Australian National University (ANU) is one of the most prestigious public universities in the globe for its unique approach to academics and research. Founded in 1946 in Canberra, the capital of Australia, ANU is also a member of the Group of Eight, Australia’s most research-intensive universities.

Australian National University is highly respected for not only being one of the top universities in global terms but also being recognized for accepting a good number of international students; almost half of the student population is stated to be international students. Besides the university’s leading approach to research and innovation, one of the reasons for the popularity of ANU among international students is that students can enjoy their degrees with the diverse culture and hospitality approach on campus.

But how much does it cost to study at the Australian National University? Read more to learn the cost of studying at the Australian National University for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Study Costs at Australian National University

Besides tuition fees, international students are required to pay certain additional fees to be enrolled at the Australian National University, such as application fees, services and amenities fees, and health insurance. For reference, it is important for international applicants to check for the program-specific terms and requirements on ANU’s web page for international enrollments.

Application Costs

Australian National University requires international students to pay an application fee when applying for a program. The application fee at the Australian National University varies depending on when the students apply and the degree of study.

The application fee for undergraduate programs ranges from $78 (early bird) to $215 (standard); similarly, the fees for postgraduate applications range from $73 (early bird) to $200 (standard). Early bird applications cover the following academic year; that is, if the applicants wish to apply for 2024 admissions, they can either apply in 2023 or wait for the standard application period in 2024. The application fee differs accordingly. For reference, please visit ANU’s web page for international admissions.

Tuition Fee Costs

Since Australian National University is a public institution, the tuition fees are fairly lower compared to the universities in the USA or UK. The tuition fees differ in program or degree of study. Below are degree-based details of the tuition fees at the university.

Bachelor’s Tuition Costs

Australian National University offers a wide range of undergraduate programs for international students. The tuition fees for each program are stated specifically, yet the fee range starts from $41,130 to $49,330 per year for 2023 admissions.

For program-specific information, applicants must visit the web page of the program they wish to apply and check the fees for international students at the Australian National University. To access the program catalog and check the programs, here’s ANU’s web page.

Master’s Tuition Costs

International students have the opportunity to enroll in different types of postgraduate programs at ANU, such as graduate certificate programs, graduate diploma programs, and master’s degree programs.

For a master’s, the annual tuition fee ranges from $46,680 to $49,330 for international students; however, it is still important to inquire about the program-specific fees as it vary depending on the field of study.

Ph.D. Tuition Costs

Postgraduate students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. program at the Australian National University have many options. There are currently 28 Ph.D. programs in various courses of study, such as Doctor of Law, Medicine, Computer Science, Biology, and Chemistry.

The annual indicative fee for international students varies based on the program, yet an average range starts from $46,680 to $52,100 for international students. The complete details can be found on the ANU’s program catalog.

Other Academic Costs at Australian National University

Australian National University is located in Canberra, one of the most livable cities in the country. Therefore, when studying at ANU, international students should expect additional expenses to continue their education and come prepared. Below are some estimated additional costs of studying at ANU for international students.

Books and Miscellaneous Expenses

One of the necessary expenses for studying at ANU is books and academic supplies. The university suggests international students estimate an amount of $1,320 per annum for textbooks and additional sources.

Accommodation and Transportation

Overall, ANU advises international students to spend around $31,200 per year for living in the country, and the majority of the expenses are for accommodation. The cost for accommodation ranges from $288 to $500 per week for students depending if the students wish to share a room or not.

As for transportation costs at the Australian National University, an estimated cost varies based on the distance from the campus to the choice of accommodation.

Living Expenses

When living and studying in Australia, there are other expenses for international students to consider, such as food, internet, electricity, and other personal expenses. ANU informs students to expect about $800 to $1,000 monthly for individual living expenses.

FAQS About Studying at Australian National University

How Much Does the Tuition Fee Cost for One Year at Australian National University?

The cost of studying at the Australian National University ranges from $41,030 to $54,880 per year for international students. The tuition fee depends on the course and degree of study; for instance, the College of Arts and Social Sciences can range from $41,030.00 to $43,790.00, whereas the College of Health and Medicine can go up to $54,880.00. For details, kindly check on the program-specific requirements or visit ANU’s web page for international student tuition fees.

Although domestic and international students’ tuition fees differ slightly, international students are required to pay additional fees for obtaining a student status in the country, such as student visa fees, living expenses, and accommodation.


With its excellent location at the center of the country’s capital, Canberra, the Australian National University looks for talented students with unique personalities and backgrounds to enrich the international environment at the campus. The above breakdown will give you an overview of how much it will cost to study at the Australian National University. Hence, prospective students at ANU should expect a fruitful experience by enrolling at the university even after graduation.


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