Taiwan prides itself on being a free, modern, and democratic society. It’s also a technologically advanced nation that has placed education and research at the forefront. Given these ideals, it comes as no surprise why students from all around the globe flock to Taiwan.

Yearly, international students choose Taiwan as their next study destination as it offers proven quality education. There are also many programs and degrees open to them. If you’re an international student here, you’ll surely get an awesome learning experience!

Coupled with the country’s reasonable cost of living, Taiwanese education will not hurt your pocket as much as that of Western countries. This is especially the case if you decide to enroll in any of these affordable Taiwanese universities. In this article, we listed the cheapest Taiwanese universities you can consider for your studies.

What are the Requirements for Studying in Taiwan?

To study in Taiwan, you need to submit a high school diploma (for undergraduates) or a bachelor’s/master’s diploma (for graduate students). Depending on the university or your desired program, you may need to provide additional documents such as a transcript of records, curriculum vitae, portfolio, etc.

Can you Study in English at Taiwanese Universities?

Yes, you can study English here. While undergraduate programs are mostly taught in Chinese, some classes are taught in English. At Taipei Tech, for example, some Engineering, Computer Science, and Business subjects are in English. As for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, many of them are fully taught in English. Such is the case at schools such as the National Taiwan Normal University.

However, even if your chosen program uses English as a medium of instruction, you should learn Mandarin for conversational and basic uses.

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Affordable Universities in Taiwan for International Students

1. National Cheng Kung University

  • Tuition Fee Page | Undergraduate: from TWD 90,142 per year | Graduate: from TWD 68,400 per year

The National Cheng Kung University, or NCKU, is a public educational institution founded in 1931. As with most schools then, the former Tainan Technical College was under the Japanese administration. National Cheng Kung University is the cheapest university in Taiwan, with undergraduate tuition fees starting from $3,227 a year and graduate tuition fees starting from $2,450 a year.

Based in Tainan, NCKU is famous for its Medical, Engineering, Computer Science, and Planning & Design programs. It also offers a combined number of 42 bachelor’s and 72 master’s degrees in Bioscience & Biotechnology, Social Science, Management, Liberal Arts, and Science.

True to its goal of being a global university, NCKU has fostered international cooperation agreements with the Technical University of Munich (Germany), the University of Southern California (US), and Seoul National University (South Korea), to name a few.

NCKU has more than 20,500+ students; international enrollees represent 13% of the population.

2. National Taipei University

  • Tuition Fee Page | Undergraduate: from TWD 91,382 per year | Graduate: from 42,000 per year

Famously known as NTPU, the National Taipei University, one of the cheapest universities in Taiwan, is a public educational institution with campuses in New Taipei and Zhongshan.

NTPU started in 1949 as the Taiwan Provincial College of Law & Business before it became the Taiwan Provincial Chung Hsing University. It eventually became the College of Law & Business of the National Chung Hsing University before transforming into the current NTPU.

Given its history, NTPU specializes in social science, humanities, business, and law. Apart from these areas, NTPU also offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Public Affairs, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.

The institution has memorandum agreements with over 100 universities and has more than 8,000 students. However, it only has a small international population of 4%.

NTPU is ranked as one of the world’s best ‘young’ universities. It is also listed as one of the most prestigious institutions in all of Asia.

3. National Chung Hsing University

  • Tuition Fee Page | Undergraduate: from TWD 92,182 per year | Graduate: from 90,066 per year

Founded in 1919, the National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) is a research-intensive institution in Taichung, Taiwan. It is one of the members of the Taiwan Comprehensive University System, an alliance of institutions that prioritize academic research.

Formerly the Advanced Academy of Agronomy & Forestry, NCHU advanced into a national university in 1971. Its urban campus is home to the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Engineering, Science, Veterinary Medicine, Life Science, Law and Politics, Agriculture, Social Science, and Management.

NCHU is home to 15,000+ local and foreign students, 7% of whom hail outside Taiwan.

4. Tzu Chi University

  • Tuition Fee Page | Undergraduate: from TWD 1,15,000 per year | Graduate: from 100,000 per year

Tzu Chi University is a private educational institution in Hualien County. This cheap university in Taiwan was founded by the Tzu Chi Foundation in 1994 as the Tzu Chi Medical College. With the addition of social science and humanities courses in 1998, the school was renamed the Tzu Chi College of Medicine & Humanities. Eventually, it adopted its current name 2 years later.

The university has a College of Medicine, Humanities & Social Science, and Education & Communication. It also has an International College that offers a Bachelor’s degree in the Management of Service Industries.

Although Tzu Chi University only has 3,500+ students, 12% come from international backgrounds.

5. Kaohsiung Medical University

  • Tuition Fee Page | Undergraduate: from TWD 93,662 per year | Graduate: from 51,150 per year

Kaohsiung Medical University, or KMU, is a private educational institution in the Sanmin District. As its’ name, it specializes in the studies of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Science, and Life Science.

The former Kaohsiung Medical College was founded in 1954 by Mayor Chen Chi-chuan and Dr. Tu Tsong-ming, the first Taiwanese to hold a Ph.D. in the Medical Sciences. It eventually attained university status in the year 1999.

The university, which only offers 6 undergraduate and 15 graduate programs, is the only institute that offers graduate-entry medical programs in the country. Despite these limitations, KMU is regarded as one of the best universities in Asia – and the world.

KMU has a small population of 6,802 students compared to other Taiwanese schools. Although this is the case, it is very welcoming to international enrollees. To date, they represent 7% of the total population.

6. National Taiwan University

  • Tuition Fee Page | Undergraduate: from TWD 100,920 per year | Graduate: from 102,560 per year

The National Taiwan University, one of the most affordable universities in Taiwan, is considered the most prestigious institution in all of Taiwan. It is the alma mater of many Taiwanese presidents, including incumbent Tsai Ing-Wen. Ranked 97th in the world, it is home to 24,880 students – 12% of which are of foreign descent.

NTU started in 1928 as Taihoku Imperial University, the seventh of Japan’s old imperial universities. It was eventually renamed NTU in 1945 – when the Taiwanese government assumed administration of the school.

NTU has campuses in Daan, Yunlin, Hsinchu, and 2 in Zhongzheng. These collectively house the university’s 11 colleges – that of Engineering, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Life Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Public Health, Management, Agriculture, Law, Social Science, Science, and Bio-resources.


We hope that this article on the cheap universities in Taiwan was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more information like this, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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