As the country of Ireland, Cyprus is an island country. There are many interesting facts about the country of Cyprus, and one of them is that even though Cyprus is an island country, the people of Cyprus do not like to fish. Also, there are many species of plants and trees that only exist in Cyprus, and there are additional species of animals and insects that live in this country.

The oldest wine label is from Cyprus, and it contains many historic buildings that are protected by UNESCO. Because of its historical importance, one whole town called Paphos is kept under protection, and there is a famous tree in Cyprus that brings good luck and blessings to travelers. In this article, we will be looking at the cheapest universities in Cyprus for international students.

Affordable Schools in Cyprus for International Students

1. University of Cyprus

Established in 1989, the University of Cyprus offers low tuition for international students since it is a public university. Because it receives most of its funding from the government, the University of Cyprus can afford to lower its tuition fees even to international students. This affordable university in Cyprus currently holds positive rankings among the top universities in the world, and the University of Cyprus currently houses over 7,000 students.

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2. Cyprus University of Technology

Rankings are one of the first accomplishments of Cyprus University of Technology since it continues to consistently rank among the top universities in the world. Through its various international partnerships and cooperations, Cyprus University of Technology is a well-known university around the world, and it continues to spread its renown by doing cutting-edge research with the best technology.

3. University of Nicosia

First of all, the city of Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, and the University of Nicosia is the largest institution in the country of Cyprus. Because of its location in the nation’s capital, this cheap university in Cyprus is focused on international students, and more than 20% of its students are from abroad. Representing over 60 countries, the University of Nicosia is a home for those international students.

4. European University Cyprus

Awarded with many recognitions and prizes, the European University Cyprus is one of the few universities that has a Microsoft Innovative Center on its campus. For only a select few, the company Microsoft selects institutions to be their partners by establishing the Microsoft Innovative Center (MIC), and the European University Cyprus is the only institution in Cyprus that retains this honor.

5. Open University of Cyprus

Established as the second state university, the Open University of Cyprus offers many undergraduate and graduate programs, and it offers degrees with great accreditations. It is acceptable in any university worldwide, and it continues to maintain its goal by offering high-quality education taught by even better professors. Not only is the teaching limited to the classroom but the education of the Open University of Cyprus is offered to students around the globe!

6. Frederick University

Also located in the capital of Cyprus, Frederick University has two main campuses, where one is in Nicosia and the other is located in Limassol, the second-largest city in the country of Cyprus. Instead of focusing on a small set of academic majors, this cheap university in Cyprus offers a wide range of programs from science, engineering, arts, and many more!

7. Cyprus Institute

We end our list of cheapest universities in Cyprus for international students with Cyprus Institute. Located in Nicosia, the Cyprus Institute is focused on three main aspects, and they are research, technology, and innovation. First, they are heavily involved in research, which means much of the revenues is used to build research labs, and get the needed equipment and resources for the experiments. In addition, they are constantly evolving the ways of science by putting what they learn into practice and using new techniques to search for better ideas and methods.

Cyprus Institute does not offer any undergraduate programs, but they offer a broad range of graduate programs.


Even though it is located on an island, the country of Cyprus has many interesting facts and histories that go unnoticed. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is very interesting that the people of Cyprus are not that into fish even though there are many fishes around the island.


We hope that this article on cheap universities in Cyprus was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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