Maastricht University (UM) is a top public research university located in Maastricht, Netherlands. Established in 1976, it has quickly gained recognition for its innovative educational model and high-quality research in various programs.

The university is ranked 138 in the Best Global Universities and among the best business schools in the Netherlands. With a student population consisting of 57% international students, Maastricht makes a great study-abroad destination for international students looking to further their studies in the Netherlands. But, how much will it cost you to study at this prestigious university?

In this article, we will look at the cost of study at Maastricht University, including other study expenses to help you budget for your studies.

Study Costs at Maastricht University

To help you plan for your studies at Maastricht Universities, here is a breakdown of the different study costs you are likely to incur depending on your program of study.

Application Costs

The application fee referred to as the handling fee for international students at Maastricht University is € 100. This fee is refundable once you commence your studies but that excludes any bank charges incurred. The application fee is the same for all the programs and takes care of the admission process including administration costs involved in double checking your admission requirements.

Ensure that you pay the fee before the deadline for your application to be processed on time. Note that the application deadline varies per program, so you need to check your program of study and submit the requirements on time.

Tuition Fee Costs

Tuition costs at Maastricht University differ with the program of study and whether you come from the EU or outside the EU. You will also find programs like medicine or engineering charging more because of other resources like specialized laboratory resources. Let’s look at the tuition fee in detail per degree level.

Bachelor’s Tuition Costs

The tuition fee for Bachelor’s programs at Maastricht University is € 2,314 per year for EU/EEA students while international students’ tuition fee ranges from € 9,400 to € 32,000 for the 2023/24 academic year. This tuition fee varies with the program. For example, the tuition fee for a Bachelor of Psychology program is € 9,400 while a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences is € 13,000 per year for international students.

Master’s Tuition Costs

Just like the undergraduate programs, tuition fee for master’s also varies with the program of study. Generally, EU/EEA students pay between € 2,314 and € 4,180 per academic year while international students pay between €16,000 to €32,000 per year. For example, international students pursuing the Master of Artificial Intelligence pay tuition fees of € 18,400 while EU/EEA students pay € 2,314 per year.

On the other hand, international students pay € 16,000 per year for a Master of Economics while EU/EEA students pay € 2,314 per year.

Ph.D. Tuition Costs

Unlike the bachelor’s and master’s programs, students enrolled in Ph.D. programs at Maastricht University don’t pay tuition fees. There are several funding avenues for Ph.D. students to ensure study expenses are taken care of. Students can pursue paid Ph.D. opportunities where they pursue their studies while being remunerated or Ph.D. training opportunities at the university.

Other Academic Costs at Maastricht University

Apart from the tuition and application fees at Maastricht University, you need to budget for other study expenses like books and accommodation. Let’s explore them in detail below.

Books and Miscellaneous Expenses

Budget for textbooks, study materials, and other academic expenses, which can vary depending on your program and study habits. The cost of books per semester is around € 350 while other miscellaneous expenses should set you back around € 575 per semester.

Accommodation and Transportation

Students looking for accommodation at Maastricht have a range of options to choose from including Maastricht housing units and social living. For the Maastricht housing option, there is a registration fee of € 35 to allow you access to the range of housing options including guest houses, rental apartments, and studios. Studio apartments cost around € 650 – € 1,000 per month, apartments € 900 – € 1,500 monthly, and student rooms € 350 – € 600 per month.

You may also opt for the social living option where you don’t pay rent but a small service charge in exchange for working with the community on various social projects for 8 hours a week. This would be a great option for students looking to cut down on costs while giving back to the community.

Maastricht is a small city with a good transport network comprising of buses, trains, and private taxis. A bus ticket costs around € 3.75 one-way while a train ride within Maastritch costs € 1.20 and € 1.80 per trip. If you intend to travel out of Maastritch, then plan yourself with around € 4.90 to € 27.40 by train.

Living Expenses

The living expenses will depend on your lifestyle choices but range between € 800 to € 1,200 per month. If you are eating home-cooked meals, then you should expect to spend around € 200 – € 350 a month. Otherwise, a simple meal in a restaurant costs € 13-20. Other expenses include; telephone – € 25 – € 50 a month, insurance – € 90 – € 150 a month, and entertainment – € 12 for a cinema ticket.

FAQS About Studying at Maastricht University

How Much Does it Cost for a Full Academic Year at Maastricht University?

If you are planning to study at Maastricht University, then prepare yourself with around € 9,400 – € 32,000 for undergraduate studies and €16,000 – €32,000 for graduate studies in tuition fees. Apart from the tuition fees, you also need to plan for other study expenses that we will cover in detail in this article. Students can check out the scholarship opportunities available at the university to help them pay for their studies.


Maastricht University is a great institution for any student looking to further their educational dream in the Netherlands. It’s important to check the specific tuition fees and costs associated with your chosen program on the University’s official website, as fees can change over time. To ensure accurate financial planning, consider creating a detailed budget based on your personal circumstances and the specific costs associated with your program and living arrangements.


We hope that this article on the Cost of Studying at Maastricht University was informative. You can read our article on the Best Scholarships in the Netherlands for International Students!

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