Studying in Bangladesh promises a life-changing experience for international students. In Bangladesh, education extends outside books and classrooms. It offers immense learning opportunities from different cultures and traditions and develops well-rounded and competitive individuals.

Hence, the country has seen a noticeable uptick in foreign student admissions since 2012, especially as the country continues to improve its academic facilities, language accessibility, easier admission process, and global reputation in general. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Bangladesh for international students.

Top Universities in Bangladesh for International Students

1. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology is the country’s oldest higher education institution for architecture, engineering, and urban planning studies. It was originally established as Dhaka Survey School in 1876 with only two survey programs to train land surveyors at the time.

Today, it is a full-fledged independent institution that trains both Bangladeshi and international students to become the world’s best engineers and architects; by offering rigorous academic activities under five faculties, six institutes, and several research centers, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and vigorous campus life.

BUET is among the top two Bangladeshi universities that made it to the Times Higher Education world rankings. This pioneering engineering school has been recognized internationally for various technological feats, including the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest, the International Planetary Aerial System Challenge, and being a champion in NASA’s app contest. Hence, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology is the best university in Bangladesh for international students.

2. University of Dhaka (DU)

The University of Dhaka, or Dhaka University, is the oldest institution for higher education in Bangladesh, having opened its doors to students in July 1921. It has made significant contributions to the country’s progress and independence and has nurtured some of the country’s most distinguished personalities. Today, the University of Dhaka is one of the top 100 universities in Asia and a flagship university in Bangladesh for international students.

Comprising 13 faculties, five research centers, and over 80 departments, the University of Dhaka offers degree programs in almost all subject areas – from the sciences and the arts to medicine and law. Moreover, DU proudly handles the largest library system in Bangladesh, a 24/7 medical service, and over 20 residence halls for every member of the academic community.

3. BRAC University (BracU)

Inspiring excellence is the motto of Brac University, a young private university in Bangladesh established in 2011. The private research university proudly follows a liberal arts approach to higher education and thus cultivates the culture of seeking fresh ideas for contemporary challenges. Diverse academic units uphold the mission of this top university in Bangladesh, including four schools, three institutes, and seven departments focusing on a wide range of subject matter.

BRAC University promotes a holistic approach to education and has established 27 student clubs to widen their students’ university experience to more than just the four walls of a classroom. Every student can expect a rich campus life at BracU where they can discover their potential and fulfill their goals.

4. North South University (NSU)

North South University is Bangladesh’s first private university established in 1992. It was largely modeled after the US higher education – from semester systems to credit hours – and is proven to have a more conducive learning environment for international students. The NSU established the first business school in the country, following the curriculum of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A number of accredited programs followed international standards and now comprise the university’s four schools – Business and Economics, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Health & Life Sciences. Through continuous efforts and innovation, the NSU has become one of the most reputable universities in Asia and a close affiliate of many prestigious universities in the world.

5. Daffodil International University (DIU)

Another top university in Bangladesh for international students, Daffodil University is a top-ranking private university delivering quality higher education to students of Bangladesh and the world. From its foundation in 2002, it has rapidly established international links with leading academic groups. DIU is also the first university in the country to sign the UN”s Commitment to Sustainable Practices of Higher Education Institutions. This commitment only shows that the university is gearing for long-term service to quality education.

Truly a forward-thinking university, DIU combines state-of-the-art modern facilities with a dynamic approach to education; thus, promising high-quality education to students and internationally recognized qualifications to graduates.

FAQs about Studying in Bangladesh

Is Bangladesh Good for International Students to Study In?

The higher education system in Bangladesh can be traced to a period of British rule, but through the years has adopted the nation’s unique culture and traditions. International students will therefore find academic standards on par with European universities, but infused with the distinctive values of the South Asian nation.

Bangladesh is proud of its network of universities, most of which are especially renowned for technical degrees, such as engineering, agriculture, medicine, business, and information & communication. These and more globally recognized programs are delivered through the most up-to-date facilities, internationally experienced professors, low tuition fees, and an overall inclusive environment.

The cost of living in Bangladesh is one of the most affordable for students. It may vary from city to city, but is overall reasonably priced. International students will find no problem with blending in the country as well, for Bangladesh has always been a multicultural hub with the most welcoming communities.

Can International Students Work in Bangladesh While Studying?

There are several opportunities in Bangladesh for students who want to work while studying. Foreign nationals can find work in their respective embassies. They can consult career counseling centers which are available in every public and private university, so they can get assistance to find part-time jobs in the city. What’s more, there is no working limit for students in Bangladesh.

Can International Students Stay in Bangladesh After Graduation?

Like any country, Bangladesh has specific requirements for foreign individuals who wish to stay in the country. Most of the time, it comes in the form of a combined work and residence permit. As graduates from Bangladeshi universities, you can kickstart your career after graduation and upgrade your student visa to an employment or work visa. But you can also look into other purposes, such as tourist, investor, business, or research visas.


We hope that this article on the best universities in Bangladesh for international students was helpful. Make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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