If you’re planning to study in Canada, you can consider living and finding a university in New Brunswick. It’s one of Canada’s three maritime provinces, and it has a lot of tourist attractions that locals and foreigners love! Another fun fact is that this province has two official languages, English and French.

Aside from its rich and beautiful places, New Brunswick has affordable universities and colleges. So if you’re looking for affordable universities in Canada, you can consider the universities located here. As an international student here, you’ll see many learning and fun opportunities here. Overall, many foreign students are highly satisfied with their stay in New Brunswick.

In this article, we listed the cheap universities located in New Brunswick. We included the tuition fees and respective links for each university.

How Much is the Tuition Fee in New Brunswick Universities for International Students?

The annual tuition fee of the universities in New Brunswick may range from CAD 4,185 to CAD 19,040 (USD 3,288 to USD 14,968). These tuition fees may vary depending on your degree, year level, and program. Aside from the tuition fees, kindly consider the accommodation, meal, insurance, and other costs that need to be paid.

Usually, universities can give you an estimate of your total cost per year. During your research and application process, you can get an estimation of your total study cost. It will help you decide, especially if you have a limited budget.

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Cheapest Universities in New Brunswick

1. University of New Brunswick

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: CAD 7,488 – CAD 8,838 (USD 5,193 – USD 6,679 )
  • Tuition Fee Link

One of the oldest universities in the country, the University of New Brunswick, was the first English-language university in Canada. It has two campuses, and while the first was established in 1785, the newer Saint John campus was opened in 1964. Between the two campuses, the total student population comes in at a little over 11,000. International students should feel incredibly welcome as the student population represents over 100 different countries.

Plus, with a 15:1 student to faculty ratio, students are sure to be heard in the classroom. The university also offers over 120 unique clubs and societies for students to get involved with. Students will also likely be satisfied with activities to do in the city – New Brunswick is well-known for interesting art markets and farmers markets as well as musical performances and beautiful outdoor adventure-scapes.

2. New Brunswick Community College

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: CAD 9,486 (USD 7,476)
  • Tuition Fee Link

The New Brunswick Community College is yet another university where international students can feel welcome and at home. Recently, the university saw a nearly 60% increase in the total number of international students, which implies that the school successfully caters to the needs of the international student population. One interesting fact about the New Brunswick Community College is that it boasts a high employment rate.

In 2013, a total of 88% of graduates were employed within the year after graduating. Students also express favor for the city of New Brunswick. In fact, they like the city so much that 86% of the 2013 sample was found living and working in New Brunswick after graduation. This means that graduate students actively contribute to the economy of the city, making this cheap university in New Brunswick an even better place to live for future generations. Finally, the college is in close proximity to one of the city’s most popular recreational draws: Fundy National Park.

3. Mount Allison University

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: CAD 19,040 (USD 14,968)
  • Tuition Fee Link

Mount Allison University has a beautiful campus and has been consistently ranked the number one best undergraduate university by Maclean magazine. The school emphasizes a multidisciplinary education with a focus on Science and the Arts, which the school believes will contribute to expanding student perspective and encouraging marketable skills. The university is committed to making sure graduates are highly employable. 

Students at Mount Allison are expected to engage in research projects, case studies, internships, conferences, fieldwork, art exhibits and take advantage of independent study opportunities. Mount Allison is also committed to optimizing its environmental impact on the planet, and the campus is constantly striving to improve its facilities in the way of efficiency.

4. Mckenzie College

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: CAD 6,300 – CAD 19,300 
  • Tuition Fee Link

McKenzie College is a newer, private college with unique programs such as Art & Design, Animation, Social Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Language, and more.

At this cheap university in New Brunswick, students are encouraged to craft their education with their career path in mind. For example, designers will necessarily think about important components like brand identity, UI and UX design, Artistic and Creative Direction, Marketing, and Communications. Students studying Video Game Art on the other hand might focus on Storyboarding, creating background art, Sketching, or Digital Animation. Examples of student work can be found online as well as several graduate profiles that allow prospective students to explore why graduates of McKenzie feel it was the right choice for them.

5. Yorkville University

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: CAD 4,185 – CAD 6,972 (USD 3,288 – USD 5,479)
  • Tuition Fee Link

Yorkville University strives to turn out professional graduates who can help contribute to bettering the fabric of society. Students hoping to study in New Brunswick will want to investigate the college’s Business Administration program as it is the only program physically offered in the city. In this line, students can pursue pathways to specializing in Project Management, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, as well as Energy Management. 

Many courses at Yorkville are offered online, which helps give students the flexibility they need with hectic study and work schedules. Yorkville is another university that happily publishes student stories on its website, so prospective students will do well to investigate.

6. Maritime College of Forest Technology

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: CAD 5,152 (USD 4,048)
  • Tuition Fee Link

The Maritime College of Forest Technology is a post-secondary college that caters to those who love the outdoors and specializes in natural resource education. The college began in 1946 as the Maritime Forest Ranger School; however, it was then reconstructed in 1949. The college is small, only having graduated about 3,300 students since it opened. 

However, small class sizes ensure that students can easily seek out one-on-one help and feedback from their professors as well as make the most of connections in the classroom. This cheap college in New Brunswick helps prepare any students who hope to have careers managing forests, working for lumber mills, or even monitoring the beautiful ecosystems of Canada.

7. New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: CAD 9,452 (USD 7,427)
  • Tuition Fee Link

The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design offers a wide range of important programs like Aboriginal Visual Arts, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry, Metal Arts, Photography, Textile Design, and more. The college even offers some courses for high school credit. Students are encouraged to participate in any of the several on-campus clubs and organizations as well as volunteer and get involved with the surrounding community.

The college is also committed to serving students with disabilities. An interesting fact is that the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design is the only college in Canada that focuses in its entirety on the Arts and Design.


These seven colleges and universities are both affordable and reputable. They offer unique degrees for students seeking a fulfilling undergraduate experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Hopefully, this list offers some insight into the most affordable universities in New Brunswick!


We hope that this article on cheap universities in New Brunswick was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Canada!

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