It is definitely common knowledge that medicine is one of the most competitive university courses to get into. Every year, thousands upon thousands of students apply to medical schools across the world with the intention of being successful in securing a place, but unfortunately, only a fraction of these students are able to make their dream a reality.

However, this does not mean entering medical school is impossible. In this article, we have created a list of prestigious medical schools worldwide that also have the highest acceptance rates and are the easiest to get admitted.

Applying to these medical schools will ease the chances of securing a place in Medicine and help you achieve your dreams with less stress!

USA Medical Schools with Highest Acceptance Rate

1. University of Mississippi School of Medicine

The University of Mississippi is located in Jackson and offers a diverse range of healthcare-based programs for its students, including Medicine. The University Hospital is a Level 1 designated trauma center and a Level 4 neonatal center.

Medical students also have access to several other health centers in the area. As you can see, the acceptance rate at this medical school is very high comparatively.

2. University of Missouri – Kansas School of Medicine

The University of Missouri School of Medicine offers 6 medical programs, with the option of focusing on 19 specialties. Compared to the majority of other medical programs, first-year medical students have a higher rate of contact with patients through weekly clinical experience classes.

Students could also opt for the BA+MD program in addition to the MD program. Consider applying to this medical school, which is considered one of the easiest to get accepted to!

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3. University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

North Dakota’s School of Medicine happens to be one of the oldest universities in the state. It has several partnerships with other institutes, enabling students to gain experience across a variety of places. It is noted for its cutting-edge research in fields such as infectious and neurodegenerative diseases, all of which are accessible to students.

In terms of admissions, the university looks for well-rounded students with not simply academic achievements but also skills in communication and organization.

4. University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

  • Acceptance rate – 13.8%

The University of Tennessee has been consistently dedicated to the field of Medicine and currently educates a student population exceeding 3000. Research is a focal strength of the university and the university spends approximately $80 million annually.

It is also one of the few medical schools in the United States to offer long-distance learning courses in order to be more inclusive to students.

5. University of Virginia School of Medicine

The University of Virginia was established by Thomas Jefferson and its School of Medicine is among the oldest in the United States. The university values students who make a positive impact in their community and thus focuses on research, public and civic engagement and thorough patient care.

Additionally, students have access to several professional development opportunities which includes national organizations such as the American Medical Student Association, volunteer experiences, and student governing bodies such as the Mulholland Society.

If you are interested, consider applying to this medical school with a fairly high acceptance rate.

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6. Mercer University School of Medicine

Noted for being among the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States, Mercer University’s School of Medicine offers a rigorous program in Medicine for its students.

It is committed to training professionals in medicine for the purpose of providing primary care to the disadvantaged populations of the state of Georgia. The curriculum includes several programs and specializations as well as coursework built on clinical practice.

7. University of Nebraska Medical Center

With a history that dates back to the 19th century, the University of Nebraska Medical Center has a long-standing commitment towards improving healthcare across the state. Students have access to an enriching educational experience that has a community-based focal point.

The university has been involved with several healthcare improvement projects such as the building of the Lied Transplant Center, the Lauritzen Outpatient Center and the Twin Towers research unit.

8. University of South Dakota – Sanford

The medical program at the University of South Dakota, Sanford, has grown to become one of the top rural medicine courses in the country. The curriculum has a focus on primary care and family medicine; students additionally have access to hospitals and ambulatory clinical experience from the second year onwards.

The School of Medicine is also a recent recipient of the prestigious Spencer Foreman Award from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

9. East Carolina University

The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University is reputed for its primary care focus. It holds national recognition for provision and improvement of healthcare in the state of North Carolina.

The university is committed to improving access to disadvantaged students in the state and increases doctors who are specialized in primary care. Brody graduates also are known to pay the least amount of debt after graduation.

10. Augusta University

Reputed for being among the oldest medical schools in the United States, Augusta School of Medicine focuses on providing innovative medical education and cutting-edge research for its faculty and students. A unique feature of this medical program is that students have the opportunity of entering the program at different stages of their education.

Students are able to gain clinical training during the second year of their medical studies, and most complete their degrees after seven or eight years.

11. University of Nevada – Reno

  • Acceptance rate – 7.30%

Since its inception, the University of Nevada in Reno has been committed to providing primary care medical education and increasing the amount of primary care physicians in the state of Nevada. The curriculum is highly integrative with rigid scientific education thoroughly mixed with clinical practice.

Students have the opportunity of observing and conducting cutting-edge research in order to gain hands-on learning. Exposure to a clinical environment is noted during the first year of the program alone.

What are the Least Competitive Medical Schools in the US Based on GPA?

While the acceptance rate is a strong indicator of the competition in medical school admissions, the minimum GPA required to enter is also a suitable indicator. Below is a list of medical schools in the United States that have a comparatively low GPA and thus increase the chances of prospective students gaining a place at the university.

I would highly recommend looking at these medical schools because they are easier to get into for prospective MDs with low grades compared to other medical schools.


University Mean GPA
Howard University College of Medicine 3.51
Meharry College of Medicine 3.54
University of Texas (Rio Grande Valley) School of Medicine 3.58
Tulane University School of Medicine 3.64
San Juan Bautista School of Medicine 3.65
California University of Science and Medicine 3.65
East Carolina University, Brody 3.66
Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine 3.66
Carle Illinois College of Medicine 3.67
California Northstate University School of Medicine 3.67


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What Are the Easiest Medical Schools to Be Accepted in the United Kingdom

Medical schools in the UK do not usually have a concrete acceptance rate when it comes to admissions. However, it is possible to identify how competitive the admissions process is based on the application: place ratio. Given below are the 10 medical schools in the UK from the easiest to hardest.

University Name Application: Place Ratio
Brighton and Sussex Medical School 18.2
University of Bristol 15.3
Keele University 15.6
University of Aberdeen 14.5
University of Southampton 12.5
University of Edinburgh 12.7
Plymouth University 11.7
University of Liverpool 11.7
George’s, University of London 10.6
Lancaster University 10.2


In conclusion, there are many opportunities to choose from, and the acceptance rates change between them, where the acceptance rate scores do not report the universities’ education level but their acceptance process, and some of them are easier to go through that process. If you are interested in learning about the best medical universities, then you can check out The 8 Best Medical Schools in the World.


We hope that this article on medical schools with the highest acceptance rate and the lowest GPA was helpful. If you are interested in studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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