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Fair Divorce Legislation Scholarship

Fair Divorce Legislation Scholarship: $1,000 Award

The Fair Divorce Legislation Scholarship is presented by the Moskowitz Law Group. Applicants are ask...

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Future of the Law Scholarship

Future of the Law Scholarship: $1,000 Award

In an effort to help a future lawyer who is able to show their commitment to justice, Talkov Law off...

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Workplace Rights Law Group Scholarship

Workplace Rights Law Group Scholarship: $500 Award

Incoming freshmen and currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students might be interested to a...

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Innovation in Education Scholarship

Innovation in Education Scholarship: $500 Award

The Innovation in Education Scholarship is a monthly scholarship awarded by LA Tutors 123. The schol...

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MPower Global Citizen Scholarships

MPower Global Citizen Scholarship: $10,000 Award

MPower Financing grants the Global Citizen Scholarship to international students who possess the abi...

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R and D Systems Scholarships

R and D Systems Scholarships: $1,500 Award

In an effort to support science education to students studying in universities within the US, Canada...

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RealtyHop Scholarship

RealtyHop Scholarship: $1,000 Award

Open to eligible undergraduate students and high school seniors planning to obtain a bachelor's or a...

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Elite Insurance Partners and MedicareFAQ Scholarships

Elite Insurance Partners and MedicareFAQ Scholarships: $2,500 Award

As an insurance brokerage firm, Elite Insurance Partners & assists in pairing co...

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Quality Company Formations Scholarship

Quality Company Formations Scholarship: $650 Award

This scholarship, awarded by Quality Company Formations, aims to lend a hand to young entrepreneurs ...

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Global Perspectives Scholarship

Global Perspectives Scholarship: $1,000 Award

Rustic Pathways offers student-travel programs in the hopes of transforming students into future glo...

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DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship

DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship: $1,500 Award

Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP is based in Miami and specializes in personal injury cases....

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Han C. Choi Scholarship

Han C. Choi Scholarship: $5,000 Award

The Han C. Choi Scholarship is one of the awards presented by the NAPABA Law Foundation to deserving...

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