhus University

Aarhus University is another well-known university in Denmark. The university welcomes international students to its campuses. It is undoubtedly one of the preferred choices of EU/EEA students and students from other countries. The institution is one of the leading schools in Denmark that offers “tuition-free” to EU/EEA students. As a rule, other international students are required to pay tuition fees. However, even if tuition fees are levied on some students, the university is still populated with international students. Around twelve percent of the total student body are students from across the globe.

One of the in-demand academic programs for math enthusiasts is in the field of Mathematics. Currently, there are two Danish-taught bachelor’s programs in the said field. Students have the option to study Mathematics or Statistics. On the other hand, the master’s level has an English-taught program in Statistics that requires students to choose two specializations to complete the program. They can choose from the following specializations: Applied Statistics, Theoretical Statistics, and Probability Theory. All current study programs in Mathematics are highly acknowledged in Denmark. With modern and advanced degree programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, top companies recognize the university’s quality of education.

5. Technical University Dortmund (TU Dortmund University)

Students looking for a school specializing in science and technology should check Technical Univesity Dortmund University, another free statistics school. The university may still be considered a young university; however, it has proved that it can compete with other prestigious universities in Germany. The institution is slowly gaining much-needed attention from the local and international student community.

It has a wide selection of study programs from different areas of study. Under Natural Science and Computer Science, the university currently offers several Mathematics programs, including Statistics. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Statistics are only delivered in German. A reminder that to fully appreciate the “free education” in Germany, one must be proficient in the country’s native language. Well, having fluency in the German language will not only earn a degree in one of the top leading universities, but it will also give students the chance to be employed in one of the companies in Germany.


I hope you found this article on free statistics schools with no tuition fees informative and helpful. To know more information like this, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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