Nicknamed the “Giant of Africa”, the country of Nigeria is known for its diverse group of people and for its large landmass. They are known for producing crude oil, and one of its interesting perks is having the most diverse amounts of butterflies. Also, in the US, the famous symbol for movies in Hollywood, and in Nigeria, they also have a symbol called Mollywood.

Top Universities in Nigeria for International Students

1. University of Ibadan (UI)

Established in 1948, the University of Ibadan is known for being the first university established in the country of Nigeria. Known for their exceptional education, UI continues to add more and more courses, and even this year, they are adding a branch of business to their education. Offering undergraduate and graduate courses, UI is renowned as one of the key universities for postgraduate programs, and it is also one of the largest graduate schools in the country of Nigeria.

Now, the UI consistently ranks as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and its goal is to be a world-class institution able to fill any societal needs. Because of their quality education, the graduate of UI has gone out to the world to make an impact through their innovations and inventions.

2. Babcock University

In the beginning, Babcock University was established as a private institution, and the government was not giving any funds or provisions at all. Because of its renown in theology and Bachelor of Arts, Babcock University is affiliated with Andrews Institute in Michigan, USA. Because of this affiliation, Babcock University was able to train students and award degrees from Andrews Institute.

To improve their education, Babcock University worked hard to get their education accredited with the help of the Univerisity of Ibadan. They continue to spread their influence to all the world by training ministerial students and pastoral students into powerful pastors and ministers.

3. Kwara State University

Composed of ten different colleges, Kwara State University is a big group of colleges in Nigeria that offers hundreds of majors, programs, and courses for international students. Because of its size, Kwara State University is partnered with many famous universities including Harvard and Columbia University.

They created different institutions at the start of Kwara State University, and these different programs represent different colleges. The colleges of Kwara State University include Agricultural and Sciences, Education, Engineering and Technology, Humanities, Management, and Social Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Pure and Applied Sciences, Institute of Distance and E-learning, Institute of Advanced Military Studies, and Institute of Aviation English.

4. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH)

Aiming to provide liberal arts education to their Nigerian students, LAUTECH runs three different programs, and they are pre-science programs, undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programs. There is one interesting fact about the name of this university, and it goes like this. Before the name change, this university was named Oyo State University. Since the state that they were located in was Oyo, the people who established it called it Oyo State University.

But after the name was established, the state name was changed from Oyo to Osun. Because of the change in the state’s name, the university also changed it from Oyo State Unversity to LAUTECH.

5. University of Jos

To further the citizens of Nigeria, the University of Jos was established to provide higher education to their students so that their students can have better opportunities for success. Encouraging students to build a stronger and better character, the University of Jos continues to serve Nigeria and the world by encouraging the growth in students and in teachers as well.

Conclusion: Fewer Numbers Equals?

In some countries, we had problems finding universities that display their tuition amounts on their homepage. Because of the lack of this information, we had to cut the numbers of some universities for some countries. Please understand that this is not a random number that we are picking for each country.

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